June 13, 2007

The Palestinian Authority's Two-State Solution

The civil war in Gaza has apparently imposed a two-state solution on the Palestinian Authority, at least for the moment. Hamas has taken over security installations in Gaza and has pushed Fatah out, attempting to create a protostate under its total control on the Mediterranean:

Jamal Abu Jadian, a top Fatah commander, fled his home in the northern Gaza Strip Tuesday evening dressed as a woman to avoid dozens of Hamas militiamen who had attacked it. He and several members of his family and bodyguards were lightly wounded.

But when Abu Jadian arrived at a hospital a few hundred meters away from his house, he was discovered by a group of Hamas gunmen, who took turns shooting him in the head with automatic rifles.

"They literally blew his head off with more than 40 bullets," said a doctor at Kamal Udwan Hospital.

In fact, Hamas has tried over the last 48 hours to re-enact the final scenes of The Godfather. They have targeted all of the senior security commanders for assassination, and succeeded in at least some of those attempts. Fatah officials acknowledge that Hamas now has a solid grip on northern Gaza and have started to work towards conquering the entire area -- and that they have a good chance of success.

Fatah has been put to flight. The only obstacles in the way of total Hamas control are the residents of Gaza, who have hidden themselves away from the fighting. Israel has decided to refrain from taking sides, but acting to target terrorists when they can find them, mostly of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Not surprisingly, Mahmoud Abbas wants the fighting to stop:

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has warned that continuing violence in Gaza risks taking the region to the point of collapse. ...

"Without a ceasefire and stopping of the fighting I think the situation will collapse in Gaza," he warned from Ramallah in the West Bank. ...

Arab League head Amr Moussa said the factional fighting was destroying the Palestinian cause.

The Palestinian cause has been a dead letter ever since the Palestinians elected Hamas to power seventeen months ago. The Arab League has just gotten around to discovering this, but the West will not put money in the hands of terrorists, especially Islamists like Hamas. When Fatah at least talked about peace, without doing much about it, the West only grudgingly supported the PA. This shows why we don't invest in terrorism, and more importantly, why subsidies to the Palestinians pay off only in blood.

Without outside intervention, we can expect the PA to wind up as its own two-state solution. Fatah will wind up with the West Bank, and Hamas with Gaza. That will make Gaza a tempting target for another Israeli invasion, as Hamas will certainly use it as a launching pad for more terrorist attacks against Israel. If Fatah holds the West Bank, it would make it much simpler for Israel to roll over Gaza. An even better solution would be to have Egypt do it, and to take back Gaza under its own sovereignty, but Israel would have an impossible task in convincing the Egyptians to do it.

Hamas should have the civil war in Gaza won within days. When the dust clears, we will see the first terrorist protostate on the Mediterranean since Moammar Ghaddafi got a bomb dropped down his chimney from Ronald Reagan. That's been the end game of all the two-state solutions proposed while we have engaged terrorists and helped legitimize them.


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Posted by Paul A'Barge | June 13, 2007 9:31 AM

the West will not put money in the hands of terrorists, especially Islamists like Hamas


Haven't I read recently that somehow our $$ is still finding its way to the Pals?

Posted by TomB | June 13, 2007 9:51 AM

There is one disturbing analogy between actions of Hamas and our left and Liberals: all of them want security forces to be destroyed. Hamas is blowing them up, or kills them at home (usually together with their families), Liberals and leftists are exposing security programs, actions and methods, relentlessly complain about “violation of freedoms” and sue at each opportunity.

Posted by NahnCee [TypeKey Profile Page] | June 13, 2007 9:58 AM

The Arab League has just gotten around to discovering this, but the West will not put money in the hands of terrorists, especially Islamists like Hamas.

Oh, the Arabs have noticed alright, but they got around that little contretemps by blaming the West for not supporting "a democratically elected government". You see, according to the Arabs, Hamas was elected in free elections just like America wanted, and therefore because of that, America and everyone else should be supporting them with money and anything else Hamas needed to build a strong and enduring state for the dreadful Palestinians.

The, invariably, in the next paragraph Arab media would report on the latest death toll of "innocent Palestinian civilians", and never - ever - say a word about the daily barrage of rockets that Hamas was shooting into Israel.

