July 17, 2007

Polls Show Little Movement In Presidential Races

The weekly poll numbers have come out from Gallup and Rasmussen, and the news is that there is not much new. Hillary's lead has remained constant for two months now, and it looks like the race has concluded for the Democrats' top slot on the ticket. The only suspense is who will get to bask in Hillary's glory at the bottom of the ticket, and get free passes to funerals if elected.

The GOP looks a little more murky. The two polls disagree on the frontrunner, as I note at Heading Right. We discover that a dead man has not reached rigor mortis after all. Also, a surprising figure has surged to the top of the second tier in this week's poll, replacing Mike Huckabee and probably disquieting the power structure of the GOP -- or at least delighting his legion of on-line fans.


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Comments (4)

Posted by brooklyn | July 17, 2007 9:57 AM

Captain !

Remember, a few candidates of the past led the polls before the actual VOTES were cast, and crashed intensely.

What was that scream of Mr. Dean?

Hillary needs to win primaries, and this might be harder than a poll.

We shall see...

Posted by Larry J | July 17, 2007 10:34 AM

It's what, 6 months before the first primary? Who cares what the polls say today? Polls this far out are noise, signifying nothing. Wake me in January.

Posted by Adjoran | July 17, 2007 1:33 PM

If one more idiot tries to claim Ron Paul is "conservative because he is for less government and lower taxes," I swear I'll complain to his ISP.

David Duke was "for less government and lower taxes," too - and we had no problem labeling him an extremist lunatic and his supporters a bunch of nasty little nut cases, and shunning them all.

Why do we waste so much time on this moron and his unemployed-but-tech-savvy followers when there are serious issues facing the country and the Republican Party (of which they are in no way a part)?

Posted by Carol Herman | July 17, 2007 2:39 PM

Dishonest polls. Dishonest reporting. Par for the course.

Last week saw a Hillary "boating" maneuver that failed. The New York Fire Department did not come out on top. And, Al D'Amato, ex-senator pot hole, himself; led Fred Thompson into believing he could pick up Guiliani's "endorsement."

Well, it wasn't a Swiftboat attack. More like a Whitewater rafting accident. Which does freeze hillary and her union thugs in place.

While Dubya always manages to "dream big" and lose money for his investors. Unless you think he's gonna get anywhere with his box of crayons, and $190-million in taxpayer money for Abbas.

Of course, Dubya's defiant. We'll be dealing with this "kiss my ring" attitude until he leaves office in January of 2009.

The donks are counting on throwing Irak, and our soldiers, on top of Dubya's losses. And, I don't think that's gonna happen. But it will make for a very disgraceful and dirty race, ahead. With most of the lying coming from the old media. They learned NOTHING from Dan Rather's exercise. Not that I care.

I just hope Guiliani's health holds up.

I think, too, that Fred Thompson's "my toe's not in it yet," dance is growing too long to make him an effective candidate.

While Guiliani added Ted Olsen to his team. And, you'll see all the heavy lifting done, that leadership qualities brings to the table.