June 21, 2007

CQ Radio: Senator James Inhofe

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Today on CQ Radio, Senator James Inhofe joins us in the second half of the show to discuss the immigration bill and his grassroots efforts to oppose it. Senator Inhofe wrote a guest post today about Secure Borders Now, his new petition drive. He'll explain how it works and how you can add your voice to the debate.

In fact, you can do that by calling 646-652-4889 and joining the show!

UPDATE: Rick Moran will join me for the first half to discuss his Pajamas Media column today on Rudy Giuliani, as well as his new gatekeeping duties for Michelle Malkin. I've seen some of the comments Michelle gets -- and I hope Rick keeps disinfectant handy in his new task.

The live player will start automatically if you click on the link to the extended entry. You can also listen from the player on the sidebar.

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Comments (4)

Posted by harleycon5 | June 21, 2007 12:55 PM

Thank God for men like Inhofe. Perhaps a phoenix will arise from the tiny burning embers of Reaganism that remain in our ranks. We can only fight the good fight, and do what is right for our country.

Surely, if we lose our country will be lost. Perhaps this sounds extreme, but is there any doubt that in 20 yrs we will be revisiting this issue once again for another 60 million illegals? And as the Democratic party gains power via these new voters, we will slowly slip away from the country we knew toward Socialism.

Who would think that the Republican party would be the key to such a future? It seems almost imaginary if we were not living it.

Posted by Urban Planning Overlord | June 21, 2007 6:18 PM

Why not just open the border with Mexico and allow a free flow of people back and forth, just like they do in the European Union?

Well first, there is the issue of security - Mexico's drug lords, the possibility of Jihadis infiltrating, etc., that would have to be resolved. But then, why not?

Right now, the U.S. has a per capita gross national product (GNP) of $44,200. Mexico's per capita GNP is $7,800. The U.S. projected economic growth rate over the next five years is 2.5%. Mexico's is 3.5%.

Meanwhile, there are great disparities between various E.U. nations with open borders. For example, Germany has a per capita GNP of $35,100, while neighboring Poland's is $8,900. Yet, despite the anecdotal talk of the "polish plumber invasion," there doesn't seem to be a huge influx of Poles into Germany (or France, or Great Britain for that matter).

And Mexico could start growing faster than 3.5% annually. Especially if we fully implement NAFTA, and the conservative PAN party remains in power (although a left-wing Mexican President would be much more likely to be another Lula da Silva as a Hugo Chavez). I would note that India's expected GNP growth rate over the next five years is expected to be 7.6%. India, like Mexico, is an imperfect democracy with a lot of difficult economic issues.

As for taking over the U.S., there are 100 million Mexicans, and 300 million of us. Even if they all moved here we'd still be a majority. And the Mexican birthrate has plummeted to about 2.5 children per family, not much higher than our birthrate.

As for language, any Mexican who wants to prosper economically in the U.S. must learn English. They all know it. And the ones that come here for the most part come because they want to prosper economically. That's why by the third generation of Mexican-Americans, 75% don't even speak Spanish any more.

There are so many sound economic reasons for allowing open immigration and travel between the U.S. and Mexico. It's a shame that so many people, for reasons contrary to Economics 101 and with a misplaced view of what it means to be an "American," don't see this.

Posted by mudhen | June 22, 2007 7:30 AM

Urban Planning Overlord, you're full of cr@p.

You obviously haven't lived among the immigrants. Anyone who has, knows that several of your points are just simply not true. They only learn our language when they are in the minority... but they aren't dispersed evenly amongst our population. They are clustered in barrios, and those barrio dwellers resist learning our rules or our language. They are run by gangs, and they demand social services. They are more insular than any other migration that we have ever had, save the Islamists. We can take a reasonable amount of immigration from the Latino countries, but if we allow a big influx, the repercussions will haunt us for decades.

Joanie in Carlsbad

Posted by Urban Planning Overlord | June 22, 2007 11:54 AM

Joanie, assuming that you are from Carlsbad, California, between 11.7% and 17.6% of your city (depending upon what figures you believe) in 2000 were Hispanic. Being somewhat familiar with Carlsbad, I'm not aware of any significant barrio area within this rather affluent city with a significant conentration of non-English speakers. Which means that about 1/6 of Carlsbad's population is HIspanic, most of them undoubtedly Mexican-Americans.

If you are from Carlsbad, New Mexico, according to the 2000 censues 36% of your city's population is Hispanic. I would suspect that a good portion of this population is descended not from recent Mexican immigrants, but from people who were present in New Mexico before most Anglos' ancestors arrived.

And the iron law of immigration hasn't been foiled by Mexican-American migrants. To get ahead in this country, you have to learn English. Spanish is still welcome in barrios because of the concentration of people, but most of them also speak English, and their children will speak less Spanish and more English, and only 25% of their grandchildren will speak any Spanish at all.

And, by the way, what do you have against bilingualism? This ocuntry needs more bilingual professionals to gain business in other nations and bring more economic prosperity to our shores. That goes not only for Spanish, but Cbinese, Hindi, and a lot of other languages too.