June 14, 2007

The Wrong Direction

Yesterday I explained at Heading Right that primary campaigns should chiefly focus on positive promotion of their own candidates rather than spend much of their time attacking their colleagues in the primaries. According to The Politico, John McCain's campaign has not taken that advice. Instead, they have decided to focus their guns on another Republican presidential hopeful -- and it's not even one that's ahead of them:

In another sign of John McCain's plan to assault former Mitt Romney over his alleged flip-flops, the Arizona senator's campaign has purchased the website "www.mittvsfact.com" and will launch it in the coming weeks as a compendium of what they say are the former governor's differing stances.

The McCain camp yesterday attacked Romney on abortion under a "Mitt vs Fact" letterhead that aped their rival's campaign logo. Late in the day, a tipster pointed out that a URL of the same had been purchased and privately registered. A McCain aide confirmed today that they secured the site last month and indicated that they would use it as a sort of one-stop-shop "to brand" Romney.

This move is almost unfathomable. In the first place, McCain should be spending his efforts explaining his stance on immigration. He has said that it takes longer to articulate his position than the opposition, but he doesn't appear to be putting his emphasis there.

An attack strategy might work to distract people from the immigration issue, but if so, then McCain's attacking in the wrong direction. He has two candidates in front of him, Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson. Except in Iowa and perhaps New Hampshire, Romney trails McCain in the polling. Why go after the person on your tail, rather than fight forward?

All McCain can accomplish is to lift Romney's profile. Romney, if he's smart, will simply parry the thrusts and talk about his admiration for McCain while keeping his eyes focused on the frontrunners. Third-place candidates do not win by attacking fourth-place candidates, and fourth-place candidates don't win in the reverse, either.


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Comments (9)

Posted by Paul A'Barge | June 14, 2007 10:32 AM

McCain ... toast.

Sad. Not really.

Posted by RBMN | June 14, 2007 10:35 AM

McCain's motives aside, it may be a hidden blessing for Mitt Romney (if he's the eventual nominee.) He can react to the he's-a-weathervane attacks early, and not wait till the Democrats use similar means to the same end. It'll be good practice for next year.

Posted by Tom Shipley | June 14, 2007 10:40 AM

This move is almost unfathomable.

Well, not really. They're just following the success of the Bush/Rove 2004 campaign.

Posted by McCain Hater | June 14, 2007 10:40 AM

He's just trying to get his campaign out of the depths of despair. Too late!

Posted by hap | June 14, 2007 11:21 AM

Could it be that he geniunely believes Romney is a bad choice for President and is trying to deal with it now rather than later?

Posted by Maverick Muse | June 14, 2007 11:38 AM

ad nauseam CANDIDATE tit for tat

At this point, promote platform, not candidate.
Advocate WHAT we vote for rather than who.
Require the platform definition.
Require the candidate adhere to platform.
Require elected officials adhere to platform.

Every politician is a loose gun, regardless of name, political party or agenda. Legislators are so anxious to legislate everyone and everything except themselves. Candidates will say whatever to get elected. If legislation were ever needed, such would require elected officials to fulfill their election platform or lose office. Officials need a law requiring fulfill duty or lose office. At present they do as they will and have brought about the most significant offensive invasion upon our nation with illegal aliens and that illegal populace's contribution to our national crime and burden on social services. Illegal aliens and officials abrogating sworn duties are BREAKING THE SYSTEM. So this year prior to election, parties should be having platform elections, after which the party candidates can campaign on HOW they will perform the platform. In office, that elected program must be executed by the official.

With ILLEGAL immigration in the USA, exactly WHY is status quo intolerable? Lack of enforcement is the problem. For the past 50 years, the FEDERAL government FAILED AND FAILS to ENFORCE LAW. Our Federal officials REFUSE to uphold law and now flagrantly refuse performance of their duty, be it executive, judicial or legislative. At this point, ANY comprehensive immigration reform effort only protects governing officials from their official responsibility and pursuant legal ramifications. NEW LEGISLATION REMOVES OFFICIALS FROM RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR GROSS HISTORIC ABROGATION OF DUTY.

American citizens have issue with the Federal government. Current law is on the side of the citizen vs. illegal alien AND on the side of the citizen vs. corrupt official. A compromise will only tilt in favor of illegal behavior, be it illegal entry, illegal employment, or illegal abrogation of duty by our President, our Justice Department, and our legislators. Voters can force the government to enforce law without enacting new legislation that by nature of the beast will only make it easier for those breaking the law to continue getting away with the dissolution of the USA.