But the bottom line, according to the Arabs, is if your government is "democratically elected" then it is deserving of Western funding ... no matter how many rockets you shoot into neighboring countries, nor how many suicide bombers you send into pizza parlors, nor how many soldiers you kidnap.

And if the Pals are currently busily engaged in killing each other, why, that is most certainly the fault of America for not funding a party elected by a majority vote of those people.

Posted by Clyde | June 13, 2007 10:06 AM

When two groups of bad people kill each other, I have a hard time feeling bad about it. And Fatah and Hamas are definitely bad people... Will Allah give them their 72 virgins if all they are doing is killing each other?

Posted by Dale in Atlanta | June 13, 2007 10:18 AM

Capt'n: I like your Egypt taking back over Gaza, I've thought about that for years, and wondered why the Israelis never worked that out with the Egyptian Govt?

"Gaza", never had, and doesn't make sense.

It would be the perfect ending to what has been a miserable 60 years.

Then, let Fatah in the West Bank make their own peace with Israel.

Posted by Carol Herman | June 13, 2007 10:35 AM

Well, it also shows ya; the press was clueless.

And, Bush has been nothing more than a Realtor for the Sauds.

While Dayton should be recalled. And, put on the carpet.

Seems Bush was pushing Olmert to "halp" Abbas. Not only has American dropped in MILLIONS! Because Dayton's been ordering in munitions and vehciles "to shore up Abbas in gaza," what happened is that the Fatah was sitting on these shipments.

Argue all you want; but what Syria and Iran just picked up; by proxy ... is all the stuff the idiot in the White House put there! While Olmert watched.

Olmert, who plays the weak hand well; also had to deal with the incoming requests; not just from Dayton, but from Condi. All telling Israel they had to "halp" out Abbas! America, alone, didn't send in enough cart loads to the gazoo! Well. Bush is clueless. And, Condi is dumb.

It also seems that June 24th is Bush's big day, again. As he sails out to make another speech, similar to the one he did on this date in 2005. He keeps seeing a "two-state solution" in his cards. It was supposed to happen before 2008. (Well, so was his immigration deal. He signs all these orders, ya know. But the paperwork just keeps staining the carpet in the Oval Office. No, I'm no longer surprised at Bush; and James Baker's tactics.)

But Israel knew. And, watched. And, tried to stay out of it. Though Bush's orders to Olmert; to begin to send in Israeli guns, would be priceless if Olmert could sell the correspondence on eBay.

Seems in Albania Bush also lost his watch. (He keeps thinking there are presidential protections. Whie he behaves like a nitwit. As he did when he stuck his hands out among the pickpockets.)

Well? At least you're learning about pickpockets, huh?

Why did gazoo erupt? Proxy stuff. The UN is trying to get an "inquiry" going in how Harirri got blown to smithereens in Lebanon. And, Assad moves about his network of terrorists. So, one terrorist camp in Lebanon blew. Hasn't gotten much further. But the news is shut off. Well, journalists aren't exactly the bravest souls on earth. You could learn this lesson, too, if ya wanna.

As to gazoo; it was Dayton who ordered in all the armored vehicles; and all the rifles, RPG's and bullets. So it's not big wonder WHY the order went out to grab this stuff.

What does it mean?

It means that the UN and the USA host a lot of criminals, who also run countries. Like Hosni Mubarak. Where you get the time wasters going back and forth trying to do "cease fires." Perhaps, when the "goods that got remanded to the Hamas-A-Holes gets used? It won't be in a thrust towards Israel.

While Israel has noticed that in gazoo, the actual military maneuvers are planned and commanded by syrian's, trained by russians. And, the iranians. Who seem to have their own military schools.

Here's how Fatah crapped out. The Hamas-A-Holes went into the tunnels. And, exploded the Fatah headquarters. Sure. Some tit-for-tat. A Fatah commander was tossed off a 15 story building. So a Hamas commander was captured; tied hand and foot. And, he was sent to "splat."

Let's see what Bush does on June 24th? I'm sure he'll be "laying out his plans" where for the Saud's, Israel is told to 'take down its checkpoints." And, allow traffic to flow from gazoo to the west bank.

Now, in diplomacy there's no word for "yes." And, there's no word for "no." Olmert will smile and handshake. And, at least for Bush, Olmert won't steal his watch.

But it's a useless exercise. The Realtor for the Saud's someday just might get exposed. You just never know.

