March 15, 2007

CQ Radio Tonight (Bumped And Updated)

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CQ Radio will be back on the air tonight, at its regularly scheduled time, 9 pm CT. Tonight we'll be discussing the latest version of Cut and Run and its progress through Congress, as well as the rare veto threat coming from the White House. We'll also talk about Hillary Clinton's interview with the New York Times, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confession at his military tribunal, the controversy over the firings of eight US Attorneys, and much more.

We'll be talking with Colonel Austin Bay, noted author and military expert, about the new Democratic plan and Hillary Clinton's latest bombshell on her Iraq strategy. NZ Bear from the Victory Caucus will also join us.

In the second half of the show, California prosecutor Patterico will join me to discuss the terminations of the eight federal prosecutors. Don't miss this opportunity to join in the debate!

You can listen live at the above link, and even join in the conversation by calling 646-652-4889. We may have more to discuss between then and now, and I'll be keeping the agenda wide open in case any breaking stories catch our attention.

UPDATE: Blog Talk Radio got another big name joining the line-up. Jennifer Hudson, who just won an Academy Award for her performance in Dreamgirls, will have a BTR show tonight as well! It's on the same time as CQ Radio, but with BTR, that doesn't matter -- the shows get podcasted within minutes of their conclusion. I know I'll be downloading Jennifer's show later!


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