May 4, 2007

CQ Radio: Debate Post-Mortem, Hate-Crimes Bill

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Today on CQ Radio we will be debating the debate. NZ Bear will join us to discuss the debate, the results, the spin, and the meaning of last night's event. We will also discuss the performance of MS-NBC and The Politico, which may have staged the worst-ever presidential debate.

Also, we'll talk about Hillary Clinton's new effort to de-authorize the war, which may start making its way through the Senate after Congress and the White House reach agreement on a supplemental spending bill for Iraq. I also want to talk about the new hate-crimes expansion bill that Bush has vowed to veto. NZ and I will talk with James Walker, president of Watchman Fellowship, to discuss his issues with the entire notion of hate crimes.

Be sure to join the conversation at 646-652-4889 and keep the debate going!


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