March 27, 2007

Giuliani Team On Blog Talk Radio Tonight

Given the status as frontrunner that they have surprisingly maintained, Rudy Giuliani's campaign team has not made themselves or their candidate terribly available to the blogosphere. Lately, though, they have started accelerating their outreach, especially with their recent additions of Jim Dyke and Mike McKeon as new Senior Communications Advisors. Dyke will make an appearance tonight on Eric Dondero's Blog Talk Radio program, Libertarian Politics Live. Given Eric's philosophical leanings, that should make for an interesting interview.


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Posted by Carol_Herman [TypeKey Profile Page] | March 27, 2007 11:01 AM

Bush has problems, now, on par with Jimmy Carter's problems, that started for him, in 1978.

In other words? Americans have a growing DISLIKE for the president. While neither man learned much on the job.

Have you noticed? Bush made a mess in Iraq. There's a civil war going on. Which, to most people, is pretty typical of arabs. Then? He sends Condi out; because Israel's managed to contain some of the terror. So, now? Bush dreams BIG.

Why wait for terror to stop? Why not send Condi out on arm-twisting missions. THE TWIT!

By the way, do you know how this idiot got elected?

It seems, for a time, the "conservatives" had a lock on the primary process.

Yet, conservatives, alone, cannot elect men to office. What they did tamper with, was Iowa. Bob Jones University. And, New Hampshire.

Pretty much gone, now.

I guess the conservatives, I by this I mean the "social" ones, not the fiscals ones. They can try to track someone UNPOPULAR into office. Sort'a like Code Pink, without the pink costumes.

Sure. There's no appeasing Code Pink! Alas, for them, however, Code Pink does NOT represent the street! The People themselves are not part of the lunatic group that manages to get headlines.

While Bush is making a terrible mess of things. And, he's as unwilling as Jimmy Carter, to change anything that you're seeing. With your eyes widening open!

Kids coming back from Iraq? Absolutely nothing nice to say about the arabs.

As to the REALITY? Bush is a shill for the House of Saud. They should have been tossed up on the ropes, after 9/11. But their money digs deep within elite circles.

Doesn't impress the Mainstream.

While Guiliani has put together a real machine. (On the order of the one Ronald Reagan carried around for years! From about 1974, onward. Whether the "elites" then, paid attention. Or not.)

We've gotten by, so far, by totally ignoring the stuff that is angering Americans.

Do the donks still cope with Jimmy Carter? NOPE.

But Guiliani has to "cope" with the idiot in the White House! He can't suggest stuff, either. Because we've got two more years to go with the current disgrace in the White House.

Do the Bush's have tin ears? Seems so.

And, for some unknown reason, when this Bush got scared, he called in his poppa's old team. A disgrace, if there ever was one!

That's why things are worse!

You can focus on the donks all you want. But not one single senator is more than a "state-wide" person. There's no great popularity out there for congress-critters, either.

Guiliani tonight? I bet ya he sounds easy going. But he will not cater to the right wing nutters. Why? Because he's not stupid.

And, he knows how a GOP person can get elected among democrats. Just like he got elected Mayor, in New York. FIRST? Things have to grow awful. They did under Dinkins. And, they ARE under Rice. Who intends to apply this maniac pressure on Israel every two weeks. I guess? Bush is dangling his toe into impeachment waters. He's way to stupid to ever think there are counter-measures to his insanities.

Oh, yeah. He's gonna leave office very, very mad! Just like Jimmy Carter.