June 29, 2007

Giuliani Claims Centrist Position

Rudy Giuliani either has given up attempting to sound conservative or has forgotten that all presidential primary politics is national in today's media environment. While trying to woo Californians, Rudy claimed that he would govern in the same manner as Arnold Schwarzenegger has in the Golden State -- a promise that may not thrill Republicans in or out of California:

Mayor Giuliani is telling California voters wondering what kind of president he would make that they need to look no further than their popular Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"I governed very much like your governor does," Mr. Giuliani said as he described his tenure as mayor of New York from 1994 to 2001. "I got results and I want people to look at that and say that's the way I would govern as president of the United States. I would get results," he said.

In a deft bit of political footwork, Mr. Giuliani managed to declare himself simpatico with the governor without actually specifying any of the issues where the two men hold similar views. Some of those stances, such as support for abortion rights and gay rights, antagonize large swaths of the Republican base in the Golden State and across the country.

Rudy has spent a lot of time and effort to burnish his conservative credentials on the campaign trail. He has tried to argue that his position on abortion represents a small area of disagreement in comparison to a wide range on agreement with conservatives, with middling success. Giuliani argues -- and George Will supports him on this point -- that Giuliani provided the most conservative government possible in New York City, and he's almost certainly correct.

However, Rudy threatens to undermine that by hitching his wagon to the Governator. Arnold has done very well for himself in California, but no one confuses him with a conservative, not even the state's GOP. He has opted to work closer with the Democrats and has become the same kind of big-government Republican that many accuse George Bush of popularizing.

In California, as in New York City, that's the only kind of Republican that can get elected to an executive office. That doesn't mean that the rest of the Republicans around the country want to elect them, however, and Rudy may be making a mistake by reinforcing the impression that he's so far out of step with conservatives in the party. He could find himself positioned well for a general election that he'll never reach.

Addendum: The Democrats have decided to really get personal and nasty early in this campaign. Josh Gerstein reports that a group of them protested outside Rudy's event -- by pointing out that Rudy married his second cousin. They couldn't even get within six months of a primary without getting classless.


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Posted by The Yell | June 29, 2007 6:18 AM

That's a bizarre comment. Is Rudy adopting the failed policies of the state GOP?

1. Giving up on winning a majority in the Legislature.

2. Giving up on driving the debate, accept a reactive role.

3. Seek to cooperate as much as possible with the inevitably victorious Democrat machine.

Is Rudy not even going to TRY and have coattails in Congressional races?

Posted by stackja1945 [TypeKey Profile Page] | June 29, 2007 6:23 AM

Rudy still has 9/11. Dems still have Monica Bill's wife who used Whitewater to clean off Foster.

Posted by Bachbone | June 29, 2007 6:54 AM

Thompson is looking better and better, and he hasn't even officicially started running.

Posted by syn | June 29, 2007 6:57 AM

Centrist, the unofficial but highly coveted third party, aka liberal-lite offering an illusion of lower taxation.

The reason why I cannot support Centrist candidate Rudy 100% is his membership in the Billionaire Collectivist Club. No politican can be both fiscally conservative and socially liberal; no matter what feel good words are used social liberal policies eventually drain everyone's bank accounts. When that happens the powerful Billionaire Collectivist Club lobbies hard for greater redistribution of others modest wealth, imposes intrustive lifestyle laws to socially engineer behavior then speak in doublethink tongue blaming poor rural America for being so backward.

In order for Rudy to be mayor of NYC he had to become a member of the club and if he wins the White House there is no doubt in my mind that through blackmail the Billionaire Collectivist Club will determine our National policies. Further all of his 'friends' in the NYC scene for whom which he supports their policies no doubt have lots of personal items which they can use to blackmail Rudy; all those 'friends' he supports will stab him in the back if he does not give them what they want.

If Rudy goes Centrist all he will be is a Nanny Statist Bloomberg.

Posted by doc | June 29, 2007 7:14 AM

Who cares if Rudy married his second cousin? Working in a genetics - related field, second cousin does not confer any consanguinity risk. Further, even the Catholic Church does not proscribe such unions. Anyone who rails against a union of second cousins must himself be only one generation removed from first walking erect.

Posted by Rose | June 29, 2007 8:56 AM

Thompson is looking better and better, and he hasn't even officicially started running.

