February 22, 2007

CQ Radio Tonight!

Gotta Get Something Off Your Chest?

I'll be hosting another edition of CQ Radio tomorrow evening tonight at 9 pm. Be sure to join us at the above link, and by calling the show at (646) 652-4889. Topics: I want to take a look at the Democratic presidential contenders. The contretemps today between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama exposed some insecurities from the former First Lady, and that may open the campaign up not just to Barack Obama but to some others more starved for attention.

Who will benefit from a Hillary stumble? Which candidate should the Republicans fear most? Let's talk about the answers to those questions and more, tomorrow tonight at 9 pm CT.

Addendum: Please join me in wishing a welcome home to longtime CQ reader Deb R, who just got released from the hospital after a dog attack. Fair skies and clear sailing, Deb -- you're in our prayers.

BUMP: To top. We should have some fun with the aftermath of the Democratic debate last night!


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