April 24, 2007

CQ Radio Today: Team Rudy

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Today's installment of CQ Radio will feature Katie Levinson of the Rudy Giuliani campaign in the second half of the show. Levinson works as a spokesperson for the campaign and will answer our questions about Rudy's platform, his strategies, and his outreach to conservatives. We'll also be talking about the supplemental spending bill for the Iraq war, and a new addition to Blog Talk Radio that I think will generate a great deal of enthusiasm.

Join the conversation today at 646-652-4889 when we go to air at 2 pm CT!

UPDATE: I'll also be talking about the conflicting stories regarding Barbara Comstock and her potential shift from Mitt Romney to Fred Thompson -- reported yesterday by the New Hampshire Insider and refuted by Chris Cillizza at The Fix. Chris also had a couple of posts about John McCain and his efforts to reshuffle the deck at his campaign, both in tone and in personnel.

Don't forget to call in your questions to either me or Katie Levinson ...


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Posted by Carol_Herman [TypeKey Profile Page] | April 24, 2007 1:00 PM

Okay. I'm piping up with 2-cents. No radio sounds in sight, either.

But I'm coming to realize ALL politicians are like singers. Some are like Pavarotti. Or Frank Sinatra. The stage becomes their's. You leave the theater content that you could listen. As if there are no bad notes, anywhere else in the world.

Still, it's a schtick.

And, on my car's system, I've got Tom DeLay's new book, going. A Pavaroti, of sorts, for conservatives. BUT STILL JUST ONE VOICE. In his own range. And, he got shot out by the donks.

Probably, because the donks KNOW they're playing hardball! And, they're good at it. So, as far as how politics gets "played" I expect no changes at all.


While Bush sits in the White House, unable to connect to most of the American people. And, leaving his hands, are the opportunities that should have knocked.

ANd, I don't mean that the right side convinces anyone NOT a member, of what they want in terms of social action. Just that Bush doesn't move the ball. And, yes. The ball happens to be in his court.

DeLay, whose more right wing than anything that meets my tastes, would still get my vote. How so? Votes are fluid. And, I know he's locked in a hard core, hard ball, battle. And, he's a punching bag. But he can also deliver, back, a few knocks.

(His book is top notch.) How does it work? Like a photograph. He starts with his own childhood. But he goes to DC, elected to the HOUSE, in 1980. Swept in (with 6 other Texas republicans). Coattails? Well, not quite. But he's THERE. INSIDE. And, he sees the GOP as a gang of jesters.

Today, if you look at Bush, you see the jester is in charge. And, you ain't going anywhere!

DeLay reminds people of the "read my lips" pledge made by the DORK, Bush #41. Did you know DeLay tried to reason with the elder Bush? Now, go guess. What was the results to the conversation that contained the information that Bush, the George Herbert Walker, one; was losing the American people?

Well, according to Dubya, he got outraged that Clinton won in 1992. So, in 1998, he went to Prince Bandar, of the House of Saud, and got green-lighted to run after Clinton left office! How does that fall into the neighborhood of revenge?

Anyway, The George Herbert Walker Bush LOST in 1992. By shedding 9-million GOP voters that he got in 1988.


I'm talking subscribers. I'm talking customers. I'm talking REACH. You name call for a living? How far is that gonna get the right, ahead?

When it comes to 50/50 politics. Divide what's there. And, take the Congress; the donks are so much more experienced than the Republicans, you have no idea, if you haven't been watching. And, tallying this up on your own.

Like racing sheets. People who really go to horse races don't depend just on their moods of the moment when they place bets. Some statistics they carry in their heads. But others? They get from sheets. That list a lot of the characteristics on the horses, themselves.

Gee. I used to think people picked colors. Or numbers. But then I usually hold onto my two-dollars. Leaving Santa Anita with the money I brought in. I haven't exactly got the hang of betting on a number coming up in the future. And, watching running horses scares me to death.

Well, they could run into each other. They can "spill." And, then they have to get shot on the field. As an act of kindness.

I understand that horse racing is similar to a gamble about life.

But if you look over to the White House, NOW, you might see the problem.

Bush was "given" this job, just like he collected a lot of top CEO jobs. Out of his dad's connections.

Wanna talk turkey?

Go ask Guiliani's spokesperson to come clean.

Not with what GUiliani can pander to the right; because all politicians pander. It's not just for panda bears, ya know? Ronald Reagan also dealt with being a SPOKESPERSON. For GE. Which was a form of "pandering.' Of taking a giant corporate image out there; and selling the idea that it was a cute, cuddly, baby. To the public.

