May 14, 2007

Palestinian Unity Government Anything But

The unity government formed in March by the Palestinian Authority appears on the verge of collapse. The Interior Minister abruptly resigned today from the position which had been the hardest to fill during the negotiations between Hamas and Fatah, while internecine fighting raged anew in Gaza:

The Palestinian interior minister, Hani al-Qawasmi, has resigned, causing a crisis in the fragile two-month-old unity government, after the biggest surge in factional fighting in months revived fears of civil war.

Two Palestinian gunmen were killed in Gaza in clashes between the rival Hamas and Fatah groups hours before a government official announced that Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh had accepted the resignation.

As interior minister, Mr Qawasmi was to have overseen Palestinian security services but officials said the former academic faced competition from powerful Fatah rivals for control of the armed contingents.

The resignation cast new doubt on whether the power-sharing partnership between Islamist Hamas and secular Fatah could continue.

Egypt had brokered a truce between Hamas and Fatah, but it had little effect on Gaza. Despite an agreement that both sides would withdraw their gunment from the streets, the militias started closing streets this morning as a civil war appeared imminent. Checkpoints went up and Palestinians started trying to find ways to avoid getting entangled in them.

Forming unity governments might seem like a great idea, but a society has to have some kind of unity on which to base it. The Palestinians right now do not have even a protostate but a massive amount of gang turf. Hamas and Fatah have operated as the terrorist groups they are rather than as true political parties. Neither have interest in actual politics but in power grabs, which has been all too apparent in the failure of both groups to actually govern in any sense of the word.

Until the Palestinians decide that they have had enough of terrorism directed both within and without, they will continue to suffer under warlord rule. The PA has proven a failure as an instrument towards this goal, and the Palestinians in two elections have proven themselves unsuited for statehood. The best possible solution would be for the territories to revert to Jordan and Egypt, but both nations are wise enough to reject that notion. Failing that, they should be sealed off until they finish their civil war or weary enough of the violence that the Palestinians finally produce responsible leadership.


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Posted by Carol Herman | May 14, 2007 12:09 PM

Still, Condi is out pushing Israel to give up its check points ON A TIME TRACK that has nothing to do with the violence the check points, KEEPS IN CHECK!

That Bush has James Baker in charge? Yup. So both the EXIT from Iraq is fore-told. The Iraq Study Commission, remember?

When diplomacy is done, the idea is to hide from the world's prying eyes, what's really going on, under the table. And, behind the screens.

While, at least, in Isarel, Olmert is still holding onto his prime minister's chair. And, it may be dawning on a lot of Israelis that there are elites who are trying to change things. With police work into men who kiss dames. And, also in accusing old men for "rape." How fast did that man run to catch the broad, huh? Or, do you begin to see some of the problems?

Politics, in democracies, will always have fights about power. Until a leader can show he is so strong, you just don't go fool with him. Except at your peril.

It's too bad we no longer see the men who absolutely LOVED THE CONTEST! Say what you will; but the other night, watching the DVD of Robert Vaughn's wonderful one-man-show on FDR; you get to see this glimmer in the playhouse.

FDR didn't shirk a fight! He could be scathing from the stage. And, you began to understand why Americans loved that man! They trusted his VOICE. So as long as he had one, he was empowered with votes. Besting all the opponents put up to run against him. And, he so enjoyed the verbal contests.

Been a long time since we've been so entertained.

At one point in Israel, when the insiders were having a field day accusing Sharon of being a thief, he went to defend himself in a public speech. And, some "justice" just went and pulled the plug. You'd think in a democracy the cries against censorhip would be huge.

But, no. The little midgets, who have the power, use them against everyone's best interests. And, then you can't even recall their names.

There's nothing like seeing a top notch politician, out there, confronting all the boo's and hollers. What you get in the history books on Lincoln, was just such reparte. Big mistake to think it's a Goody-Two-Shoes dance.

Goody-Two Shoes dancers don't survive in the ring with professional boxers.

And, Bush? For some reason, it's been reported when Cheney was in Riyadh, he said to the new king in charge, "now, ya gotta double-down."