Will there be a war in the Mideast this summer?

If the diplomatic scene teaches ya anything. AFTER Dayton spent MILLIONS in American "aid" to Fatah; Abbas sat on his ass. Typical.

Oh. And, the guy who also got big investments to run things in gazoo; Dahlan; he ran to eygpt. A lot of these leaders aren't anywhere near the action.

But they have healthy bank accounts.

Perhaps, this is what it's all about?

Posted by always right | June 13, 2007 10:39 AM

Hamas may be democratically elected, but they have not changed their tune about destroying Israel as their goal. Arabs hold that to blame on the West, that's their idiocy. What other legitimate democracy rules by killing the opponents? Lesson one on Democracy, getting voted majority means only the first step. Lesson number two, it is your responsibility now to make “stuff’ work. Like everybody else and every other government, how do you “make stuff work” with the resources at hand?

Let's see how long this state can last without any compassionate do-gooder Western interference.

Posted by KauaiBoy | June 13, 2007 10:45 AM

If not for Carol's postings I would have lost interest in these miscreants long ago. Let me know when Man vs Wyld: Gaza or Survivor: Beach Blanket Gaza airs. Horray for that religion of peace.

Posted by section9 | June 13, 2007 10:49 AM

This is the result of Olmert's indecisiveness of last summer.

No amount of condemnation is too heavy for the incompetent Ehud Olmert. Israeli armored columns could have smashed the Syrian supply chain from Iran, but that chance was lost when Olmert fell for the matador's cloak and entered the trap that was laid for him by the Iranians in Lebanon.

Thankfully, while Carol still blames Rice for Olmert's hideous performance, the Israeli Army and IAF prepares for general war. As do we, apparently. We have initiated joint maneuvers with the IDF, and this hasn't gone unnoticed by the Persian. I doubt it will lead to caution on their part: the Iranian leadership of the Guards Corps holds the whip hand and is thoroughgoingly fascist. It is their tendency to double down.

None of this excuses the hapless Olmert, whose conduct in office has been a disgrace beyond measure. Thankfully, Israel still has the IDF at its disposal, and beyond that, Netanyahu.

Posted by patrick neid | June 13, 2007 10:58 AM

"Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has warned that continuing violence in Gaza risks taking the region to the point of collapse. ... "

god i hope so....

Posted by Shoprat | June 13, 2007 11:07 AM

It is worth noting that some of ancient Israel's worst and most persistent enemies were the Philistines. Gaza was their capital.

History repeats itself 3000 years later.

Posted by Carol Herman | June 13, 2007 12:00 PM

Gee, where are Donald Rumsfeld's "Unknown, unknowns," now that you need an accountant familiar with this process?

NONE of the leadership, for want of a better word, deserves all the care and attention that they got. But they got it, indeed.

As to gazoo; and the palestinians; what just happened here is that there were many multiple MILLIONS in American war materials. Well made stuff, with our labels on it. PLUS, lots of armoured vehciles; which cost at least $100,000 per pop.

PLUS ALL THOSE EXPLOSIVES! Just sitting there!

And, this has been taken.

I'd also guess, from some of the scenes I've seen on the Net, that Hamas has not slaughtered lots of civilians. Just Fatah. So, in Mafia fashion, as Tony Soprano went lame; you could look at this new "family situation" rising. And, you could wonder where it will go?

Israel's on top of it. Nothing "happens" without FIRST SEEING a land action where either from Lebanon's south; or from gazoo ... you see a "parade truck." Something disguised. That shoots through the fence at Israel.

Where Israel has turned stellar, is in her ability to stop terrorism COLD. In its tracks. Today's yield? TWO WOMEN, dressed in explosives. ONE, pregnant with her 9th. Go figa how they round these people up to "volunteer." Well, what do we know fo the Aztecs and their "sacrifices?" Other than that they "didn't make it," as cultures go.

Bush is still clueless.

Condi is still a dope.

And, I'd bet Dayton's looking to run and hide, as well. You just never know how America got to spend so much money! Bush is absolutely insane.

Wait till these bills come home. And, flash in front of ya. You'll be amazed. It makes Clinton's putz pale by comparison.

But, yup. WE did it! WE built up the Abbas; because Israel was TOLD to go and find a dancing partner.

Well, even when you play the weak hand; you can dance.

