May 2, 2007

Heading Right And BTR Team Coverage Of Republican Debate

The first Republican presidential primary debate airs tomorrow night at 7 pm CT -- and Blog Talk Radio and Heading Right will team up to cover it. The entire team at Heading Right will be posting live at the site, offering a running conversation as the 90-minute debate progresses. Over a dozen top conservative BTR hosts will debate the debate, live, at the site. Some will also live-blog the debate on their home blogs.

At 9 pm CT, about thirty minutes after the end of the event, we will launch Debate Central, a new debate forum for BTR. I will moderate a post-debate roundtable with a number of BTR hosts for 30 minutes. We'll talk about the highs and lows, who gained and who lost ground, and the impact on the early primary efforts. We can even take your calls, live, to address how you felt about the debates -- so be sure to remember to call 646-478-4565 during the live broadcast. As always, you can download the show as a podcast minutes after the completion of the show.

We hope you will join the conversation at both Heading Right and Debate Central!

UPDATE: My good friends at Power Line have a new electoral effort in their forums called Candidates Forum. It gives readers an aggregate site for communications from several of the presidential candidates. Video, audio, and press releases can now all be found in one convenient location. Be sure to bookmark it througgh 2008.


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