May 19, 2007

NARN, The Run For The Border Edition

The Northern Alliance Radio Network will be on the air today, with our six-hour-long broadcast schedule starting at 11 am CT. The first two hours features Power Line's John Hinderaker and Chad and Brian from Fraters Libertas. Mitch and I hit the airwaves for the second shift from 1-3 pm CT, and King Banaian and Michael Broadkorb have The Final Word from 3-5. If you're in the Twin Cities, you can hear us on AM 1280 The Patriot, or on the station's Internet stream if you're outside of the broadcast area.

Today, Mitch and I will discuss the topics of the week. Chief among those, I'm sure, will be the immigration compromise announced on Thursday. We'll climb the fence on the new budget announced by the Democrats in Congress, which raises your taxes while they claim they're not raising your taxes. We'll attempt to dig tunnels under Ron Paul and his performance in the Republican debate. We may cross the river like the Democrats did on Iraq war funding, too.

Be sure to call and join the conversation today at 651-289-4488. You don't even need a Z-visa to get on the air ...


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Comments (2)

Posted by Captain Ed | May 19, 2007 12:14 PM

test one comment

Posted by Chuck | May 20, 2007 9:12 AM

Immigration compromise? LOL! Yeah, sure. By that definition forcible sodomy is compromise also.