April 12, 2007

CQ Radio Transition

Normally, I'd be preparing another installment of the weekly CQ Radio show. However, I'm presently working to transition CQ Radio to a new daily show. We launch on Monday, April 16th, at 2 pm CT. The show will air at that time every weekday as part of my new position as Political Director of Blog Talk Radio. I'll be interviewing bloggers, authors, and political players and introducing new Blog Talk Radio hosts. Tuesday, I'll have a taped interview with author and journalist Bernard Goldberg, who has a new book out: Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right: How One Side Lost Its Mind and the Other Lost Its Nerve, which launches the same day.

I'll be off the air tonight while I prepare the transition. But since you have an extra hour, why not check out some of the other Blog Talk Radio shows? BTR chief Alan Levy interviews CL Gammon on Politics One at 7 pm CT. The New Media Journal talks about the black vote tonight at 8 pm. Shaun O'Mac will discuss the Imus firing at 8:30 pm. Eric Dondero has Wisconsin state rep Pettis on Libertarian Politics Live at 9 pm. (All times Central)


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Posted by Carol_Herman [TypeKey Profile Page] | April 12, 2007 9:20 PM

WOW. Bernard Goldberg in the flesh!

And, how hot it is now, that C-BS tossed a cash cow out to pasture; protecting I suppose, it's good name from used nappies?

Nappies. What British nannies call a kid's diaper. Even before they're used.

Should be a very entertaining show.

Bernard Goldbert once worked at a very liberal house.

Lots of Americans, who haven't changed internally, all that much. In other words never developed a dislike for the GOOD Liberalism once stood for; NO LONGER VOTE THAT WAY.

You've got voters who come from all over the spectrum.

And, that's really what the best politicians attract.

Not a small chior, really. But a very big market place full of ideas.

C-BS, was once a leader in delivering not just the news; but opinions.

Decades ago, I shut off 60-Minutes. Show smells from unjust manipulation.

And, the elites, useful idiots, themselves; went and corrupted what was once a real generosity extended by many Americans.

Today's conservatives? Well, they aren't the pinched shoes holy-rollers, alone. There's a lot of people, sad to say, who have nothing to vote for.

It pays to make a difference. Just to keep the special-interests at bay.

Up ahead? It's much more serious than telling women they can't use birth controls. And, the police powers get extended to follow docs around.

Things are way more serious, today, than that!

You'd be surprised, if you look at the Supreme's, let's say. And, what you see? Men and women who belong to the Georgetown "social club." And, are way more influenced by the fakery than others.

We've put our Constintution on the line for FAT AL. And, his crazy UNscientific cohorts. It's not just Kyoto anymore. Its much worse. And, more nefrarious. You really don't want to lose people who tune in. That's how much shafting there is going on, right now, out there.

If it wasn't for the Internet. The Blogs. And, talk-radio; the whole propaganda apparatus would belong to the media idiots, like Les Moonves, and his ilk. They took over the BBC. The same way the restive "yoots" in paris, burn cars.

Well, at least we have our guns.

No fools, our Founding Fathers.