Okey dokey. They've got the money. And, we're watching them double-down.

Dunno how it will play out over time.

But what we see on the field are two minor teams having a tug-of-war.

You want to talk about the 8 who are vying for the GOP nod in 2008? Fred Thompson said he "doesn't want to stand among the midgets."

Money, alone, doesn't give ya the brass ring.

Bush may leave office in 2009 and be absolutely forgotten. Or? You'll learn more about what was tried. And, probably why it failed.

But I can assure you, folks, Bush is no friend of Israel's. And, it's tough going in that part of the woods.

Posted by Carol Herman | May 14, 2007 12:45 PM

Can you figure out why Bush is galvanized, now, against pressuring Israel for anything?

Can you see it?

By expecting the arabs to draw Israel into the flames, Bush hopes, he, himself, is not dragged down by what's coming next.

That's why Cheney is in Saudi Arabia.

That's why there's so much pressure, now, on Olmert.

And, not just Olmert. But there's a "tease" going on; for eygpt and jordan to "follow" the Saud's lead, and yank and Israel's chains.

No. It doesn't help that Israel has it's own on-going soap opera. But notice this. Right now, Israel is in the thick of things. And, a military mistake can be very dangerous. If it's used? The world clamers for Israel's distruction! And, Olmert is doing everything possible to avoid falling into this snake pit.

Yes, the kassams keep coming. But so far they don't hit much. (And, it's important to remember the KEY FACT, to ATTACK you need reasons.)

Where Bush's reasoning unravels? Seems we attacked in Iraq. Tried to push the sunni's into the driver's seat. And, failed.

And, yes, there's lots of money behind the whole charade! Coming from the saud's. Coming from iran. And, coming, too, from Lebanon and syria.

What's Lebanon and syria got? DRUG TRADE. Which the french are doing everything out there, to protect. You might not know this. But years ago, Michael Totten, of all people, let it slip. Lebanon provides the world's best marijuana and hashish.

Yes, even in Israel, there's a real market!

And, the black market thrives in that part of the world. It's not just arms sales, either. It's the real deal. The international drug trade is fed from certain areas where this stuff grows. (In Afghanistan it's the poppies that make heroin.)

You may think we have a war on drugs. But it's been far from successful in IMPEDING TRAFFIC-KATEERS.

So, that's the base line. Out there somewhere. And, Bush is trying very, very hard to have Israel get caught in a wild-fire. So the Bush Family business can go free.

When plans go awry, even bridges can fail. Well? You've never seen a bridge come down? When first, hit by a wind sheer, it waves in the wind, before it snaps.

Again, I still think Olmert deserves high marks for his diplomatic skills. It's not something "much admired." But it is so necessary to have! You have no idea!

And, the weight of the Bush's fall on Israel until January 20, 2009.

What do I think? I think the Man Upstairs ultimately sets it out so that the bad guys get caught. Well? Sometimes, prayers get answered. Who knows what God heard from the ovens set up by Krups? Or how "a little band of chosen people from the past" can make it into the future? When friends are few and far between.

Posted by patrick neid | May 14, 2007 2:43 PM

"The unity government formed in March by the Palestinian Authority appears on the verge of collapse"

everybody, act shocked...........

Posted by Roy Lofquist | May 14, 2007 10:51 PM

Dear Sirs,

I believe that that this administration, and previous administrations, are and were aware that no resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian problem was anywhere on the horizon. They are and were faced with a conundrum. Accept the situation and try to salvage whatever advantage they could or tilt at windmills.

The U.s. has played the game well in its pursuit of our strategic interests. Make no mistake, this is yet another instance of the ages old replay of barbarians at the gates. The continuity of foreign policy from Eisenhower to Bush, yes including Democratic administrations, has resulted in the conversion of former foes to putative allies. These include Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan and India. In addition Libya has opted out of the struggle.

President Bush has often reminded us that this is a long war. It has been going on for about fourteen hundred years. It will probably continue for many more. Those yearning for quick resolution are unmindful of history.