March 2, 2007

CPAC - Blogger's Row Visits

Normally, I'd be posting about visits here on Bloggers' Row as they occur, but they have been so overwhelming that it's been almost impossible to get the opportunity to actually write blogs. So far today, we've spoken with Newt Gingrich and Duncan Hunter, as well as news reporters from various networks.

Newt came through first, and he drew quite a crowd -- the biggest entourage outside of Michelle Malkin. He spent about 20 minutes speaking with us on the same issues we covered in my earlier interview on CQ Radio. He looks very relaxed and confident, and with the number of people insisting on having their picture taken with him, it's not hard to understand why. When he announces late in the year, the other candidates had better be prepared for a bleed-away of a portion of their support.

Duncan Hunter, who has already announced the official opening stages of his campaign, spent less time here in Bloggers Row. He has a tight schedule today, but emphasized his three-part basic message: strong national defense, enforceable borders, and a two-way street on trade. Hunter wants to hold China to task on trade "cheating", which he says Fed chair William Bernanke verified recently. I asked him if his tough talk on trade extends to NAFTA and CAFTA, but he demurred on specifics. I'm curious how the anti-free-trade talk will fly here at CPAC, where fiscal conservatives tend to think along the lines of globalization.

NZ Bear has more on Hunter's speech earlier.

Otherwise, it's been a zoo here at CPAC. We have so many visitors that we have trouble blogging -- but it's a blast. I even took a ride on a NASCAR simulator, and I'm sad to report that I will not get my NASCAR credentials any time soon. (I could get some for Demolition Derby, though.) The simulator was provided by OOIDA, a transportation-industry group hoping to get more exposure for their concerns on security and licensing.


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