March 1, 2007

Live On Blogger's Row

I've managed to make it to CPAC's Blogger Row, sponsored by Townhall, and it's looking pretty sweet. We're at one end of the exhibition hall, and we get a great view of the people passing through the hall. CPAC has set us up with a closed-circuit television for watching some of the events down here, rather than hiking up to the conference rooms.

I've met the blogger behind See Jane Mom, a delightful Southern mom with a great sense of humor. Robert Bluey, who's blogging at Heritage, just arrived, and we have a few others starting to trickle into the area. I've alreay heard that Mitt Romney will be meeting with us later this morning for a chat.

I'm hoping to post a few pictures later, but at the moment, the camera won't transfer pictures to the computer. I'm going to work on that, and start making plans on which events I will attend. They're going to overlap quite a bit, and I want to leave enough space for blogging. More later ...


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