August 2, 2007

Who Was On Bush's List For VP Candidates?

If you missed today's CQ Radio show with Stephen Hayes, you missed a great piece of fascinating history. Hayes, author of Cheney: The Untold Story of America's Most Powerful and Controversial Vice President, talked at length about the selection process that put Cheney on the ticket with George Bush in 2000. Cheney had not told Stephen who else had been considered for the position while Cheney headed the search committee prior to his own selection, but the biographer managed to find out through other channels -- and in an inadvertent exclusive, Hayes told me that one of the names was ... Chuck Hagel.

If you listen to the interview, Stephen puts it into good context. Hagel has a long history of conservative votes, and at the time was considered a comer in the GOP. Imagine the ways in which history may have changed -- and how that would have affected the 2008 primary race for the Republican nomination. Be sure to catch that exchange in the show's podcast, as well as the rest of the show with Stephen.


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