Posted by: Bachbone at June 29, 2007 6:54 AM

Sorry, a GOP MEMBER WATERGATE Prosecutor who excuses BILL CLINTON'S INTERNATIONALLY-OBSERVED PERJURY as a TRIVIAL MATTER not worthy of Impeachment, in June of 2007, at a time when one of my priorities REMAINS the abbysmal Judicial Branch -- just keeps on looking worse and worse to me - I want to vomit every time I think of such a pompous and elitist attitude of locker room comraderie TOWARDS THE DIMS.

If Thompson has no more respect for Justice than to DISMISS PERJURY as a QUOTE: "TRIVIAL MATTER" - HIS OWN PRECISE WORDS NOT 2-3 WEEKS AGO ON HANNITY AND COLMES - he doesn't even come close to reminding me of what I am looking for.

Political timing, or whatever of the impeachment - after many House Republicans destroyed their own careers making sure they did a METICULOUS examination of Bill's ac tions regarding THE LAW - eschewing hundreds of his crimes BECAUSE OF THE POLITICAL CONTAMINATION and the APPEARANCE ofmerely self-serving hounding - YET STILL LEGITIMATE CHARGES that Clinton will NEVER have to face - NOW...

Nevertheless, they worked hard to do what was right, trying to restore honor, dignity, AND TRUST - FIDUCIARY TRUST, in the highest public offices in America....

And as a Republican who had himself already participated in a LIKE EFFORT against a REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATION for a LESSER CRIME than Bill Clinton has perpetrated in that office - NOT AT THAT TIME AS A CONGRESSMAN, BUT AS A WELL-RESPECTED PROSECUTOR....

Now comes before the nation in an INTERNATIONAL audience, to declare that the PERJURY of hte SITTING PRESIDENT, in a PERSONAL INJURY CASE involving the charges that seem entirely legitimate, that the philandering and adulterous PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA then also did willfully molest, rape, harrass, intimidate and terrorisze many women and their families, some of which died in gross and bizarre circumstance, finally brought to a charge of personal injury to a SOVEREIGN CITIZEN of the USA in right standing with the NATION, ELECTED HIMSELF to present his deposition on television, LIVE, ON AIR, before a NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE and just as deliberately and willfully, DECI DED WITH MALICE AFORETHOUGHT, to commit PERJURYin a SWORN DEPOSITION INTENDED FOR USE IN A TRIAL BEFORE THE COURT OF THE USA that would be well-expected to rise to the SUPREME COURT, as a LICENSED LAWYER, to the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY AT LARGE....

Do you folks remember that Eglish and other Kings of European and South American and Asian nations used to have the RIGHT OF FIRST CALL on any BETROTHED VIRGIN BRIDE, to go in to her BEFORE THE HUSBAND?



And Fred Thompson says to Sean Hannity that OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WOULD CONSIDER THAT A TRIVIAL MATTER - excusing the fact that almost a decade earlier, HE JOINED TOADY CHAPPAQUIDDICK WAITRESS SANDWICH KENNEDY with only 3 other GOP SENATORS, to vote "NOT GUILTY" of Perjury.

I get angrier every single solitary time it crosses my mind.

This is no green eggs and ham, to me!

I guar-own-[blasted]-TEE you that.

I don't have that much against Dah Ahnold Man and I still think HE is the WORST THING ON EARTH that ever happened to California!

JUST because he is a self-confessed SOCIALIST (no, not CALLING HIMSELF a SOCIALIST - but describes his various political philosophies openly and proudly - which we all KNOW are Socialist philosophical tenets)

As far as I am concerned, this is no different thana man skilled as a Navy Seal u sing his hands to murder someone helpless in cold and premedicated fashion - for a lawyer and prosecutor WHO ALREADY PARTICIPATED in previous actions to see to it that an unfit President was removed from office FOR THE SAKE OF THE REPUTATION OF THE INTEGRITY OF THE GOVERNMENT --- now comes before the American people in the 1990's to DISMISS the aggravation to the Constitution, the Office of President, and the mortal harm to the Judicial Process of EVERY CRIME at trial, forever after, in the USA, harming EVERY CITIZEN at the hands of EVERY POLITICIAN and ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICIAL AND BUREAUCRAT of the government of the USA.


WITH A GREAT D EAL OF MALICE OF FORETHOUGHT giving a decade of his life to the attempted validation to the American people for his actions.

Would you be so impressed with a Navy Seal who murdered a little old lady with his bare hands for the sake of his a ttempted robbery of her home?

I view this a great deal more seriously.

And so would he, if his office staff as a District Attorney put a case file on his desk of a local politician trying to cover up a Perjury, in his hometown!

This is the deepest shame.

