May 8, 2007

CQ Radio: Fausta And BabaluBlog

UPDATE: If you didn't get a chance to listen to this show live, you definitely want to hear the podcast. Fausta and Val gave plenty of information about Castro's Cuba, and I had a great time just listening to the two of them talk passionately about the subject. This may be one of the most fun shows I've had.

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Today on CQ Radio (2 PM CT), we will be talking with Fausta of Fausta's Blog and Val Prieto of Babalublog. Today's topic -- the Cuban propaganda films that Princeton has decided to show at its Human Rights Film Festival. The first, The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil, argues that Cuba has somehow managed to successfully shift its economy from a petroleum-based energy solution. That seems to fly in the face of recent attempts by Cuba to expand its drilling in the Caribbean, which we noted here almost exactly a year ago when Cuba sold concessions to China and India in order to receive some of the output.

The other film, Salud!, lionizes the Cuban health-care system. Both Val and Fausta have plenty to say on that score, and I linked to Val two years ago when he exposed the conditions at one of Cuba's premier medical facilities -- "premiere" being a very relative term.

Be sure to join the conversation by dialing 646-652-4889!


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Comments (2)

Posted by NoDonkey [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 8, 2007 1:18 PM

How much power does it take to run Cuba?

It's an island, so the 1% of the population who actually can afford a vehicle in Cuba, doesn't have far to drive.

Most people can't afford to have electricity.

There's no industry to speak of, besides prostitution, prisons and resort hotels. How much power do those really require?

It's John Edwards vision come true . . .

Posted by Deborah [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 8, 2007 5:35 PM

Tremendous show. Thank you to your guests.