August 6, 2007

A Miracle From Tragedy (Update: And Recognition For A Hero)

According to ABC, one miracle from the tragic collapse of the St. Anthony Bridge has given a family a new member they thought might have been lost. Doctors delivered a child from an expectant mother in critical condition via Caesarian section, and the baby is doing well:

A 34-year-old pregnant woman who was severely injured in the disaster, has given birth to a healthy baby boy, ABC News has been told.

Rushed to Hennepin County Medical Center, the woman, whom hospital officials have not identified, underwent an emergency Caesarean section and doctors delivered a healthy baby boy, according to hospital records examined by ABC News. The woman was still in critical condition as of Friday, hospital sources say. ...

On her first day at the hospital, she was listed as a Jane Doe because emergency personnel were unable to locate any identification on her, say hospital sources. Doctors eventually were able to identify her and her family was notified. Because of patient privacy regulations, the hospital was unable to provide her name or her son's name.

The hospital has not released the name of the child or his mother, and she remains in critical condition. In essence, this is two miracles -- that the baby survived the collapse, and that the mother survived the surgery. We'll pray that the two are united in health as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Mitch caught this story earlier. Jeremy Hernandez, who helped rescue the children from the school bus, was on it because he could not afford to attend school for auto mechanics. Now Dunwoody -- a technical college in Minneapolis -- has offered Jeremy a full scholarship:

If school bus evacuator Jeremy Hernandez wants to resume learning auto mechanics at Dunwoody College of Technology, he can do so without charge.

The Minneapolis school made that offer to Hernandez’s family Saturday.

Hernandez drew national attention when he played a lead role in the evacuation of 61 kids and staff from a school bus caught up in last week’s Interstate 35W bridge collapse. ...

In news coverage afterward, Hernandez said that he was working as a youth worker at Waite House after he’d been forced to drop out of Dunwoody for lack of money. The school’s tuition and fees typically run $15,000 annually.

That's a mighty generous offer, and it's appropriate for a mighty generous man. Perhaps people could contribute to Dunwoody's scholarship program in Jeremy's name to support Dunwoody's support for one of the heroes of the bridge collapse. They already have a special category set up for it on their on-line contribution form.


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Posted by FedUp | August 7, 2007 9:28 AM

Two very special praises! One for Jeremy Hernandez who rescued those from the school bus and Second to Dunwoody for the full scholarship!!!!

Two examples of adversity bringing out the best in people!

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