The idea that our Founding Fathers would have to look at international leaders and tell th em that what their President did in such a situation WAS A TRIVIAL MATTER...


Conservatives rage at DIMS for a SLIVER of such slander of our Founding Fathers!!!!

Now, if you guys keep pressing this Fred Thompson garbage, I'm going to have to get on my soap box and tell you what I really think!!!

Some of you will push it in a blatant attempt to get me to get myself BANNED!

Posted by LeaningRt | June 29, 2007 9:11 AM

Well Ed, there you go again.

You know, I hope we see this same balanced coverage of Fred Thompson when his campaign swings into full geer. It seems like every article insulting Fred Thompson is posted and debunked here on your site (a site which I love by the way). But every article insulting Rudy is captioned as a major problem for him. Not very balanced and your slip is definately showing. Of course, you aren't CNN and this site does reflect your opinion...it doesn't HAVE to be balanced.

But it seems very clear that the point Rudy was making is that he "got things done". Any other subtext is just being placed there by this article you reference, and quite frankly by yourself....and it's a stretch.

Posted by BJW | June 29, 2007 9:26 AM

LeaningRt hit the nail on the head. Rudy is the only candidate who has shown any capacity to get things done in the face of stiff oppostion. Fred has shown me nothing, Romney nothing, McCain don't even get me started.

The country more than ever needs someone who can get things done. What the country is not in the mood for in another southern white guy with a country drawl. (note - I live in the south and have voted R my whole life)

Posted by JEM | June 29, 2007 9:42 AM

I'm not frightened by 'centrists'. I'd like to see a candidate with reasonable conservative principles, but I'm a small-government conservative, not a social conservative - I lose no sleep over gay marriage or abortion.

A lot of what Thompson has written shows a worldview that's very much on-point, and maybe he is pacing his run but at some point as a candidate he needs to get out of first gear.

I could support Giuliani and he may be 'electable' but he ought not go hitching his wagon to Arnold.

Arnold's been an embarrassment. He snuck into office through the back door, which given how far the Party of Reagan has degenerated in this state was likely the only way to get there. Once in office he made all the right enemies, but rather than taking them on one at a time, defeating them in detail as he well could have done (hog-tying the public employees' unions would have been a shoo-in as a first step), he tried to play it like a script - line 'em all up and shoot 'em all at once. He failed miserably.

So he's gone kissy-kissy with the worst of the big-government demagogues. And, of course, he's become the poster boy for the climate-change zealots.

He used to claim he had a picture of Ronald Reagan in his office; I bet after a good dusting it'd turn out to be Nelson Rockefeller.

Posted by Rose | June 29, 2007 9:43 AM

Who cares if Rudy married his second cousin? Working in a genetics - related field, second cousin does not confer any consanguinity risk. Further, even the Catholic Church does not proscribe such unions. Anyone who rails against a union of second cousins must himself be only one generation removed from first walking erect.

Posted by: doc at June 29, 2007 7:14 AM


What I do care very much about is the fact that I tuned in, in Nov.2002, after Bloomburg's LEGITIMATE ELECTION, to see NYC give Rudi some deeply emotional honors and awards, due to his years of service and most particularly his service in the 9/11 cleanup - only to witness him become so overwhelmed by the calls from the crowd who wanted him to remain in office, and by some who said, "oh, gee, if only we could keep you..." blah blah blah... we all know how simple, inocent, emotional rhetoric gets when we are sure what we are "hoping for" is entirely unattainable - and Rudi gets overwhelmed in the backwash of the limelight, and says, "Well, if the people really want me..."[got "kicked under the table - prolly by his manager] "Wha???...whu, whu???"
VERY UNCOMFORTABLE FEW MOMENTS and the other speaker rushed into the deadly silence and finished up.

IT TOOK A FULL TWO WEEKS! After witnessing such a stumble by a man who already suffered [politicaly] unimaginably AT THE TIME of his first affair and divorce being revealed - I WATCHED DAILY and finally after TWO FULL WEEKS finally witnessed his bumbling DIM-STYLE NON-APOLOGY "Gee, If anything I said or implied MIGHT have offended anyone..."


Oh, emotionally overwhelmed!


THIS IS A DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC which was just off the rumors of te badly-behaved EXITING CLINTON ADMINISTRATION suffering rumors which appear to be justified that the Clintons SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED declaring a state of emergency and martial law to retain the Presidency - carried in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA of the day - and RUDI DISSES ELECTIONS, and DISMISSES what it would take for the "WILL OF THE PEOPLE" of NYC to set aside a FRESH DULY PROCESSED ELECTION in order to install HIMSELF as KING OF NEW YORK CITY????????


