August 10, 2007

Dionne On The Democratic Capitulation

I enjoy E.J. Dionne’s columns in the Washington Post, even though he and I rarely agree. Besides giving great insight into the opposite side of the political divide, Dionne is just a good writer. In today’s column, he both deliberately and subconsciously reviews the surrender of the Democrats on FISA legislation. Not only does he correctly analyze the depth of the capitulation, he inadvertently shows its cause.

At Heading Right, I dissect Dionne's narrative and analysis and look at the underlying problem with the Democrats in Congress. Why did they cave and legitimize a program they called an "abuse" in the 2006 election, and then put Alberto Gonzales in charge of it? There are only two answers for that, and neither reflect well on the modern Democratic Party.


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Posted by George Tobin | August 10, 2007 1:15 PM

You are too kind to Dionne. He was once a fresh, insightful political writer who could look at both sides though he never concealed his own preferred positions.

Since 2000 he has become a kneejerk lefty echo chamber with nothing original to contribute. The more Democrats sink to personal attacks and vile accusations against Bush, the more we get from Dionne about how divisive and partisan is Bush. The more Democrats play to the nutball-narcissistic left on Iraq and security, the more we read about how it is Bush who has politicized the issues.

EJ Dionne is the personification of the American left's slide into a shallow and rather ugly partisanship that congratulates itself for nonexistent moral and intellectual superiority even as it loses touch with even the memory of every principle that once gave liberalism substance and a touch of nobility.

Posted by Angry Dumbo | August 11, 2007 8:06 AM

My point on the Democrats FISA cave. Conventional wisdom says democrats pander to truthers, minorities, and labor in the same way Republicans pander to the Christian right, border security advocates, and the NRA.

Conventional wisdom only sees half of the story.

There is a difference between pandering and delivering for a constituency. The Democrats FISA cave is a perfect illustration. Democrats lose in national elections not because they don't have the right message or because that message doesn't get out, but because they do not deliver for their base constituencies. The Democrats had the luxury of being in the minority in 06, but have no such luxury now. The FISA vote wasn't even close. The Gay debate was another great example of Democrat pandering. With each answer the candidates were trying to "feel the pain" of the gay community, but offered NO solutions other than we are better than the alternative. The term "gay marriage" was not even used. Democrats are best and most effective as the loyal opposition.

As for Republican COURAGE, simply look at our "most sweeping reform since Watergate" ethics bill which gives new meaning to shamnesty. A pox on both houses.

The difference is that when Republicans are in power, they DELIVER for their constituencies. Democrats in power merely pander to their constituencies and beg for larger majorities.

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