May 19, 2007


The two major Palestinian factions reached yet another cease-fire in their slide towards total civil war in Gaza this morning. Mahmoud Abbas reached out to international Hamas head Khaled Mashaal, who directed Hamas to negotiate with the Fatah leader:

Negotiators from the rival Hamas and Fatah movements reached a new cease-fire deal Saturday, a senior aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said.

The agreement was worked out in a meeting at the Egyptian Embassy in Gaza, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to discuss the matter with reporters.

Previous agreements reached in the past week of deadly factional fighting quickly collapsed, and it was not clear if this one would hold. Under the new truce agreement, both sides pledged to pull their fighters off the streets and to exchange hostages later Saturday.

Of course, we've seen these cease-fires before, and they usually last long enough to get more ammunition to the street fighters. While the opening salvos of this latest war between the two groups showed high-level command and real tactics when Hamas attacked the Karni crossing and the presidential compound, it has descended into gang warfare on the streets. It's questionable whether those foot soldiers have enough discipline to stop shooting at each other for longer than that, now that the hostilities have broken out in a real way.

Hamas has other reasons to seek a peace besides altruistic desire for unity with the rest of the Palestinians. Shortly after launching their war against Fatah, they also attacked Israel in an attempt to gain the sympathy of the people of Gaza. They wanted to use an Israeli invasion to motivate the Gazans to rally to the Hamas banner, and even attempted to paint Fatah as collaborators ahead of time.

Israel didn't bite. Instead of the full-scale invasion Hamas thought they'd get, Israel has used some good intel to selectively hit only Hamas assets in the field. Hamas has complained that Israel is playing favorites -- I'm not kidding about that -- but it has taken the steam out of the Hamas offensive. Israel's response to Hamas' accusations can be summed up thusly: We don't care who wins as long as it's not Hamas:

A series of Israeli air strikes has driven Hamas fighters out of their bases and prompted accusations that Israel is helping Fatah.

Peretz insisted Israel is not interfering in the internal fighting. However, he also said that "we certainly would like the moderate forces to emerge with the upper hand," a reference to Fatah.

Fifty people are dead in Gaza. What services they had have come to a standstill. Garbage piles in the streets, commerce has shut down until this morning, food and supplies can't come through the crossings; it's a self-imposed catastrophe. While their people starve, Palestinian leadership try to kill Palestinians; while their infrastructure collapses, theie engineers try to squeeze more yardage out of their Kassams. This is what happens when a protostate puts terrorists in charge.

Think they've learned anything yet?


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Posted by NahnCee [TypeKey Profile Page] | May 19, 2007 10:56 AM

While their people starve, Palestinian leadership try to kill Palestinians; while their infrastructure collapses, theie engineers try to squeeze more yardage out of their Kassams. This is what happens when a protostate puts terrorists in charge.


Faster, please.

Posted by unclesmrgol | May 19, 2007 11:07 AM


What you've just stated is, in a nutshell, the kind of mindset which caused 9/11.

Shame on you -- you should know better!

Posted by Bookworm | May 19, 2007 11:53 AM

"Think they've learned anything yet?"


Posted by courtneyme109 | May 19, 2007 12:12 PM

Maybe this was Sharon's master plan. Evac Gaza, let the HAMAS and al Fatah show the world they couldn't even manage a car wash let alone a proto state, allow Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue to grow exponentially in the West, show up the Palestinians' fiery supporters in the Arab world as the stingy, all mouth no cash, losers they are.

A recent JPost poll from Palestine was very revealing "More than two thirds of Palestinians feel Hamas has failed at running the government, according to a poll conducted in the Gaza Strip, Israel Radio reported on Monday.
Over half of those surveyed felt that Hamas gave up a significant part of the group's election platform by joining the new unity government with Fatah.
In addition, less than a quarter of those surveyed said they would vote for the party again if elections were held now.
The poll also showed that nearly one third of Palestinians would emigrate to areas outside of the PA territories if they could.
The survey was published by the An-Najah University in Nablus. "

The HAMAS and Al Fatah have shown their own people all they can produce is misery, victims, martyrs and k'ssam rockets. In time, the Palestinians may rise up and demand an egalitarian society with a free, uncensored press, open and transparent elections with out the religious police, the secret police or intolerant militias, an independent judiciary, a treasury under public scrutiny, arrest honor killers and end gender apartheid. That is a lot of if's, ya'll.
In the meantime, here in the Great Satan, Palestinian Sympathy Fatigue is in full swing.

Posted by Carol Herman | May 19, 2007 1:07 PM

Just be aware, that there's a new player in town.

While over in Israel, the old politicians, who got butt kicked out of office by voters; are dying to try for new elections. Well? Not exactly. New elections would bring in an electric broom that would cancel out a lot of ministers from ever owning their portfolios, again.

And, each portfolio allows each minister to reward hundreds with GOOD government jobs. So, you'd be surprised. Your ears hear the motor running. BUT YOU DON'T SEE THE FEET ON THE BRAKES.

