May 11, 2007

CQ Radio: Matt Margolis And The Caucus Of Corruption

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Today on CQ Radio (2 pm CT), we'll be speaking with Matt Margolis of GOP Bloggers to discuss his newly-released look at the new Democratic Congressional majority, titled Caucus of Corruption, which I have already begun to read. It's partisan, snarky, and a lot of fun.

Be sure to join the conversation by calling 646-652-4889!

On Tuesday, May 15th, CQ Radio will welcome Major John Heil, currently serving in Iraq in the 3rd MEDCOM as Public Affairs Officer. Major Heil joins us through a partnership with DVIDS, which assists in getting the front-line information out to Americans and people all over the world. We'll have plenty more guests coming your way through DVIDS, so keep an eye on our programming.

One more note: Nader Elguindi has authored a book that details his experience in overcoming adversity and devastating physical injuries to requalify as a US Navy submariner. Titled My Decision to Live, Elguindi has directed all proceeds to benefit the Walter Reed Medical Center, where he now works as a peer counselor. I'm hoping to set up an interview with Elguindi next week, so make sure you buy the book in the meantime, and get ready to join in the conversation.


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