June 6, 2007

CQ Radio: Patrick Hynes, Debate, Immigration, And More

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Today on CQ Radio (2 pm CT), I'll talk with Patrick Hynes, both of Ankle Biting Pundits and of the John McCain campaign, about last night's debate. We'll talk about who won and who lost, and we'll also talk about immigration, the war, and much more.

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Tomorrow, I'll have Dr. Kevin Fleming to talk about single-payor health care. Dr. Fleming wrote an interesting study on this topic for the Heritage Foundation, and we'll ask him about current political postures on renovating the American health-care system.


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Comments (4)

Posted by quickjustice | June 6, 2007 4:55 PM

You should interview Regina E. Herzlinger about consumer-driven healthcare as well, Ed. She has a new book out, "Who Killed Health Care?"

Posted by dave | June 6, 2007 8:11 PM

In Kevin's "interesting" article about health care, I found he has a peculiar habit. He makes a statement about a particular issue, and then backs it up with a reference. Problem is, the reference he uses to back up his statement actually says the exact opposite of what Kevin says. See my post at June 6, 2007 6:52 PM here:


Could you please ask him about this strange habit?

He also has some very interesting conspiracy theories concerning the UK government that you might want to ask him about as well.

Posted by alexandra | June 6, 2007 10:56 PM

Patrick Hynes states he is a christian conservative but he is obviously NOT representative of the general conservative christian "community." Christians believe that God established Nations and legal boundaries. The christians I know simply want the borders secured and legal immigration enforced.
John McCain made a typical "feelings" argument when he talked of Mexicans fighting and dying to defend our Nation. This is not the issue, the issue is millions of illegal immigrants who illegally come into our country - many of whom abuse our genrosity and help bankrupt our government, others to commit crimes including rape and murder and the strong probability that terrorists will be enabled to travel legally within our borders.

Posted by dave | June 7, 2007 8:24 AM

It's a good thing Kevin Fleming is being interviewed, and not debated. When Kevin is challenged on his "study", he doesn't have much to say of any value. (See the link above). It is much easier to deceive by writing a paper and doing an interview than trying to defend your deceptions in a debate.