Oh, Patrick Nied: Egypt refused to take gazo back! Seems the "population" in gaza doesn't fit in with Hosni's ideas about egyptian "stock." But the Mideast is just a cesspool, anyway.

Other than Bush's corrupted dream, the people in gazoo and the West Bankers aren't allied to the same stock. What's it gonna take to teach you about tribes?

Lucky for us, American indians had such cute names, it's easier to discuss "differences" among wild indians. Harder to do when you have to separate batches of tablecloths. Because even among all those who wear the black checkered variety; their allegences can differ block by block.

Abbas? All his best friends are in Switzerland.

Jordan? Today, more worried than yesterday. Seems those Hamas-A-Holes have it in for the crown, there, as well.

Olmert? Oh, he won't stop with the compliments to Bush. Not worth a hill of beans, though. Ah, and when the new guys in gazoo demand the millions of shekels from Israel ... ya think Olmert turns over da' dough? I think, not.

While Uncle Sugar is gonna be an expensive problem to us all, as long as Bush is in the White House.

By the way, Israel has some ACE cards to play. Gazoo gets its electricity from Israel. So, that if it was necessary? Gazoo could go dark? It's also gonna have to repair a few hospitals. And, get doctors to go back to work. When you hear that there are people "who can" who have run away ... doesn't it lead to to understand that the first group to go HAVE MONEY AND SKILLS?

As far as Israel is concerned, I don't think there's much of a difference between Fatah and schmata. And, Ham-A-holes.

Terrorists are NOT fighting armies! Heck, even the mafia, to survive in America, first has to corrupt the police and the judges. Otherwise their boats are without paddles.

This "battle" was all probably fake, anyway. Abbas is not the leader you've been told he was. He's just a terrorist. With a bank account. Playing a Mideast sport called "Capture the Gold." No. It's not an athletic event.

And, everybody's waiting for Bush's June 24th speech. Given that he has a tin ear. Learns nothing from experience. And, is hell bent on show "restraint" towards Israel; you just know that there's no cure in sight, folks. (Like polio, before the vaciinnes. Nature gets to run her course.)

Now, you could ask? Where will the money come from? But that's easy to answer. Syria funds. Iran funds. And, the Saudi's aren't schnorrers. Let alone Uncle Sugar. He's practically a piniatta over there. They hit him in the behind with sticks; and all sorts of goodies fall out.

Has Abbas lost any currency? I'd venture to guess NOT his own! But his ability of getting more? Nah. Dayton will be called home, first.

And, what is. IS.

Harbingers of ill winds to come.

Posted by Lightwave | June 13, 2007 12:01 PM

My prediction:

Israel will be in Gaza in considerable force by July 4. At the rate it's going they may be in there much sooner. This of course will trigger the Iran/Syria/Lebanon retaliation leading to the eventual showdown with Iran.

Iran is betting the US will leave Israel to its own devices, much like last summer. They are betting Israel won't be able to defend itself very well, and that nobody else will do so either. The Iranians and their proxies have had a year to rearm and prepare for the war, and are ready to unleash another PR blitz via the AP to make it all look like Israel is attacking innocent Arabs.

The lessons of Lebanon were learned by Iran and its proxies. Dry run, recon in force, whatever you want to call it, it was a resounding victory for Iran over Israel. The lessons have not been learned by the US or Israel. Class is about to be in session, and it will make Iraq look tame.

As I said before, if Afghanistan was Act I, and Iraq was Act II, Iran will be Act III. The events of the next few months may decide the fate of a lot of people for decades to come.

Posted by Carol Herman | June 13, 2007 12:24 PM

Hey! Lighwave. I TAKE THE BET!

And, I don't care what year, ahead, you pick. Israel is NOT going back into gaza. That piece came its way, reluctantly, only when Arik Sharon's tanks were within spitting distance of Cairo.

Nobody wants gaza!

Just the fool in our white house. Who thought there could be a road that takes the population of gazoo; and lets them drive to the West bankers.

Today, maybe, Bush has learned that the Fatah crew of the west bank is only a local entity? And, not one with much influence in gazoo.

All the leaders, today, who are not dead leaders, have run out of town. Town being Damascus for Mashaal. And, Cairo for Dahlan.

Hardly likely these "leaders" will be back, anytime soon.

