May 21, 2007

CQ Radio: NZ Bear And Immigration

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Today on CQ Radio (2 pm CT), we'll talk to NZ Bear about the immigration reform package. NZ has helpfully transformed the proposed legislation into an easy-to-manage website so that all of us can grasp the details of the bill. NZ opposes this compromise, and I know most CQ readers also object to it. Conceptually, I think it could work -- but the bill doesn't quite match the concepts outlined in the announcement, either.

Do you want to get your argument out in opposition to the bill, or try to convince people it works? Be sure to call 646-652-4889 in order to get your side of the story on the air!

UPDATE: Tomorrow. we'll have John Hawkins of Right Wing News to discuss immigration, Duncan Hunter, and much more!


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Comments (4)

Posted by Nessus | May 21, 2007 11:29 AM

I feel one of the main reasons why Americans are so upset is deep down, many Americans realize that there is more going on here than simple immigration. What we are getting close to is the "reconquista" movement in the Southwest, which is not branching out to all parts of the USA.

The taking down of the US flag at several schools and post offices, the omnipresent Spanish language, the waving of the Mexican flag in numerous protest marches. The American people know this is not normal immigration, this is more akin to the political class bringing in a whole new constituency, who will be grateful and dependent on those politicians (not to mention the entire welfare apparatus and the social/ethnic grievance groups).

Wash DC beltway elite have sorely miscalculated the anger of the American public over this issue.

Posted by Ric James | May 21, 2007 2:46 PM

I can't call in to the show today, but can you discuss why we can't have the sensor nets that Secretary Chertoff talks about *and* a fence to keep people from casually walking across the border?

Just sayin'.

Posted by Jim | May 21, 2007 3:04 PM

"Conceptually I think it could work." Come on Ed, get real. Any bill which provides for legalization first, enforcement second (yeah right) as this one does, is a JOKE, and a complete and total insult to our intelligence.

Jorge Bush has absolutely NO intentions of securing our borders. Neither does McCain.
Why do you pretend that it is okay for them to lie to our faces, Ed?

Do we want all the 12 million rounded up and hauled off to the border? Of course not.

1. Close the border first. Build the "damn fence" as McCain calls it, along with all the other security measures.
2. Institute aggressive penalties for employers hiring illegals.
3. THEN we'll talk about humane and practical options for dealing with the 12 million already here, and future guest workers....

Why in that order? Because we do not TRUST our politicians, that is why. With good reason. It is really that simple. Unfortunately the ruling class in DC doesn't give a damn about what the regular folks think. And you give their poster child McCain a respectful platform to spout his arrogant lies. You should be gently explaining to him instead, that we are tired of being lied to by RINOS who feel like they have made a great achievement when they haved reached a "compromise" with the likes of Ted Kennedy.

This issue is going to rip apart the Republican party like nothing you've ever seen. This is going to make the Dems rift over the Iraq war, and the division between the hard left types and the 'traditional' libs, seem like a garden tea party. If you think conservatives are buying in to this measured "conceptually I think it could work" response like you; well, Captain, with all due respect, I think you too have sorely miscalculated the sentiments of the political group you profess to be a part of....

Posted by AZlegal | May 21, 2007 10:04 PM

We do not have an immigration problem, we have a border problem, so how do we fix it? again? We legalize the people who walk across. What genius, whatever happens, don't fix the problem, and they'll have to elect you til you die. If you can get a lot of hoopla raised about how you "solved" the problem when you "fix" it even better. The only problem is that everyone realizes this fix isn't going to do it. I've been a card carryin' Republican since I could vote... I'm about ready to change, and I was looking forward to voting for Fred here in AZ. Hee, hee, John would really get a clue then.