March 1, 2007

Jim DeMint Visits Blogger Row

Senator Jim DeMint stopped by Blogger Row, in part to speak to his support for Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination. DeMint spoke for just a few minutes, but made the case that the federal government needs a strong CEO to straighten out the chaos and confusion of the bureaucracy. He likes what Mitt did in Massachussetts to find creative solutions that can gather bipartisan support, and feels that talent would be put to good use in the White House.

He covered a few other issues as well. I asked him to comment on the administration's apparent reversal on negotiating with Iran and Syria on Iraq's security. He responded that he had not heard of any reversal, but that he didn't see a problem in attending a conference which included both nations and still excluded direct negotiation with Iran. After all, he said, we deal with a lot of bad players at the UN, too.

DeMint also talked about tax reform, telling us that the "courage" may not exist for meaningful tax reform, but he remains hopeful. He's open to the national sales tax plan if it replaces the current income-tax system, especially since it will make collections easier and more transparent.

He also committed to a filibuster on the proposal to allow unions to organize on the basis of check cards rather than secret ballots. "We will not allow that one to pass," he assured the bloggers.


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