And, ya know what else? Israel won't even be shutting off the electricity. It's just an OPTION.

Olmert's got Bush's number. And, he's visiting the USA just the same. So it shows ya. It's like an unwelcome wedding guest showing up at the wedding. Because those things are big "get togethers." Hey. It's like an overpriced ticket to a Barbra Streisand concert.

As much as things stay the same, she cancelled her last one. You waiting in line to go?

Posted by section9 | June 13, 2007 1:05 PM

Actually, Carol is wrong.

Israel will have to back into Gaza. Gaza will be used as an artillery base to shell all of southern Israel. During last summer's war, the chink in the Iranian strategic plan was the inability to strike southern Israel. Control of Gaza allows the Iranians to ship in heavy artillery pieces into Gaza through the port and through the Sinai.

The Army has plead with Olmert to do something about it. Olmert, being the head of a weakened coalition and being unwilling to face the country and a rising Netanyahu, refused to let the Army go in. Now, the Persians will ship in artillary and longer range rockets and Hezboallah teams to operate them. All of the Negev will be under threat.

Yah boss. Olmert's a genius. How many Israeli civilians will die because of his cat-like political dexterity is the question of the hour.

Now if the Zahal responds in force, as they will have to due to increased Hamas attacks on communities like Sderot and other towns south of Tel Aviv, Hezboallah will open up on the North. I also suspect that a Central front through the West Bank is being planned. And our old friend the Boy President has been busy capitalizing on Olmert's, and our own, hesitation in the Levant: another Lebanese politician was assassinated in Beirut today. Expect the Golan and Galilee to come under artillery bombardment from Golani "irredentists" armed by Damascus.

Arabs always attack when they see someone who is weak and cannot make up his mind. Olmert is such a man; Pericles he is not.

Olmert never understood Napoleon's maxim that when you desire to take Vienna, then take Vienna. Now you know why Condi left him standing with his Reputation in his hand last summer.

Thankfully, the U.S. and the Israelis appear to be engaged in joint maneuvers in preparation for the Summer's festivities. The Iranians want war. I suspect they shall have their belly full of it.

This will not end until Tehran's left hand; the Boy President, has his gonads removed by Israeli armor and airpower, and Iran decisvely cut off from its Western ally. Syrian power and Syria's ability to dictate events in Lebanon must be crushed by a rapid series of Israeli blows, assisted, and seen to be assisted, by the Americans. Until then, the strategic initiative will remain with the Iranians, as it has been with them since Bush decided to stop advancing in April of 2003. It is critical that the Israeli army recover its reputation among the Arabs as a winning team. The Winograd report was the first step on the road back. The Iranians and the Boy President, being resolute fascists, will not be able to help themselves but provide the opportunity for the Israelis to prove to the world that Jews still know how to fight to survive and win.

Posted by Danzig'smom | June 13, 2007 3:00 PM


What has the Prophet Olmert done about the Israeli boys spirited into So. Lebanon? And Shalit?

Game ... set and match.

Everything else is just your worthless spin.

Posted by KauaiBoy | June 13, 2007 3:21 PM

The UN is strangely silent on all this----or do they even still exist. The building is still there in NY and a lot of bad drivers with funny license plates are still around but where are the diplomats? Or does this define the term "lost cause" ; let Darwin sort 'em out.

Posted by Carol Herman | June 13, 2007 3:50 PM

Nobody knows the future! Even though some big shots, here, have "big" plans for Israel. Me? Those "divinations" aren't worth a plug nickel.

Israel's been dealing with terror. She's also aware that arab armies tend to lose to the IDF. And, after the 1973 debacle (which, now that I have FOXBAT, I'll learn that the russians were hip deep in their plans.)


So, the russians got pushed out of Cuba.

And, ten years later, they got dumped on by the IDF.

That's where the Israeli's "got" gazoo. It's like one of those parlor games. Gazoo remains in play, because nobody wants in.

And, yes. Arik Sharon LEFT. Took the 8,000 "settlers" out of there, as well. By training 50,000 IDF troops on removing these reluctant settlers from their beach front dwellings. They're sill unemployed.

But "to go back in?" Hardly likely.

As to the kidnappings of soldiers, which was done by Lebanon and gazoo; RECENT ATTEMPTS AT REPEATING THIS TRICK HAVE FAILED.

