May 14, 2007

Norm Coleman Live Blog

I will be live-blogging a speech by Norm Coleman at the University of Minnesota about renewable energy, over at Heading Right. Be sure to join me for the speech!

UPDATE: It was an interesting and intriguing speech, not so much for its content on renewable energy but because of the secondary nature of that topic in his speech. Coleman talked much more about centrism and compromise, assuring the audience that he approaches issues from an ideologically conservative point of view but with an effort to get results. Getting 100% of nothing is worse than 50% of something, Coleman argued.

I'm guessing that Coleman took a hard look at the audience at the U of M and decided to address their skepticism of him as a Republican. Coleman often speaks extemporaneously -- he's brilliant at it -- and it seemed as though he decided to shift gears to match his audience, primarily students at the U, which means primarily Democrats. In that, he succeeded, I believe.

Be sure to read the entire live blog, but one moment stands out. When the moderator asked whether a pro-life politician like Coleman could support Rudy Giuliani for President, Coleman didn't hesitate a moment before saying, "Absolutely!"


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