September 5, 2007

Ask Your Questions Of Fred Thompson

The announcement of Senator Fred Thompson's bid for the presidency is scheduled for tomorrow, after tonight's New Hampshire debate. That has some people frustrated that Thompson won't take part in the debate tonight (he will advertise at the beginning of the show instead), and wonder when Thompson plans to engage. This morning, the Thompson campaign answered with a new program designed to answer directly to blog readers, such as the community here at Captain's Quarters:

On Thursday, Fred Thompson will be kicking off his campaign for the presidency in Des Moines, IA, touring through the early primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina before visiting Florida and returning to Lawrenceburg, TN for a homecoming celebration. While on this tour, Fred Thompson will be answering the tough questions, whether they come from a voter at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire or from the nation’s top journalists. However, Fred wants to make sure that you get a chance to get your questions answered as well, so we're asking some bloggers to help us pick good questions from you. The bloggers will solicit your questions, select the best questions and send them to Fred Thompson to answer. Fred will be responding to some of your questions each day via video and posting those responses to our website.

We invite you to submit a question for Fred here, and check often for Fred's dispatches from the road.

This actually follows my suggestion for the YouTube debates, in a sense, in that certain bloggers will help aggregate questions and pick the most relevant and substantive for the candidate to answer. It's much simpler than creating a YouTube -- just put your question in the comments of this post. I'll pick the best questions, and I'll make sure you know which questions I selected. Fred Thompson will answer them on video posts at his website.

The process should result in better answers than in the current debate format, which I criticized earlier. The answers will go on record, and Thompson can be judged on the substance of the response rather than on producing sound bites. It's innovative and intriguing, and more interactive than anything done to this point with the online community.

Pose your questions in the comments -- this starts immediately. I'll update you as we go along. Perhaps other candidates will consider trying this as well, and I'll be happy to work with them at any time to do so.

UPDATE: Here's the ad that will run tonight Seems pretty straightforward for a launch; it hits the themes of strength and unity as a teaser to see what specifics will come later. That also ties into the push for this conversation-by-blog project that Thompson's team started today.


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Comments (184)

Posted by nate | September 5, 2007 10:49 AM

Fred, do you plan to disclose your fundraising numbers? If so When?

Posted by james23 | September 5, 2007 11:01 AM

Fred, why do you fear participation in debates against your opponents?

Posted by oldirishpig | September 5, 2007 11:02 AM

Senator Thompson, please lay out in detail what your policies are/will be in regards to both legal and illegal immigration.

Posted by AnonymousDrivel | September 5, 2007 11:02 AM

Mr. Thompson,

Thank you for the opportunity and the trial format. I hope that it works.

In view of the overwhelming support for getting a handle on our abysmal control of immigration, legal and illegal, what methods will you champion in more than superficial rhetoric? Considering that so little was accomplished during your tenure as Senator and considering the likelihood that most plans, and all to date so far, have actually been watered down either to ineffective or to outright antagonism to stopping illegal immigration, what guarantees can you provide to ensure that this concern is addressed beyond any inauguration ceremony? What would you do should a significant Congressional caucus charge "bigotry" or "race-baiting" to those who want the law tightened and enforced? Will you follow Bush's "lead" or actually do something tangible?

Thank you for your interest.

Posted by garth | September 5, 2007 11:07 AM

Question to Senator Thompson,if you become president…

With some of the events in the current administration related to leaks to the press by employees of the DHS and DoJ, how will you deal with those employees that are entrenched in those organizations and do not agree with your administrations’ policies? What will you do to bring these organizations back in line and focused on the execution of the policies of the elected Executive branch?

Posted by AnonymousDrivel | September 5, 2007 11:15 AM

Mr. Thompson,

As a continuation of the immigration theme (and the movement of labor across neighboring states), what is your position on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) signed two years ago and advanced by Canada, the United States, and Mexico, now in its third year of implementation? Will you halt it, slow it, or expand it? If continuing the SPP, would you insist upon full, public transparency of its meetings to citizens and press, something that it currently lacks?

Thank you.

Posted by robert | September 5, 2007 11:18 AM

For years the conservative side of the blogosphere has pointed out the extreme bias of the mainstream media, e.g. fauxtography, double standards in scandal reporting, spinning good news into bad regarding the war and economy, burying questionable actions and comments by Democrats in the far reaches of newspapers, etc. Unfortunately the yeoman work performed by these blogs reaches a small audience, and is mostly preaching to the choir. Will you use your national profile to help to point out and highlight these abuses to a national audience?

Posted by tomshup | September 5, 2007 11:20 AM

Senator Thompson,
There is a proposal in Congress that would allow a path to citizenship for more than 1,250,000 illegal agricultural workers and their families. If you were president, would you veto such a law? Why or why not? The current administration has been AWOL on border enforcement and I'd like to know what you plan to do to stop the invasion from the south.
Thank you.