Sure. I learned something. On the NET. I don't even tune in the old media, anymore. But I saw the "TV ARMOURED TRUCK" plowing out of gazoo. To kidnap some Israeli soldiers.

Then, I learned that the trap was set by Israel. As the "fortifications" that were so tempting to the gazoo terroriests was actually EMPTY. It was done like a Penn & Teller trick. To deceive the eyes. And, one terrorist got killed; because he wasn't fleet on his feet, to evade capture. He forgot he had to run after the White Truck. He hid. A 'trained" dog then found him hiding. And, he shot the dog. This provoked the dog's handler. Who then shot the terrorist.

It seems the Israelis are using clever techniques. While the mad-dog press has its day chewing apart Olmert.

But once you're in politics you need to develop elephant skin. Barbs like that don't do a thing to ya. And, they don't throw you off course, either.

Of course, there's still the question of "running these places." Both those dozen refugee camps in Lebanon. Where you're not getting any information to let you know what it's like to live in a place where all the tall buildings have been shot to the ground.

What you know about gazoo? The Hamas-A-Holes have secured all the tall buildings in gazoo. Which means? When Israel's ready, it can take aim from the sea. Or from the land. And, in time those tall buildings won't be blocking anyone's views. Heck, you might even be able to see the ocean from Israel? The area where Israel sits is on a "rise."

As to the flying "candy grams," because those kassams are fueled with sugar. I kid you not. Once Fatah is out of the way; I'd think Israel just gets more targets; somewhat traffic-free of the UN. You know they've pulled out, don't cha?

How will gazoo get run? Need a direction? INTO THE GROUND.

As to sympathy meters, I think these are beyond repair.

And, I think the Saud's are about to get shafted, too, by their Realtor. Because he can't do much. Except look at his watch. Alas, it was taken from him; if you want to believe your eyes. And, the photographs. If you want to believe the White House, Bush doesn't own a watch. Which is too bad. Because he's got to leave office, eventually. How will he know his time is up?

Oh. The other thing worth mentioning. Since Israel really does have an arsenal. IF syria and iran, playing these cards, accomplished much? You might ask what about the locals? You think Israel "devines" where the enemy's hiding? Or you think they get information from some of the people caught in the cross-fire, in gazoo?

Where would you turn?

As to Bibi Netanyahu, I know he has his fans. But his days as leader are now in the opposition. He hasn't brought down Olmert's government, yet. And, Olmert, it seems, knows how to play his cards well.

On the other hand? When Olmert talks, think the opposite. That's how the Israelis hear him. He's the counter argument to anything he says out loud.

Oh, yes. Especially if he's complimenting Bush. And, Condi.

I also think Dayton's pentagon career has hit the crapper. But that remains to be seen. Since, eventually, the press will go to him and ask him questions. I'm waiting for the ones about the checkpoints. And, the "time tables."

Hey, I'm even waiting for June 24th. To see how Bush decorates his Saudi cake; with its dreams of handing those idiots more controls. While Assad just goes around and blows people in Lebanon UP.

You'd think his window panes would rattle. (But the Israeli air force is not involved.)

And, for everyone who understands guess work, all we can do about the future is just watch. Then, if we really get lucky, someone will pull Bush away from tossing even more money into this money pit.

Posted by jr565 | June 13, 2007 3:53 PM

I think we should have a peace plan with two palestinian states one for Fatah and one for Hamas (not inlcuding the original palestinian state Jordan), then within each state if war breaks out again we can keep subdividing the states. I envision that in the next 20 years we'll have about 16 Palestinian states vying for existence. Yay, peace!

Posted by Carol Herman | June 13, 2007 4:00 PM

To those who heard it on Drudge, Harry Belefonte said Condi is NOTHING in the Black community.

As to Condi, and the summer she danced with Chirac; she's the loser.

While in france, Sarkozy is in charge. Chirac's gone.

At one point in time, the french were going to dig out the port in gaza, to make it a haven for shipping. Ain't about to happen, now.

What was this gazoo fight about?

It was about showing Abbas that he was a worthless piece of shit.

What did Abbas want? He wanted to "inherit" the mantle that made arafat a billionnaire.

Arafat's dead. And, buried in a parking lot.

As to the way terrorists move about; the palestinians have been a humongous problem.

