August 12, 2007

Dream Or Nightmare? The Generalissimo Winds Up ....

How many of us, growing up as kids, dreamed of throwing out the first pitch at a major league baseball game? Granted, a lot of us dreamed of actually playing on the team, too, but being able to be on the field at all, taking part of a ritual shared by Presidents and prophets, rich and poor, all brought together by love of the national pastime, was a fantasy many of us played out in our heads as children.

As an adult, though, that fantasy could easily turn into a nightmare. What happens if the ball doesn't make it to the plate? What if I trip and fall? What if I show up to school in my underwear just as the final exam finishes -- oh, wait, that's another nightmare.

Our friend Duane "Generalissimo" Patterson had to face his dreams and nightmares in one of the least friendly confines in Major League Baseball on Friday night: Philadelphia. This is where the fans booed Santa Claus, for crying out loud. Well, not quite, but they're pretty tough to please nonetheless. Would Duane walk off the field to cheers, or would he slink off in ignominy?

Not only can you read Duane's full account, you can also see the video of the pitch at the newly-relaunched Radioblogger. Be sure to read it all, and also make sure you've bookmarked the new site.


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Comments (3)

Posted by richard mcenroe | August 12, 2007 12:44 PM

I find it suspicious that the camera wobbled like that just as he "threw"... how much did it cost to pay off all those witnesses?

Posted by KJBtruth | August 12, 2007 5:48 PM

I knew he would bounce it... wait he threw a strike? wow. Color me shocked.

On other things I don't understand, and maybe there can be a new post or something(?), but anyway, this:

Was on Drudge a bit ago, and it seems weird to me. Where the US military get 190,000 AK47's?

I understand accounting snafus etc, but I am surprised that we would be handing out Russian or Chinese made weaponry..



Posted by Alan Kellogg | August 13, 2007 5:40 AM

What's even worse than showing up to an important event skyclad, is showing up to an important event skyclad, and nobody notices.

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