February 18, 2007

The Nomad Life

This weekend did not go so well as I'd hoped. It began with the maintenance light flashing on my car on Friday afternoon, and it's ending with the two of us in a hotel. The car will be fine; it turned out to be nothing more than routine work, but I had to rent a car for the weekend to get by.

We're not so lucky with the house, unfortunately. A month or so ago, I wrote about a pipe failure near the water heater, and about six months ago another pipe failure within the wall. Our house has the polybutylene plumbing that has been the subject of class-action lawsuits, and after twenty years, it has apparently run out of life. Another pipe spouted a pinhole leak this morning, and we had to shut down the water. We've decided to bite the bullet and replace all of the PB pipe, but it will cost us thousands of dollars we had hoped to use for a vacation.

We're fortunate, though, to have the money and the ability to fix the problem. It could be worse, and at times, it has been for us.

It's a bummer in more ways than one. Not long ago, I wrote about my frustration with Linksys wireless network products and my new D-Link router. It's worked very well, and the Network Magic software makes it much easier to manage the network. It has worked so well that I bought a D-Link wireless print server (before the car and plumbing problems) and installed it this week. It worked like a charm, only taking about 30 minutes to have it installed and running. I have two USB printers, and it detected and installed them with no problem at all. I can now print from anywhere in the house without having to lug the laptop to the printer and connect it.

Of course, I have to be at the house to use the printers, so that will be out for a while.

Anyway, we're going to be putting up at a nearby hotel for the next couple of days -- at least. It may make a difference in my ability to blog, but I do have a nice connection here and not much else to do. I hope that I managed to absorb all of the bad luck this weekend in the CQ community and that everyone else had a better time than we did.


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