Heck even Condi has learned of this defect. Because the fighters in Irak? Coming through the training doors that exists in all the refugee camps.

If people knew American history they'd know that eventually we dealt with the wild indians. To the point even the Tonto's were forced out.

Bad reputations linger.

Israel meanwhile, like us, survives because of our economy! NOT because of our politicians!

When you look at Israel, you'd see it. The dollar values are there. The brains are forming cutting edge technology and businesses.

That it has its rough spots?

Well, if you want to find the cures for cancer, you've got to spend time in the trenches.

Oh, the Iraqi's know they have problems.

Start with their own middle classes. Not overtly religious.

And, today's "power people?" By t'marra, a lot of them can go up in smoke.

The real advantages, if you want to call them that; that goes to the animals from gazoo, to iran ... is that there hasn't been much of a fighting force arrayed, yet, against them.

Sure. We've got ships and planes in the field. But you should learn that there's a world of difference between EXCERCISE. And, really, really, meaning it.

So far? We haven't gotten involved, yet.

Posted by courtneyne109 | June 13, 2007 4:11 PM

What we are seeing is part of Iran's plan to establish an Islamic Empire from Persia to the Med. Hiz'B'Allah will begin to act out in the next few weeks - probably about the same time that Palestinian on Palestinian violence explodes in the WB.

To Dale in Atlanta (howdy neighbor!) Egypt doesn't want Gaza and Jordan doesn't want the WB. Gaza and the WB both have literacy rates of 91% (Compared to Jordan and Egypt's 48%) No Despot/King/Dictator would ever want a sizable, knowledgable group of people with experiance in real elections or homestyle militias.

Posted by Carol Herman | June 13, 2007 4:29 PM

"GAME ... SET ... MATCH" are ways you score points in Tennis.

Ain't playing that game, here.

As to the 3 kidnapped soldiers, I'm guessing that all three are already dead.

I also know that the kidnappers of Shalit are also dead. Killed by the Israelis. Using either drones, or air force personnel. And, missiles.

Gazoo is small enough, for instance, that those who kidnapped Shalit were identified.

Yes. There are lots of people who love to make fun of Olmert. I pay it NO. NEVER. MIND.

It's the game of politics that this stuff happens.

Most people, living in free countries, get as good as the russians got, dealing with Pravda.

In other words? Truth can't be denied. No matter what ass-kissing goes on. Or what kinds of wallpaper get used; to cover things up.

As a matter of fact, people who watched the Kremlin; would watch for the disappearances from photos; long before you could do this at home, with PHOTOSHOP.

While in Israel? Or this baloney and hoo-ha. But the Labor contest, at best saw 60,000 people showing up to vote. Are they of consequence? I think Barak will prove to be useless. And, the ministers that HAVE portfolios are backing Olmert to the hilt. Even if you see them in public, and you can't read a face. Heck, Shimon Peres just won a VOTE! Talking of miracles. And, only because Olmert added his weight.

Reading tea leaves, however, is a better exercise. While all I know is that Olmert SITS. He hasn't been pushed out of office, yet.

While I've also watched Bush's popularity plummet.

That's an example of how the world really works.

Posted by Carol Herman | June 13, 2007 4:44 PM

Courtneyne 109. Since no one knows the future, I'll bet the other side of the coin.

I think there are lots of palestinians now, MORE worried. And, they're hating their role as proxies for syria and iran.

Plus? There's a good chance they fear the Israelis even more than they fear their own street goons. (From which lots of them run away to hide.)

So, how can things "explode?" The candy rockets?

Nope. Israel hasn't even shut off the lights. And, before she calls up the reserves, certainly "shutting off the electrical grid" would plunge the people in gazoo into darkness.

So among the options that are out there? War's the least likely.

But what about Dayton? Who takes orders from Bush and Condi? He was really pressuring Olmert to give Abbas tons of ammunition. (If you noticed, Olmert "passed.") How did Olmert pass? He squatted. And, the gas came out. While he studied the requests. How the hell should I know?

I do know that Hamas just got oodles of American military equipment! Including more than a million in armoured vehicles, alone. Bush? He'll treat this news the way he treated his "disappearing watch." He'll calim it wasn't his. Never wore one. Never sent even a postage stamp to gazoo.

But the facts are there. All of Fatah's headquarters has been turned into rubble. Lots of dead!

