August 18, 2007

Two Projects Supporting The Troops

I received a couple of e-mail requests reminding me of projects designed to support the troops directly. First, Jim at Thinking Right has made it to about 25% of his goal on his Project Letters From Home. Jim wants to put a letter into the hands of every Marine in the unit he selected. He needs 1,000 letters and he's received about 240 so far. Be sure to check out Jim's efforts and pitch in any way you can.

The second project is a little different. Gina Elise wants to provide a little traditional diversion for hospitalized veterans and active-duty servicemen, so she's produced a pin-up calendar, evoking memories of World War II. Pin-Ups for Vets is co-sponsored by the American Legion post in Lake Arrowhead, California and the proceeds go to support hospitalized veterans. The web site may not be entirely safe for work, depending on the tolerance level in the office, but it's in a good cause, and tastefully done (no nudity). She'll be visiting Walter Reed in December to distribute calendars purchased and donated through the website. Earlier this year, she gave 55 Marines the 2007 edition in the San Diego naval hospital. She's hoping for more for Walter Reed.


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Posted by jack | August 18, 2007 8:38 AM

John Vassos, vice president of the Michigan Longbow Association, has been the guiding force in providing our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq with recreational opportunity of archery. Many of our troops are bow hunters and outdoorsmen (and women), and providing archery equipment and targets for recreation has lead to the formation of four ranges with donated equipment.

Link has details and photos of the program and troops enjoying some well earned respite from their daily duties. Just another "under the radar" way that many of us can show our support for the troops.


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