March 3, 2007

CPAC: The Wind-Down

CPAC continues to wind down, just before Tim Pawlenty takes the stage for his appearance at the conference. Exhibitors have started disassembling their booths, and the attendees have mostly left the exhibition hall. A couple of exceptions are Major Eric Egland and Muhammad Ali Hasan.

Major Egland has been walking the hallways to publicize his effort to get the American public to support the war, in both the Afghanistan and Iraq theaters (here with Mary Katharine Ham):


He's going to have a book published later this month, and will be attending the Eagle Summit on March 17th.

Muhammad Ali Hasan represents Muslims for America, which supports many (but not all) of the conservative agenda. They're backing Newt Gingrich for President, and may be the only organization to endorse both George Bush and Keith Ellison. He introduced himself to all of us and presented an intriguing enough platform that I though CQ readers might want to check it out.


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