May 5, 2007

Fred's Debut

Fred Thompson appeared last night at the Lincoln Club, an influential group of California power brokers in the GOP, giving a speech which broadly outlines his agenda. Given that the Lincoln Club could have invited almost any of the 2008 primary candidates to speak at their annual dinner, the choice of Thompson gives the impression of a tacit endorsement of his candidacy -- and the Lincoln Club’s endorsement (tacit or otherwise) carries a powerful weight to anyone fortunate enough to receive it.

The speech itself serves as an excellent entrée into the race. On the Iraq war, he remained steadfast in its central importance to American global security. On economics and taxes, he stayed close to the federalist philosophies that have become his hallmark. Thompson also attacked government waste, red tape, and its intrusion into areas without a Constitutional mandate -- and its poor performance when it does.

I've extensively reviewed the speech at Heading Right. It hits a consistent message of limited government, strong defense, and the need to tackle entitlement reform as one of the highest domestic priorities of the nation. It's a great launch to his campaign, whether tacit or explicit.


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Posted by RBMN [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 5, 2007 1:24 PM

"Big-government conservatives" should be as rare as vegetarian butchers, but that hasn't been the case lately. Fred Thompson's not the only one who understands that, and believes that, but he's one of the very few who has the force of personality to do something about it. Fred may not be the new Reagan, but he may be good enough for government work.

Posted by Bill Faith [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 5, 2007 3:36 PM

I loved it when he told the filmmaker "I want to talk to you later in case this politics thing doesn't work out." (Those may not be his exact words but they're close.) If I hadn't already been a Fred! fan I would have been after last night. He said all the right things. Not quite the communicator Reagan was but the best I've seen for way too long.

I added an excerpt and link to my 2007.05.05 Decision '08 // Dem Stupidity Roundup.

Posted by RBMN [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 5, 2007 6:06 PM

From YouTube:
Fred Thompson speaks to the Lincoln Club of Orange County, CA, May 4, 2007
Part 1 (9.00 minutes):
Part 2 (9.34 minutes):
Part 3 (9.16 minutes):
Part 4 (5.32 minutes):

Posted by Rod [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 5, 2007 7:35 PM

I think if Fred had been in Simi Valley Mit would not have won by a mile. Had both Fred and Newt been there I think it is possible Mitt comes in third and all the rest so far back we forget they took part.
Or maybe Mitt would have done even better if he had had some competition; which he for sure did not have in Simi Valley.
There is no doubt theat Fred and Newt are what most people mean when they say "conservative"

Posted by Rod [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 5, 2007 8:13 PM

RBMN - - thanks for the links!
Al conservatives are not ghosts. There was a live one out West.

Love to see Fred and Mit talk about our problems and how to solve em.
40% pay no taxes - most people never talk about the nagative Federal Tax where the taxpayers pay the tax getters. Its called E.I.C. and when Ronnie pushed it i thought it was a good idea. But 40% freeloading?!%#!??? No wonder the rest of us feel wronged!

Posted by Trinity [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 6, 2007 1:34 AM

Fred Thompson, after much prayer and thought; research and the man I fully support. I can sense leadership in him that I find is missing from the other candidates. I simply wish he would announce is intentions and let us help him get he nomination.
I have no enthusiasm for any other GOP in the race. None. While I believe that this process is being shoved down our throats way to early; either we get moving with the right message and the right man or we will get run over by that Clinton war machine. Do not underestimate the power they still (unfortunately) have in the political arena.
Many Conservatives have placed their hopes on Rudy or Mitt; yet I still can not. VP? Maybe..but what I hear from FT and see from his voting record, he has the ability to be great leader for us at this time in our history. Decisive, thoughtful..unabashed.

Posted by Casey [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 6, 2007 2:04 AM

Rod says

40% pay no taxes - ... But 40% freeloading?!%#!??? No wonder the rest of us feel wronged!
I would respectfully suggest that Rod do some research about the cutoff point for income regarding Federal income taxes. Or does he advocate taxing someone who grosses (say) $12,000/year, then using said tax money to provide aid to aforementioned person?

I would not consider that very efficient. Nor would I consider it freeloading.

Posted by Adjoran [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 6, 2007 2:21 AM

I think it is rather overboard to assume inviting Fred T. to speaks gives him the Lincoln Club's "tacit endorsement."

It is entirely plausible that they invited him because he is undeclared, and thereby avoided giving any tacit endorsement to any of the declared candidate. If they had invited Gingrich to speak, would you be saying they "tacit[ly]" endorsed him by the invitation? I doubt it.

I think he should get in, or announce he will not. I understand the potential strategic advantages (and also the risks) entailed with delaying, but if he puts his country and his party ahead of his personal interests, he should either engage or disengage now. The last thing we need is a GOP Mario Cuomo, who repeatedly teased Democrats with a potential candidacy in the '88 and '92 cycles, but ultimately proved only a distraction.

Posted by SoldiersMom [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 6, 2007 7:55 AM

Here's a Thompson interview in Brietbart's new video site.

Posted by M. Simon [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 6, 2007 9:08 AM

Thompson also attacked government waste, red tape, and its intrusion into areas without a Constitutional mandate -- and its poor performance when it does.

I wonder if he was thinking about the drug war?

That is at least $20 bn of waste a year at the Federal level.