April 25, 2007

CQ Radio: Heading Right And Rick Moran

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Today's installment of CQ Radio will feature one of my good friends in the blogosphere, Rick Moran of the Right Wing Nut House. Rick has written excellent commentary for serious conservatives for the last few years at his site, and he has now joined Blog Talk Radio as a show host. Today we'll pick Rick's brain on a number of issues he covers at his site and talk about his new BTR show. I especially want to talk about his criticism of the Pentagon over the way they handled the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories.

We'll also talk about the launch of Heading Right, the new group blog for conservative BTR hosts, and what we plan to build at the new site. Rick and I join an excellent group of bloggers at HR, which will feature fresh content and commentary as well as discussions about upcoming shows. Be sure to join the conversation by calling 646-652-4889 between 2-3 pm CT today!

BUMP: To top. Be sure to listen live at the link above!


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Posted by muirgeo [TypeKey Profile Page] | April 25, 2007 11:49 AM

Man I'll tell you it's amazing to compare the left and right blog discussions now a days. Pretty much all bad news for the right getting flogged everyday with your parties leaderships malfeasance, corruption and outright ineptitude. At some point you all will need to call out your party leadership and start looking for new ones. Remember country before party.