February 19, 2007

Perfect End To Today

Just to recap, this weekend I've had to have my car serviced, which forced me to get a rental until this afternoon. My pipe burst, which forced me to shut off my water. The plumber has to replace all the pipes in the house because the builder used cheap polybutylene instead of something more substantial 20 years ago, which forced me into a hotel for two nights. What could possibly top that?

How about a fire alarm at 11:20 at night, forcing us to evacuate from the third floor down to the lobby in our robes?

How about forcing us to listen to three teen-age boys conduct the most insipid conversation outside of Air America, allowing a roomful of people who know better to learn how they would fix the world if they had the chance?

How about being sent back to our rooms without so much as an apology from our Marriott Hotel-brand clerk?

Yeah. This fits juuuuuuuuuuuust right.


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