July 12, 2007

TiVo And Podcasts, A Match Made In Podcaster Heaven

Millions of people own TiVos, but many have no idea how many features it has for the user. That includes me. I just discovered that TiVos that connect to the Internet through home networks can access podcasts, as well as a number of other services on the Web. And one of the podcasts you can access is my BlogTalkRadio show, Heading Right Radio.

If you have a Series 2 DVR from TiVo (not from DirecTV) and access to the Internet, select the extra features in Music, Photos, and More. One of the options there is Podcaster, and it has a number of preloaded links to a variety of commercially produced podcasts. It also has an option to add your own favorites to the TiVo system. All you need is the URL for the RSS feed of the podcast, which you have to enter manually using the remote and a virtual keyboard on the screen.

My normal RSS feed for the BlogTalkRadio show doesn't resolve properly through TiVo's system, unfortunately. However, I registered it with Feedburner -- and it works perfectly with TiVo now. The URL is:


My blog podcast feed -- for recordings outside of BTR -- also works with TiVo:


I've added both to my TiVo system, and right now, the First Mate is listening to my interview with Nader Elguindi on our bedroom television. She can listen to my Heading Right Radio shows whenever she likes now, without having to hassle with the spare computer to access it. It's delivered to the TiVo system automatically. I've also added Glenn and Helen Reynolds' Instapundit podcasts to the TiVo, and I'm looking forward to catching up on what I've missed.

If you have TiVo, give it a try. It's the best way to podcast at home that I've seen!

This post was updated on 9/18/07 to update the radio name and feed addresses.


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Posted by frank martin | July 12, 2007 3:51 PM

and if you attach a slingbox to your tivo, you can pick up all of your recordings from anywhere you have the web.

It seems sort of repetitive, but slingbox lets your tivo travel with you,which is pretty nice.

(of course, in a totally different way, so does tivo-to-go) but I digress.

Big tivo fan, bigger fan of slingbox with tivo.

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