As per one official language in the USA, there's the lesson from the Tower of Babel story. One language enables coherent unified effort from all whereas many languages in one place creates chaos, failure, and ultimate destruction. English is already our American language and the leading language of international science and business. On a personal level, being bilingual is a wonderful attribute to which all can aspire. None the less, in America, English is the official language. Legislated or not, proficiency in English is mandatory to success in the USA, not to mention international success. To become a citizen, an immigrant must speak and read enough English to manage for themselves in our country. We are one nation with one unifying official tongue. Any political dissecting unity from official makes a lost cause.

Posted by brooklyn | June 14, 2007 12:07 PM

McCain should get out now...

The question I have, Fred Thompson has the same voting record as McCain.

Yet, McCain has an appropriate reputation amongst many Conservatives.

Shouldn't he be questioned on his record as well?

Given the same treatment many provide to Republicans these days?

It is an interesting subject, why some are given cheers, while others are vilified, and they have the same record.

Posted by Adjoran | June 14, 2007 1:33 PM

McCain has always been a down-and-dirty campaigner. Contrary to the myth perpetrated by his campaign and a fawning media, his was the campaign directly attacking the other candidate (Bush) in SC in 2000.

He seems intent that, if he can't win the nomination, it will be poisoned.

Just drop out now, Senator, and save what precious little dignity you have left.

Posted by Carol Herman | June 14, 2007 3:53 PM

Oh, do tell.

Other than seducing journalists, what's McCain's claim to fame? No need to shout out your answers.

As a candidate on the current GOP stage; heading towards February's stakes; McCain's about as interesting, here, as Lamar Alexander. And, Lamar is only remembered because his mom gave him a funny moniker. Like Newt's.

Is McCain angry? You bet'cha. But where he's dangerous is in the cloak room. Because he doesn't want to go down without carrying somebody else's testicles. Pure McCain, actually.

While, yesterday, on the Net, I watched Peter Robinson's soft-ball interview of Fred Thompson. I learned that Fred will say "Roe was the worst law ever written." And, so he's not gonna shed social conservative voters. While most people are smart enough, by now, to realize that IF congress stays split NO PRESIDENT IN THE WHITE HOUSE CAN REALLY OVERRIDE THEM; when it comes to selected jurists. (It's a shared power. And, right now Arlen SPecter is also pissed.)

I still think Guiliani's the guy to beat. Because he's mean enough not to take bullshit from cowards. And, he's already rolled around in the dirt with the Saud's. The Saud's don't own him.

What's going on in Irak? Well, I blame it on the Iraqi's. Just as I blame gazoo, too, on the arabs. They're stupid folks! They vote for insanity. And, then they wonder why they're in the shit hole.

Of course, Bush let in billions in American dollars. Intead of flattening Fallujah.

So, yes. When you get incompetents in the White House, you pay. (And, we will be paying off all that graft money the Iraqis got used to.)

No. They haven't gotten used to being blown apart. But you could say the same for gazoo.

On the other hand? Even with all the stuff Haniyeh just grabbed. That the idiot Dayton, with instructions from Condi/Bush, handed over to the Fatah. Now in the hands of the Hams-A-Holes. How long does it last? IF the Hamas-A-Holes don't get taken out by Eypgtian tanks, I'll be surprised.

But Olmert, when he lands back in Israel; after his big handshake opportunity with Bush ... Which let him postpone a shake-up decision in his cabinet ... The Israeli press is already calling Olmert's next goverment "NUMBER TWO." More rolls of toilet paper will be called for.

And, things are a mess because both Condi and Bush are incompetents. Unable to play by any other rules book, except the one that caters to the Saud's. Who've bet wrong. And, the UN. Who've been shot at in gazoo. And, in Lebanon, too.

Besides. Until you're willing to kill these critters; the option of "winning" is not on the table.

The option of losing? Weak governments. Where people really don't go out and vote. Bringing in the trash, so to speak. Just in case you think Barak is gonna be successful; he might as well be a funeral director. Labor's KAPUT.

Olmert, however, will probably not have to worry about his own future until 2008. And, by then? Bush is KAPUT.

Condi? You need my opinion. I'm with Harry Belefonte, here. I think she has no credentials to flash. Just her old dance ticket with Chirac. And, he's gone.

For those who are willing to bet with me? Off in the wings are displays coming, of strength. Bush won't be in the lead. Blair's gone. And, the french will lead the next parade. While in Lebanon, the quiet of the press doesn't mean the palestinians are winning.

Hey, I'd rather ask Sarkozy about Assad's fate, than just about any other player on the field.

Why can't Bush improve his game? Because he's playing with Jimmy Carter's racket.