March 2, 2007

CPAC: Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is speaking now to the CPAC conference. I'm going to appear on Kevin McCullough's radio show in a few minutes and unable to watch all fo his remarks, thanks to a seriously delayed schedule for the speakers. He's talking about the necessity of conservatism, and how this country needs it more than ever. So far, it's an entertaining and engaging speech, and it's getting a similar reaction as Giuliani's in the hall. That's somewhat less surprising, since the Romney campaign has really pushed to get its activists all over the hall. If one had to guess the frontrunners in this race based on signage and stickers, Romney and Brownback would outstrip all others.

Like Giuliani, he's talking about his application of conservative fiscal values in one of liberalism's laboratories. He just committed to holding non-defense discretionary spending to current levels after inflation, minus 1%. He says that will save $300 billion to the bottom line and actually reduce the size of government.


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