March 22, 2007

CQ Radio Tonight (Bumped!)

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CQ Radio will be back on the air tonight, at its regularly scheduled time, 9 pm CT. Tonight we'll talk with National Journal's Heather Greenfield about media and politics. As Senior Writer, she covers lobbying, campaigns, competitiveness and cyber security. She was a reporter for AP in Washington for 12 years and the Washington columnist for TechWeek magazine. Greenfield used to be a television reporter and came to Washington in 1991 as part of a Joan Shorenstein Barone Congressional Fellowship, in which she worked as a press assistant for the Senate Finance Committee. She has trained radio and TV reporters in Ethiopia, and wrote for die Tageszeitung as part of a journalist exchange program in Berlin. She has a master's degree in news media studies from American University, a graduate certificate in Asian studies from the University of Hawaii, and an honors degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.

Later, we'll talk about the stories of the week, including what John Edwards has to say today about his wife's health and its impact on his campaign, the efforts by Congress to compel testimony from the White House on the firings of eight federal prosecutors, and much, much more.

Have questions for Heather Greenfield or comments on the topics? You can join the conversation by calling 646-652-4889. We may have more to discuss between then and now, and I'll be keeping the agenda wide open in case any breaking stories catch our attention.


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Posted by Gary Gross [TypeKey Profile Page] | March 22, 2007 2:08 PM

I've said here that it's time to simply pray for the Edwards' family & that there will be ample time to find out why the Politico got the story so wrong.

This is one of the times when life simply overshadows politics.