May 22, 2007

Terrorist Attack In Ankara?

It appears that someone detonated a bomb at a shopping mall in Ankara, Turkey's capital. Four people have died and dozens more injured in the blast:

Four people died and 56 were injured in an explosion in the Turkish capital of Ankara, Mayor Melih Gokchek told CNN Turk.

Police believe the most likely cause of the "major" explosion in the middle of a shopping district Tuesday was a bomb.

Ankara's governor, Kamal Onal, initially said the blast appeared to be an accident, but later said it could have been a bomb.

Police sources are telling CNN Turk that the explosion happened in a bus station in the middle of the Ulus shopping district in Ankara.

CNN Turk reported that the explosion occurred at the entrance of a building described as a seven-story shopping center. It occurred during the rush hour and when the area was packed with people.

The Turks have been debating the secular nature of their nation, a position which has angered Islamists, especially after their candidate was denied the presidency. Is this related? Right now, it's too early to tell, but it bears watching.


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Posted by Carol Herman | May 22, 2007 1:21 PM

DON'T LOSE SIGHT OF THIS: The Turks, long known as the "sick men of Europe," are terrified their country can succumb to the lunacy of Islam. (Which is exported to them, "by you know who.")

In other words? Even with the Realtor for the Sauds sitting in the White House, Islam is not a beloved word among the more rational folk who exist under Islam's umbrella.

So, you have some dead people. Carnage. True. But does it add up to anything more than a headline in the media's frenzy for news?

You want to call this news? Go ahead.

I think the Saud's funded this one, not because they're gonna get anywhere with the Turks. (Don't forget. In Turkey, the imams own the towels. But the military owns the guns.) And, the people, so far, keep backing the military, every time they poke a muslem dictator in the arse.

This won't change with the recent carnage.

Reminds me of those places, on American streets, where traffic meets. And, there's no red lights UP. So the ambulances and the fire trucks keep coming. Day and night. Then? A petition goes around. And, sometimes? A traffic light goes up. The politicians come out of their collective comas.

Now, why would the Saud's suddenly want to "heat things up in Turkey?" Huh?

Haven't you noticed? The patestinian scum in Lebanon, are funded to make mischief for the Lebanese government, there.

While it seems, some sort of crazy glue exists. That keeps Siniora seated. Just as Olmert, too, seems to defy gravity; without falling out of his prime minister's chair.

You'd think by now Jim Baker would have been given his walking papers. But, nope. The "brains" behind Bush's drop in numbers, Rove and Baker, are still there. While Alberto Gonzales just "twists in the wind." (In case you've forgotten how it was when Nixon hit the ropes; you get these sentences, striking, again.)

Are the Saud's getting their money's worth? You're kidding me. You're pulling my leg, RIIGHT?

Why does the TV screens seem to need carnage? Dunno. But you've got dead heads in charge of the companies that own the stations. And, they haven't come up with winners, yet.

Just the same old. Same old.

Turkey's supposed to take your mind off it.

Well, what can ya do? Bush can't give a speech to save his own falling ratings. While, when Jimmy Carter opens his mouth ... You see what happens when talking doesn't help ya out, either.

For Israel? Good news. Or the Man Upstairs has just blown on the dice. Glad, too, he's supplying the glue that keeps Olmert seated.

Yup. The Turks have problems. You just gotta wonder how long, more, the Saud's get to run this crap. IED's are their specialty. Do you know why? You can'[t just explode a bomb at a bus stop, anywhere; without having MONEY.

The same is true, by the way, for FIREWORKS. Yeah. Ya watch 'em. But ya don't see that the fire departments, in America, at least, are nearby.

And, even when I was a kid; back in the 1940's; when my parents took me to Coney Island, to see the fireworks, my dad would explain that what was really going up was $10,000. Pre-inflationary money.

Kids love fireworks.

Adults, though, know the show's not free.

Can't wait for that STINKING PETARD to lift James Baker! That! Will be PRICELESS.

Posted by Lightwave | May 22, 2007 1:29 PM

There's a strong argument to make that Turkey is a microcosm of the entire War on Terror. Everywhere is a front again terrorists. Everywhere. Just because you don't want to believe it, doesn't mean they won't attack you. We have an entire class of people in the U.S. today...tens of millions...who seem to think that sticking our heads in the sand will make the bad brown men with the turbans stop trying to kill us.

There are people who get it, and people who don't. Bob Kerrey may be a Democrat, but he gets it.

Posted by LarryD | May 22, 2007 2:18 PM

Dr. Sanity has posted several time on the psychology of those who don't get it. Don't expect them to come to their senses, their denial might not be broken even when the Islamofascists are about to behead them.

Posted by Carol Herman | May 22, 2007 2:44 PM

Sorry, it was Bush's pulpit to lose.

And, he lost it.

That Turkey just had one bomb explode at a bus stop?

