September 4, 2007

New Name For BlogTalkRadio Show

blog radio

We have a couple of announcements for my BlogTalkRadio show. We have a new name, Heading Right Radio with Ed Morrissey. BTR and I have decided that we want to brand the talk show name with the BTR blog brand, but that doesn't imply any shift from my blogging here at Captain's Quarters. It's designed to strengthen the brand at BTR, and since we rarely used the entire Captain's Quarters name before today, it allows for a fairly simple transition.

We have some exciting guests booked for the show in the next couple of weeks. First, on Thursday we will have Michael Ledeen on tape introducing his new book, The Iranian Time Bomb: The Mullah Zealots' Quest for Destruction. It comes out this month and may have no better relevance than now.

I'm also happy to announce that Laura Ingraham will appear on Monday, September 17th to talk about her upcoming book, Power to the People. It's part memoir and part manifesto, and it's vintage Laura Ingraham.

Make sure to mark your calendars!


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