March 2, 2007

Romney Interview

Governor Mitt Romney just paid a visit to Blogger Row, and a number of the CPAC bloggers got a chance to interview him on the fly. I've podcasted our portion of the interview, and you'll hear NZ Bear and Philip Klein from The American Spectator on this segment.

Mitt comes across very well in person -- warm, funny, informed, and engaging. You'll catch some of that in this podcast, I think. I wanted to ask him if he would insist on a repeal of McCain-Feingold -- he came out in opposition to it in his speech -- but he had to move on before I could get the question out.

One more note ... the Brownback crowd shows a lot of enthusiasm for their candidate, and that's great. However, his followers tried drowning him out with Brownback cheers when he was talking to some of the bloggers. These campaigns need to dial down the confrontation and allow people to speak. We'll get enough mindless noise during the primaries.


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