Can't fool me.

The GOP needs a stronger guy IN the White House. Not the dud it has now. Where all you've got are your name-calling techniques.

Tom DeLay can't say "liberal" without attaching "stupid." As if it's ONE WORD. That's his line! And, because he talks to God, the message he got back is that he was being arrogrant. And, stupid. He's tried to learn a bit more Jesus. But as I said, he sings his tunes. ANd, he's not about to become a Soprano.

The other name-call that got my attention? DeLay says all liberals are communists. Well, then all right wingers are fascists.

Name calling is a waste of time.

And, the country will be better served without so much special interest politics grabbing the airwaves. When, right now, the problem is obvious to those who stop and look at this accident.

The two Bush's. Ain't listening to ya. And, neither one was a "prudent" choice.

Get over picking lemmings.

Try to look at how the mainstream is coping. Because the donks know everything that's needed to know, to run a ship that's divided 50/50.

Who sits in the commander's chair is very important to the whole operation. But, of course, the Captain knows that!

So, when you go out on the airwaves, don't try to challenger Guiliani's spokesperson as much as giving her, instead, a chance to TEACH.

Guiliani is a way better manager than anything the Bush family ever came up with. Of course, if they hired Guiliani, they'd have handed him a broom. And, shown him no respect.

That's why pelosi's rag grabbed all that attention. The donks know how to advertise and bullshit.

The right's a disgrace at that business. As well it should be, too. This looks like more than two-cents worth, huh?

Posted by Carol_Herman [TypeKey Profile Page] | April 24, 2007 8:48 PM

"Shuffling the personnel."

Let me see? When I was young, I thought candidates got a lot of people VOLUNTEERING. It meant you stuffed envelopes. Or made phone calls, trying to find homes that had lots of adults living inside. (That's how the old books used to be listed. And, the telephone company provided them, to "hopefuls." I kid you not.)

Then? There were the local band (kids), that got hired to make "noise" ... inside the back of a truck. This, too, was considered "campaigning."

And, there were buttons.

Of course, every politicians had a "place" ... called a "club." You could put republican (hardly anyone ever went there). Or democdrap. And, a lot of students studying in law schools, (in New York City), would hang around storefronts like that.

Sure. Some salaries were paid.

But the real mechanics of campaigning involved getting people to participate. Some even opened their homes. And, invited their own friends. So the candidate would show up. You'd be serving cookies. And, you'd get to shake hands. Of course, you'd hear a campaign speech!

It's like going to temple. At some point you know the rabbi talks. And, talks. And, talks. Even though no one in the audience is carrying any money. They've got these printed cards on the seats. And, you bend back the amount of money you intend to donate. This keeps the transfer of funds, kosher.

Today's world seems a bit different.

When hillary rolls out, she's got a team of females who fan about. I'm not even sure people show up. But the TV cameras are there. And, of course, it's a big production.

Now, if "big productions worked," Oprah would be president.

As to John McCain having to "re-shuffle the deck," I'm assuming there's so much FREE SPACE, he's looking for bodies to fill the seats. Lots of luck.

Even the reporters are no longer climbing on buses. (The Boys on the Bus became a book title back in 1972, I think. As did Hunter Thompson's Fear and Loathing.) And, people carried these books around with them. Just as they also carried around, the New York Times. No matter what day it was.

We're still pretty far out from November 2008. So how come there's all this campaigning? Is that what you call it? I don't. Most people are still too bored to buy the idea that any of these characters are electable.

And, if FDR was able to swing 4 TERMS, we have laws now, that indicate, no matter what happens, Bush is not running, again.

And, the messages that are gearing up? Doesn't look mainstream to me.

But, it's a given. Campaigns don't stay in one spot. Anyone that signs on pretty much decides to live out of a suitcase. Without a permanent address. (Ah. At least there are Blackberry's.) Otherwise you'd look at these "campaigns" as infestations. That use buses. To go to places. Where they won't even be tourists.

I guess in the tight circle though; where reporters gossip together, what passes for gossip in the work place; or even, who is sleeping with whom. We've now got people reporting stuff as if this held a future for wage earners?

Well, if McCain is shuffling, is he shuffling stuff without payrolls? The whole set up sounds fishy.

Back in the days of Camelot; and for JFK and his wife, Jackie, things heated up, on the personal tour, in the summer of 1960.

Today's gap, instead of months. You're milking the cow before the calf was born. Let me tell ya. Try again in the summer of '08. For the stories to have meaning. And resounding effects.