While, in gazoo, Tehran has sent in its own goons. That's why the place is so wild. And, Tehran's goons are actually attacking HAMAS. Why not Fatah? Because Condi Rice backs ABBAS. With dough.

Abbas has so far received $100-million dollars worth of training for his soldiers. Only they don't want to fight.

SO, Israel sits poised. IF Abbas would fight? Israel could do a pincer move from the rear, and take out Hamas.

Well, there's more than one game going on, now, in this town.

Bibi has climbed on board and recommended doing the "landlord trick." Shut off the water, he says. As if Condi wouldn't race to the "humanitarian aid" of the people in gazoo.

But the plum? Still seems to be Olmert's chair. And, he seems to be holding onto it, too.

While in Sderot, where the tin cans come flying in; lots of good Israelis have lined up, to demand "free vacations elsewhere, at State expense." Not very different from the settlers, whom the IDF had to hand-carry out of gaza; only to plunk themselves into hotels. And, they refuse to leave. No. There are no bills! The State pays those.

And, you can wonder, at least, why Winston Churchill AND the Brits kept such a stiff upper lip, during the blitz. When hitler had real planes, real bombs, real tanks. And, a real army, about to devour England.

Gazoo? They got rocks. And, these flying tin cans, that were purchased by the Saud's. Oh. And, the whole world is watching this show.

I give Olmert great marks! And, he's not only good, he keeps his mouth shut. So you don't know what's going on with the Saud's cards; where they own stuff in the USA. Stuff. And, people.

Will Dubya actually deliver real estate, though? I think by dancing with Ted Kennedy just now, he blew even more holes into his "popularity." Or whatever you want to call what the dim bulb is doing. A shining light, though, he is not.

And, the threats ahead?

Seems Tehran saw the opportunity. And, swooped into gaza. Yup. A Shi'a wolf, among the Sunni stock.

Makes ya wonder about those arabs, huh?

They think they're winning battles; when no real battle has come their way. What day would bring such a battle? Well, in the past, Arik Sharon drove tranks through them like a hot knife through butter.

But winning in Israel has had its price.

So, we're watching this new show. Where American money to the arabs flushes down the toilet in full view. And, nobody knows, yet, when Condi marches on stage, and shakes her boot in Israel's face.

Of course, this "immigration" thingy blowup, here, has made Dubya just a tad more useless.

God has cards, folks! He actually owns the deck. So don't bore me that he doesn't make miracles.

Posted by Fight4TheRight | May 19, 2007 3:40 PM

courtneyme109 stated:

" let the HAMAS and al Fatah show the world they couldn't even manage a car wash let alone a proto state "

Hahaha! That is a Classic, Courtney!


Posted by Carol Herman | May 20, 2007 12:21 PM

DEBKA put this up on Sunday, May 20th. It makes sense.

And, I think it's only the media barking for "military solutions."

Also, what works here would work elsewhere. While the days of "conventional warfare have passed."

DEBKAfile’s military experts: Unorthodox tactics needed to rout Gaza-based Palestinian terror and halt Qassam offensive against Israel. Conventional warfare will no longer serve

May 20, 2007, 3:52 PM (GMT+02:00)

As the Palestinian missile offensive enters its second week, military experts recommend dosing Hamas and its allies with their own medicine: harassment behind the lines by small undercover Israeli units on hit-and-run missions to blow up Palestinian infrastructure, weapons workshops and commands centers and around-the clock ambushes of their fighters and chiefs. Palestinian operatives must be kept on the run in fear of their lives.

They say the moment has passed for a conventional invasion, such as the 2002 Defense Wall operation that cleansed the West Bank of its effective suicide cell structures, such as some opposition leaders and ministers propose. It would have been logical after Israel’s 2005 evacuation of the Gaza Strip. But today, Gaza is swarming with a hodgepodge of Hamas, Jihad Islami, Fatah-al Aqsa Brigades, Popular Resistance Committees and al Qaeda terrorists and militias.

According to DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources, Iranian and Hizballah advisers are telling them how to combat a substantial Israeli ground–tank incursion. They must go underground and wage a guerrilla-terrorist war equivalent to the Iraqi insurgent campaign against US troops.

Israel is strongly advised to avoid that trap.

Unorthodox strategic and tactical thinking is needed, say the experts, not an effort to fight the Lebanon War anew in Gaza. The clock cannot be turned back to the days before 2005, when former PM Ariel Sharon supported by Olmert pulled Israel out of the Gaza Strip and the strategic Philadelphi border route - or when Olmert after becoming prime minister let Hamas win the Palestinian general election in 2006 with FM Tzipi Livni’s support.

Israelis have defeated Arab terror before. In the 1930s, The English military genius Orde Wingate taught Jewish paramilitary defenders his Special Night Squads tactics for turning Arab guerrilla methods against them. Nothing much has changed in 71 years, except for the fact that today, Israel has a strong army of its own, and does not need British or other international force to defend its sovereign territory. All that is needed is a government with resolve that lets the military do its job.