No. I'm not surprised. I just know it cost more than the sum of its parts. It cost at least $100,000. And, most people aren't loaded for bear; where they can peel off $100,000 dollars.

When you figure out how the terrorism is funded, you'd be surprised.

While Bush still favors the Saud's. One side of the CRAPOLA INDEX. With, once Iran saw what was open and available for the "taking" ... JUMPED RIGHT IN.

You think the arabs are so dumb they don't understand?

Or is it your language barrier? IF you understood the tongues spoken from Iraq, syria, riyadh, and ankara; you'd know that within ISLAM, there are a lot of frightened people who are actually onto the game.

Islam? Once what it did was breed obedient women. And, men who "coffee-klotched" together somewhere between once and five times a day. WHY? So they could network.

Many, inside, are also related.

So, within the mosques are lots of people ... JUST LIKE TODAY'S AMERICAN CLASSROOMS. Where they see and hear the things that went wrong. And, they feel powerless to do anything about it.

The propaganda from the press? Only has Israel to kick around. And, Olmert, oddly enough is a tough target. (He seems to know how to apply pressure. And, if you even watched gazoo ... You'd see that for Israel's air force to get to "hit" moving targets ... There are UNSEEN TO YOUR EYES ... lips moving among the palestinians, pointing out the target rich environments.)

Again, that's how we're gonna have to fight, ahead. Once Bush is gone. And, his LIE-bury gets built, elsewhere. Riyadh's good. Dubai? More Disney-like.

Doesn't mean the Saud's bet well. Given how speechless the turkey in the white house, became.

And, to those who think most Americans don't get it; all they have are their stinking labels. So sure of themselves for their name-calling skills, they can't see that they're going downhill. In a marketplace NOT buying the "old ideas." Certainly not buying Bush's "ideas." As James Baker manipulates the strings in the background.

What's left? About six hundred days. And, if we're lucky? Bush takes a long summer hiatus vacation. Don't expect to see him "up and running," soon. He's run the GOP into the minority. He's picked peple to play with who have nothing to do with anyone else's agenda. As if Martha's Vineyard creates agendas!

While as long as Turkey is hot? Gaza is not.

As long as the palestinians freak out in Lebanon? Breathing space for Olmert.

While you're watching, don't call me "surprised." For I am not.

What does the future hold? You're asking me? Nobody's got a ticket to the Oracle at Delphi, anymore.

But, yup. Bush raced downhill faster than anyone else. Makes his pulpit about useless.

Posted by SDN | May 22, 2007 6:22 PM

Carol, reading some history would be a Good Thing. Turkey has been in a state of dynamic tension between secularism and Islamism since Kemal Ataturk. Every so often, the Islamists stick their heads out, and the Turkish Army comes out of barracks and saws the heads off.

The only real question is whether Turkey's desire to join the EU has caused the army to wait a little too long.

Posted by lexhamfox | May 22, 2007 7:30 PM

Many here seem to think that the debate in Turkey is between AQ type Islamists and the secularists. The debate is much more nuanced as many Turkish Muslims want the kind of religious freedom that we take for granted here in the US. I personally support thoise female MPs who would like to wear a headscarf in Parliament and do not see those efforts as part of the more dangerous issue of Islamic intolerance in Turkey which sadly seems to be on the rise. As much as I like many of the secular features of the Turkish state, I do worry that it is imposed by the military rather than through popular mandate. It will be interesting to see how the Turkish public navigate between the two extremes without falling over either side.

Posted by Carol Herman | May 22, 2007 8:34 PM

I think hell will freeze over, before the EU opens its doors to the muslems. Through Turkey. Ataturk, or not, notwithstanding. The EU won't accommodate the "problems" created by the influx from Turkey. Ain't gonna happen.

Should also be interesting to watch france. Since they're not "absorbing" their illegal "tourists," either.

As to the exploding devices; I just KNOW they cost money! These productions are at a minimum, $100,000 a piece.

Maybe, the money is raised in mosques? But if you then have arab victims, aren't you slicing into your source for funds?

The money by the way is THERE. It doesn't have to be raised. And, it's designed to play havoc with the American mind. Which is how the Saud's got competition from Abner Dinnerjacket. He figured out it could be "state sponsored." It does seem that some of the Mickey Mouse plans, though, have run into stumblihg blocks.l

One day? Perhaps the jerks, with their oil wealth, will loosen their turbans? And, the blood supply to the brain will work better. Because I think they've stumbled on the way to "collect their winnings."

Posted by Cindi | May 23, 2007 12:44 AM

Lexhamfox, everywhere head-scarves start popping on is an indication that (militant) Islam is on the rise.

Would you still support women Turkish MPs wearing their head-coverings if you were aware it was less a manifestation of their desire and more a result of pressure from the mullahs and their menfolk?

Posted by lexhamfox | May 23, 2007 9:11 AM


Headscarves are not an indication of radicalism anymore than they indicate Christian radicalism in Greece. If you were talking about the full covering I might agree with you.