May 27, 2007

This Week's Schedule On CQ Radio

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This week will have CQ Radio listeners on the edge of their seats. Tuesday, I will have a one-on-one interview with Senator and presidential candidate John McCain. We'll talk about immigration, the war on terror, the surge, and much more.

On Wednesday, I will go on the road to cover the Mitt Romney campaign in Iowa. While the former Massachussetts governor has not broken out in national polling, he now leads all Republican candidates among likely Iowa caucus attendees, garnering 30%. How has he done it? Let's find out together. I'll trail Romney in his campaign events, posting reports along the way. Later in the afternoon, I'll conduct a one-on-one interview with Governor Romney.

And, in a CQ Radio/BlogTalkRadio first, I'll provide live coverage of Romney's open forum in Des Moines in the evening, starting around 6 pm on CQ Radio. You'll hear it as it happens on CQ Radio. Be sure to listen right from the start!


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