July 20, 2007

On My Desk: Cheney

I took the evening off from blogging, after regularly scheduled medical maintenance for the First Mate and finishing the Ken Burns documentary series, The Civil War. It gave me an opportunity to flip through the latest book by Stephen Hayes, the author of The Connection, which outlined the various links between al-Qaeda and the Saddam Hussein regime. Now Steven has set his sights on Dick Cheney in his new book, Cheney: The Untold Story of America's Most Powerful and Controversial Vice President.

Hayes conducted hours of interviews with the VP and was allowed "unprecedented access" to administration officials -- including George Bush -- and Cheney's family and friends. The book promises to go into some touchy subjects, such as Cheney's opposition to removing Saddam Hussein in 1991, his disagreement over the dismissal of Donald Rumsfeld, and how he was chosen as Bush's running mate.

The book gets released next Tuesday, so get your pre-orders in now. I'll have Stephen on my show next week or the week after to talk about it and take your questions.


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