April 5, 2007

CQ Radio Tonight

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We're going to have a great show tonight on CQ Radio. Debra Burlingame, one of the founders of 9/11 Families for America and the sister of murdered pilot Charles "Chic" Burlingame, will join me tonight at the top of the show. We'll be discussing the John Walker Lindh demand for a reduced sentence, but will focus more on the John Doe controversy involving the Traveling Imams and their attempts to sue people who report suspicious activity.

After that, we will either have another guest or discuss the stories of the day. We can talk about the resolution to the Iranian hostage crisis, Rudy Giuliani's conflicting messages on federal funding for abortions, Nancy Pelosi's shadow presidency, and more.

Be sure to join the debate! You can call 646-652-4889 to join the conversation.

UPDATE: James Boyce and Nathan Wilcox have done a nice job revamping Heading Left for the port side of the blogosphere. Starting on April 16th, I'll be doing something similar for the starboard side.

UPDATE AND BUMP: We'll be starting soon -- be sure to join us!!


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Comments (2)

Posted by Carol_Herman [TypeKey Profile Page] | April 5, 2007 11:10 AM

You have no idea how crowded the pool IS, that pelosi jumped into!

And, all because Dubya wants to be the Saud's Realtor. And, hand them the chunk where being "on top" would put them. IF they controlled Israel, and their other satellites.

So much goes un-said!

While the iranians just bested the House of Saud's tent parade; with condi, who came down and handed them a magic wand. To little effect.

What did the iranians do? By grabbing hostages from the British; and then getting Tony Blair's COOPERATION; Dubya did not get what he wanted. Which is a pretty good thing.

It's one of the reasons Dubya can't speak the truth. His commitment to the House of Saud is that "big."

While Jimmy Carter, also jumped into the pool. Backing pelosi. Which means? Americans have yet to get a handle on what the Saud's want.

And, what Israel skidded to a stop last summer, and refused to do.

Since James Baker is controlling the shots; the Israelis are high-tailing it to congress. To STOP the shipment of advanced military technology to Saudi Arabia.

Believe it or not, condi just told the Israelis "it was for their benefit." So the Saud's can "join" the Israelis and the other sunni's, in attacking iran.


But blowing in some truth to see would be a new approach. One at least the blogs could take, here.

While you're attacking pelosi, without understanding WHY she was motivated. And, WHY what she did worked "enough."

It didn't bring her front page billing, by the way. Tony Blair saw to that, through cooperating with iran.

And, Merkel went to Israel and really aggravated Abbas. Who screamed that the German's were getting to close to the Jews.

Shows ya. Some old customs; like the way the nazi's behaved towards Jews in the past; and got adopted by Abbas, and his Saudi Arabian crew-mates; has brought a new reality to the "pool."

What if Bush Derangement Syndrome meets a growing distaste for Bush's compromises? You don't see them yet? That's okay. The pool is very crowded. ANd, while people are swimming they're hardly capable of talk. Let alone giving big speeches.

Posted by SoldiersMom [TypeKey Profile Page] | April 5, 2007 9:51 PM

CE, I tuned into a portion of blog radio tonight for the first time. Great venue!

I happened to begin listening just as you started talking about the HBO series Rome. I too am in deep mourning that the series has ended. It's the most I've enjoyed TV since, probably, Lonesome Dove. I watched the 1st Season on DVD (Netflix) and when I realized the 2nd season was airing, I signed up for HBO just to see Rome. It was absolutely fabulous. Sad that it's ended. I'll be picking up the 2nd season once it's available.