April 27, 2007

CQ Radio: Michael Zak, Victory Caucus

UPDATE: NZ couldn't make it today, but hopefully we can get together on Monday. Michael and I had an excellent conversation, and James Boyce called from MS-NBC and talked about the Democratic debates. You can listen to the entire download at this link -- just as you can with all CQ Radio and BTR shows.

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Today's installment of CQ Radio (2 pm CT) welcomes Michael Zak, author and blogger. He has a message for the Republican Party and that message is Back To Basics. He blogs at the Grand Old Partisan, and joins us in the first half to discuss how the Republicans need to proceed in order to regain power.

We'll also talk again with NZ Bear from the Victory Caucus to discuss the developments yesterday in the Senate. We'll talk about Joe Lieberman, the two Republican defections, what we can expect from the President and when, and what we can do to make a difference.

Be sure to join us at 646-652-4889! We'd love to get you into the conversation. And make sure you're keeping up with the conversation at Heading Right!


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