Given the tribal nature of these idiots, you can bet there will be those who have long memories and longer knives.

It's not exactly a peaceful situation; where people will sign papers. And, everybody will go home.
All you know so far is that Assad's windows haven't rattled.

Doesn't mean we can't land crap on the heads of the purps. Even if Bush only knows how to put his foot on the brake. He's like a kid in his dad's car. He also turns the steering wheel round' n. round, a lot.

Still, there are changes in allignment. Sarkozy in france makes me lots more comfortable than I was when Condi danced with Chirac. He's gone. And, she's got her enemies.

And, it's still a better bet to expect Bush to "ask" Olmert to "ease things for the poor palestinian people." Bush isn't exactly a realist by any measure.

And, Olmert's not as weak as some of you think he is. Gosh, watching diplomacy, though, is like watching air-kissing in hollywood.

Posted by courtneyme109 | June 13, 2007 5:05 PM

Hi Carol. Sure, Palestinians may hate their hapless plight as the fodder/minions for firey supporters in other lands who have learned the hard way not to send their own jets and armor against the naughty IDF.

On the other hand, history shows us the lowest common denominator for ME despots and their failed, parasitic, unfree, intolerant, nonegalitarian societies is - Israel.

Posted by NahnCee [TypeKey Profile Page] | June 13, 2007 5:11 PM

Re: the comment about the UN being strangely silent and/or missing in action, following quote is take from the Sydney Morning Herald website:

America has wrecked UN's role: report

June 14, 2007 - 12:10AM

JERUSALEM: The highest-ranking United Nations official in Israel has warned, in a damning confidential report, that American pressure has "pummelled into submission" the organisation's role as an impartial Middle East negotiator.

The report by Alvaro de Soto, the UN's Middle East envoy, presents a devastating account of failed diplomacy and condemns the sweeping boycott of the Palestinian Government. It is dated May 5, just before Mr de Soto stepped down.


* * *

There, you see? Everything is alright because it's all America's fault.

Posted by Carol Herman | June 13, 2007 9:31 PM

jr 565, what an excellent comment!

Like you, I, too, think there will be sub-divisions; so that eventually the palestinians will hang street signs on their territorial blocks. And, within each cicumfrence, "another entity" ready to join the UN.

Of course, they're all Sunnis. They're all related. Probably makes it difficult when doing the seating plans for weddings. Having to know in advance, whom not to sit near each other.

While I expect this little turf tiff happens because the "pie of weath" isn't distributed evenly. And, also. With Chirac out of the "loop" ... and the distribution center that existed in his office; there really are changes on the ground, going on. As well.

Why do people assume that up ahead no one will rattle Assad's windows? Can happen.

Actually, just about anything "can happen" down the line. But I bet a bunch of players have recognized that both Bush and Condi are stupid. So, resolutions will take a bit longer to play out.

As to the "damage" in gazoo; some of Fatah's tunnels have been destroyed. And, of course, millions in arms shipments, taken.

Personally? I can't wait for Dayton to show his face, again. Because he's been to gazoo. And, the power structure there, has been changed. I'd like to see what it does to his career, as well.

Also, for me the best test are the 12 palestinian camps in Lebanon. ONE erupted. I repeat. ONE. And, it's been taking a beating from the land. From the sea. And, from the air. America sent in quite a few stuffed C-130's.

What's not counted?

Well, the press isn't interested in really telling you, now, how many dead palestinians there really are.

While both the west bank and 11 of the 12 palestinian camps in Lebanon, are not going up in flames. Even Nasrallah is "neutral."

That's how I read it. And, assume, as I've said, that Dayton's career has gone down the crapper.

Not Condi. She's Black. So she stays put. Alberto Gonzales also stays put. But they can't hide the holes in Bush's White House staff; really major players are GONE now. Just like Bush's wrist watch.

Posted by Bennett | June 13, 2007 11:40 PM

Certainly much of the world will be happy when this rather awkward "red on red" phase is over and Hamas can go back to doing what it does best, killing Israelis and prompting Israeli response. Then everyone can cluck and muck about how the poor Palestinians are being oppressed and slaughtered by the Zionist entity. And we can start yet again on another roadmap that leads nowhere while Fatah regroups or Al Qaeda emerges as an opponent to Hamas and we go on and on and on. And all these people running for President here really want the job, huh?