May 14, 2007

CQ Radio: The Big Oil Edition

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Today on CQ Radio (2 pm CT), we'll be speaking with Denise McCourt, Director of Member Relations at the American Petroleum Institute, to talk about the cause of rising gasoline prices and the flurry of coverage it has received. We'll talk about the op-ed in today's LA Times which charges that Big Oil has bought the state of California and the charges leveled about price gouging. We'll also review the Norm Coleman speech and its reception here at the University of Minnesota.

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UPDATE: Great show today; be sure to listen to the download on the sidebar player.

Also, FYI: still working on comments and blog speed. My new hosting service, Pair Networks, spent an hour with me today troubleshooting the issues, and I have a handle on the problem now. I will have to make some configuration and procedure changes, and I'm working on those now.


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Comments (8)

Posted by Captain Ed | May 14, 2007 1:30 PM

test for comment posting ...

Posted by Lightwave | May 14, 2007 1:39 PM

Big Oil bought California? Somebody needs to fill in the fact that California has the toughest emissions and environmental laws in the US.

As a result, Californians pay 50 cents to a dollar more per gallon of gas than the rest of the nation. When you have to specially blend gasoline for 1/6th of the country's cars AND you refuse to allow additional refineries to be built, AND you make it illegal to import gasoline meant for the rest of the country, guess what? You create a supply bottleneck. Those costs get passed on to consumers, just like any other commodity.

But gee, with San Fran Nancy getting mauled in the polls because she's making money off of land and tuna deals while people in her district are paying the highest prices in the country for gas (at well over $4 a gallon) SUDDENLY Big Oil is gouging people.

What are the total federal, state, and local taxes on a gallon of gas in San Francisco? I'm willing to bet THAT has NOTHING to do with $4 a gallon gas...

Who exactly is gouging the people of California? Here's a hint: it's not Big Oil.

Posted by mrlynn | May 14, 2007 3:08 PM

Missed the show. Ed, to what did your guest attribute the currently skyrocketing gasoline prices? The heating season is over, and we haven't bombed Iran, so there should be plenty of crude around. I have heard that there are some US refineries down for repairs. Is that it?

BTW, Lightwave, the story about $4+ gas was false; it was one disgruntled station owner who was making a statement; so said Rush, at any rate.

/Mr Lynn

Posted by Lightwave | May 14, 2007 3:53 PM

Speaking of that LA Times op-ed, it ends with the following graf:

"No matter what underlies the current inaction on gas prices, the governor and legislators should understand that consumers' rage may not be fleeting. Former Gov. Gray Davis discovered that in the 2003 recall as the energy crisis lingered in memory. Schwarzenegger is more popular, but he is not immune to the anger mounting over every $75 fill-up of the minivan. "

Really. California's total taxes are over 60 cents a gallon. If Politicians are really afraid of voters and the oil companies, the easy choice is to cut California's gas tax. But nothing will be done, because the politicians know the truth: As long as voters refuse to approve new refineries and America's refineries get older and older without being replaced, refinery capacity will keep decreasing, and gas prices will continue to rise.

Posted by TomB | May 14, 2007 4:31 PM

High prices are not unique for California guys!

Posted by Lightwave | May 14, 2007 4:47 PM

They aren't unique to the Bush years, either.

How quickly people forget that in February 1999 gas prices in the US were under a dollar, but during the last 18 months of the Clinton administration they doubled from around 90 cents a gallon to $1.80 by late summer 2000. You think Al "Earth Boy" Gore's policies weren't to blame for that...and why he lost in 2000?

When Bush took office, gas prices actually went *down* to $1.60 a gallon. It was only after China's economy heated up and demand for oil skyrocketed (as well as state gas taxes) did we see gas prices over $3 a gallon.

And let's not forget the rise of Hugo Chavez. Unlike Iraqi and Iranian oil, the US *does* import from Venezuela, which has been leading the charge in South America to cause damage to the US through strongarm tactics and nationalizing oil, recently culminating in last month's buyout of oil company projects in the country. That's only driven the price up even more.

Bush isn't the man to blame here. And keep in mind if you think gas prices are bad NOW, wait until the Dems force us out of Iraq.

You'll be begging for $3 a gallon gas. Those will be the good ol' days.

Posted by Joehelgerson | May 14, 2007 8:38 PM

What in Gods green earth does the democrats getting us out of the Iraq quagmire have to do with the price of gas? Sometimes I have trouble following the logic of kool-aid drinking neo-cons.

Posted by Joehelgerson | May 14, 2007 8:48 PM

What in Gods green earth does the democrats getting us out of the Iraq quagmire have to do with the price of gas? Sometimes I have trouble following the logic of kool-aid drinking neo-cons.