The man's ability to trample fiduciary duties and REALMS OF LEGITMATE AUTHORITY whenever he is EASILY overwhelmed by FLATTERY, is absolutely stunning in an AMERICAN politician.

I think more highly of our Constitution than to participate in electing a man who has in several (and EVERY) previous tests proven he is FAILED at the ability to RESPECT THE SUPERIOR AUTHORITY of the CONSTITUTION which he would have to swear to uphold.


I won't participate in helping to elect a GOP CANDIDATE who is determined to make Bill Clinton look like a PURE AND HOLY ANGEL OF GOD JEHOVAH.

Posted by LeaningRt | June 29, 2007 9:50 AM

Posted by: Rose at June 29, 2007 9:43 AM


Was that English? Rose, I beg, stay on the meds.

Posted by Rose | June 29, 2007 9:58 AM

When chosing someone "TO GET THINGS DONE", just be very very careful to asses WHAT KINDS OF THINGS EACH INDIVIDUAL IS VERY LIKELY TO GET DONE!

Rudi would make a FABULOUS DIM CANDIDATE - he's the new "Bill Clinton"!

Posted by Rose | June 29, 2007 10:14 AM

He used to claim he had a picture of Ronald Reagan in his office; I bet after a good dusting it'd turn out to be Nelson Rockefeller.

Posted by: JEM at June 29, 2007 9:42 AM


Posted by flenser | June 29, 2007 11:33 AM

Rudy has always been this sort of establishment Republican, liberal on a great many issues. It is no surprise that he finds great support in New York and California. The rest of the country seems to be in the dark about him though. Here is a clue - he is a George W Bush clone on immigration.

Posted by KW64 | June 29, 2007 11:49 AM

Fear of making a mistake, getting criticized or being demogogued paralyzes many politicians. This is why many of our "intractable" problems like pending medicare bankruptcy, social security system bankruptcy, lack of domestic energy security, lack of border security, schools that do not educate etc. etc. seem to be intractable.

A politician who is not afraid, and Rudy wasn't, is the kind of politician who can get seemingly intractable things done: like lowering crime in New York, like breaking the mob families in New York, like taking a city bleeding jobs for decades and making employment grow.

Executives who do not use their power find their ability to get things done declines and they lose elections to those who promise action. Rudy won election as mayor of New York because of what David Dinkins did not do. He won reelection because of what Rudy did.

Executives that get some things done that work, have the credibility to get even more, tougher things done. You can elect a passive excecutive hoping that he will hold back a liberal onslaught (Fred Thompson?)or you can elect an agressive President (Rudy) who will put the pressure on the defenders of a failed status quo and make real progress.

Posted by syn | June 29, 2007 12:11 PM


Other than the spelling, what is the difference between a Liberal and a Centrist?

That said, Bloomberg campaigned on 'tough on terror' and Schwarzeneger campaigned on 'going after special interests running California' yet when both got into office they did exactly the oppose.

Not that I voted for him the first time, but at least Bush campaigned on guest worker, drug perscription plan, no child left behind and meant it. OF course in order to be elected in America today both parties must abandon their base in order to satisfy that the middle (whatever that is).

If anything, Centrism has expanded the division not brought us together. None really know what the moderate is because moderates themselves don't really know what it is they stand for ie they want their own taxes lowered but want someone else other than themselves (ie federal government) to pay for abortion. In this example Centrists ultimately are expanding Big Government the same as any Liberal politician.

So one may say 'I don't care about the abortion issue' however you cannot be for small government since abortion is subsidized under Big Government socialism. Further, contrary to what social liberals claim abortion has not ended poverty it actually has expanded the welfare state for those females whose boyfriends, friends, one-night-stands said 'it's your body, if you get pregnant it's not my problem'. TO whom do social liberals drive pregnant, unwed females looking for financial support, Big Government Daddy.

As for issues like gay marriage, the production of the orgasm is not a benefit to the state therefore there is no purpose for the state to get involved in creating more special rights for special political identities. Under the paradigm of marriage homosexuals are not banned from marriage. The state did not create marriage, the reason the state became involved in marriage was for the benefits received from what marriage produces, that being, children.

Posted by blogger | June 29, 2007 1:50 PM

55 electoral votes in California is too important to say otherwise.

Rudy has actively courted Arnold Schwarzenegger and California.

noted at -

Giuliani 2008