August 15, 2007

New Assault On Tora Bora

The US has launched a new assault on Tora Bora tonight, partnering with Aghan soldiers in the region where al-Qaeda had once been based. The reasons for the new attack was not clear, although the Pentagon told reporters that the area has the ability to hide militant bases:

Hundreds of US and Afghan soldiers have returned to launch a new attack on the last known hideout of the fugitive al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

They have launched an air and ground assault in the Tora Bora region, near the border with Pakistan. ....

A US military spokeswoman, Captain Vanessa Bowman, said the assault was launched against targeted positions:

"The targets were carefully chosen to pinpoint enemy positions and eliminate the likelihood of harming innocent civilians."

"This region has provided an ideal environment to conceal enemy support bases and training sites, as well as plan and launch attacks aimed at terrorizing innocent civilians, both inside and outside the region," she said.

It's not an easy place to hit in an offensive, as the US found out in late 2001. Perhaps the Taliban and AQ figured it to be a relatively safe base of operations, especially since Pakistan has decided to press forward militarily against the terrorists in Waziristan.

Earlier this week, news came out that the terrorist camps had emptied. The assumption was that the terrorists had dispersed around the world. Maybe they crossed the border back into Tora Bora to escape the Pakistanis? It should be an interesting operation, in any case.


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Posted by Carol Herman | August 15, 2007 9:21 PM

Even with Saudi's "express visa" program; I don't think these trained hyenas can be passed over borders all that quickly. Sure, they can hide out the way the human cargo's do, coming across from Mexico. But you'd be surprised. It's not for the novice.

Tora Bora sounds like a likely destination. They've got the caves. And, the pink spray on the walls from the last time, have probably faded out.

Actually, Afghanistan is a "drug warriors" world. Just like Southern Lebanon. Please, don't believe what you read in the papers!

Afghanistan's major export is "poppy." Opium.

While Lebanon hosts the best hash-hish business in the world. People swear by their "white" variety. And, everything to do with the IDF? They're long gone. The money "industry" stays put.

Sometimes, I think the muzzies go from kissing the floor fives times a day, to drug trafficking. And, what we need to find is the "balance."

Can't wipe out the drug trade. Can't wipe out cockroaches, either.

What we can do in Afghanistan, is pot-hole some of those super roadways we put in to move arsenal. And, the drug traffickateers marvel at our "ingenuity." Oh. And, we also supply the markets.

Drugs can pour through our borders faster and better than people.

Posted by Bill M | August 15, 2007 9:27 PM

"Earlier this week, news came out that the terrorist camps had emptied. The assumption was that the terrorists had dispersed around the world. Maybe they crossed the border back into Tora Bora to escape the Pakistanis? It should be an interesting operation, in any case."

This was my first thought when I heard about this operation. It is possible in many ways, not least of which is that it's a difficult area to breach. It also has the advantge of being a place we have already dealt with. In the terrorists' minds, this might mean that the allies might not be paying close attention to the Tora Bora area. If that was the thought, then, oops, that didn't work out so well.

It will be interesting to watch what happens. Presumably there is a somewhat target-rich environment there to attract this operation. Let's hope so anyway, 'cause there won't be any restrictions on air attacks beyond trying to avoid civilian casualties (do you hear that Obama?). If our guys see a nice fat terrorist target, no need to worry about whether it's in Pakistan or not. Bombs on target time.

Posted by Eric | August 15, 2007 9:33 PM

The first thing that I always wonder when I hear reports like this is, "is it Osama?"

Wouldn't that be great.

God bless our troops and the Afghan forces and keep them safe.

Posted by Tim Porter | August 15, 2007 9:48 PM

I doubt that it is Osama but I agree, that would be the best outcome possible. More than likely, intel has identifed some targets that are fresh and ripe. Bombs away.

God bless our troops and God bless America

Posted by ExUrbanKevin | August 15, 2007 10:02 PM

Wait, we're attacking with foot soldiers not dropping bombs? And we're going after terrorist camps, not civliians?

Does Obama know about this, and would it make any difference to him if he did?

Probably not.

Posted by Proud kaffir | August 15, 2007 10:10 PM


My thoughts exactly.


I have a feeling that Osama was retired some time ago, although I don't know if he is still alive or not. (I don't imagine Al Qaeda has a great pension plan.) The mad pediatrician probably forced OBL out in a terrorist power struggle.

Posted by Del Dolemonte | August 15, 2007 10:24 PM

If Ozzie bin-Laden were still alive, he could have easily proved it by simply making a video where he holds up a recent Western newspaper front page with a relevant headline. But we never saw him holding up any newspapers showing 9/11.

Even holding up a sports page (like 2004, "Red Sox Win First World Series in 86 Years") would have done the trick.

As for the attack tactics for Tora Bora, it seems to me that they may want to try some of their newer MOAB bombs. Or even their bunker busters.

In fact, they could even try using a tactical nuclear weapon, just to see how it would work out in a combat situation above ground. After all, we've only been testing our nukes underground for decades, and we've never dropped a nuke over 15,000 foot tall mountains.

I would imagine that the amplification of such a nuclear bomb burst sandwiched between such tall peaks would no doubt send most of them tumbling down, and at the very least render those within range without either eyesight or hearing.

Posted by Steffan | August 15, 2007 11:29 PM

I can dream that they'll catch OBL. Odds are, he died some years ago, during the last carpet-bombing.

I can dream. We can dream.

"Darkness beyond twilight...."

Posted by TBinSTL [TypeKey Profile Page] | August 16, 2007 3:43 AM

We have the advantage of having thoroughly explored and mapped the whole complex this time so their shouldn't be any bolt holes and escape routes that will be overlooked.

Posted by hunter | August 16, 2007 6:35 AM

This operation would be a great opportunity for the kid in the race, Barak Obama, to 'clarify' some of his irresponsible and ignorant statements regarding our military and what they do.
God bless our troops and grant them swift victory, and confusion to our enemy.

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