Posted by jdessart | September 5, 2007 11:30 AM

I am 42-years-old with children and aging parents. My husband and I currently are planning to have little to no social security when we retire as we are in the statistical valley behind the baby boomers. We're trying to save for two college educations, help our parents with their failing health, and protect our own retirement, yet taxes are taking huge chunks out of our monthly checks because we both work and, thus, are in that dreaded catagory of "not poor" when it comes to tax cuts. What is your plan for social security and tax cuts for those of us who are earning incomes with families to take care of?

Posted by John | September 5, 2007 11:38 AM


Do you agree with Romney that Iraq is a mess?

What would you do about Iraq as Commander in Chief?

Posted by edward cropper | September 5, 2007 11:41 AM

Senator Thompson,

since your Senate record is a mixed bag as far as your political ideology, and your age and health are also factors in this election why should conservative voters put you in the White House?

Posted by Quetza1coat1 | September 5, 2007 11:41 AM

There's a really good debate about Fred Thompson running a new kind of campaign and his late entry to the race at this website: . You should check it out and post your thoughts.

Posted by Thomnj | September 5, 2007 11:47 AM

Fred, how would you address Mexico's President in his demands that we allow amnesty for Mexico's citizens here illegally and his claims that Mexico's borders go beyond Mexico? They arrest illegals in Mexico and shoot at those trying to cross their southern border. Would you confront him openly about the hypocritic nature of those statements as well as praise him for his privatization of business and for his work against the narco-terrorist smugglers in Mexico?

Posted by BearOfNH | September 5, 2007 11:51 AM


As President, what criteria will you use for nominating Federal judges, including to the Supreme Court?

Should there be a Constitutional amendment that prevents the Senate from filibustering Presidential nominees? Should such an amendment also prevent the President from re-nominating or recess-appointing a nominee rejected by the Senate?

Posted by David Rogers | September 5, 2007 11:59 AM

Mr. Thompson:

What changes, if any, do you plan to make in Health Savings Accounts? Will you expand or contract this program? Also, how do you plan to address the issue of inequitable tax treatment of purchases of health insurance by individuals as opposed to purchases of health insurance by employers?

Posted by timpundit | September 5, 2007 12:00 PM

Dear Fred -

As you know Fox News, is in fact, a mouthpiece for the Republican Party. The evidence of this is clear everyday , and can be accepted by any viewer with a modicum of independence.

As President, would you use the power of your office to bring to more and more people the fact that Fox News isn't a news show, but really more of a 24-hour Opinion/Editorial Station? And that in today's massive news market, more attention should be shed upon what is news reporting and what is propaganda and mere opinion, like Fox broadcasts?

Thank you for your time and good luck.

Posted by Mr. Zug | September 5, 2007 12:00 PM

Dear Mr. Fred,

I've been making a study of the impact of 40 years of muslim immigration into Europe. I've reached this conclusion: All muslim immigration into the USA (Mexico and Canada) should be halted forthwith.

Does the recognition of reality make me an "islamophobe" such that there is no room for me within your campaign tent?

Posted by Macker | September 5, 2007 12:00 PM

Senator Thompson:
Will you have the fortitude to call Saudi Arabia on the carpet for its support for madrassas around the world, including the United States, which preach hatred of Jews, Christians, and anything from the Western world? In addition, what will you do to wean us off the giant nipple which is foreign imported oil?

Posted by The Plumber | September 5, 2007 12:00 PM

1) What is your opinion of the Kelo decision?

1a) If for, would you plan to ignore the Oklahoma legislatures' desire to prevent a for-profit, interstate highway from going through their state?
Would you use US Marshals to enforce Kelo if Oklahoma is defiant?

1b) If against, what actions would you take to protect the citizens of Oklahoma from Kelo?

2) Under what circumstances/conditions do you think US citizens can legitimately excercise their Second Amendment rights for the reason the amendment was added to the Bill of Rights?

Posted by David Rogers | September 5, 2007 12:03 PM

Mr. Thompson:

What changes, if any, do you propose to the federal government's affirmative action programs? How do you propose to make those changes, given the monolithic opposition to any reductions in racial preferences by the members of the other party?

Posted by Blog Goliard | September 5, 2007 12:04 PM

Mr. Thompson,

Seven years ago, candidate George W. Bush--up to then highly successful in bipartisan cooperation--was promising to "change the tone" in Washington. We all know how well that went. If anything, the partisan clown show is more intense, more acrimonious, more dishonest, more myopically tactical, and just plain more broken than it was then. Americans' confidence in both the Executive and Legislative branches is reaching incredible low points...and who can blame them?

Your proto-campaign for President--in avoiding the premature striving that conventional wisdom demands that candidates engage in, in every single news cycle from November 2006 onward--has given some of us hope that you might be able to do things a different way in Washington as well. What specific things do you think you could do in Washington that might help, even a little, to turn around the brokenness?

Posted by Questions | September 5, 2007 12:06 PM

So far these are the questions that have been raised the last few months that he has yet to answer. And by answer I dont mean spin it away.

1. Payouts to your son from you previous PAC?
2. Pro-abortion lobbying?
3. Who is really running your campaign?
5. Your wife and her sketchy yet to pay off judgments past ( i mean come are millionaires for christs sake...just pay off your debts)
6. Why Spencer Abraham (unless he too has quit)
7. Speaking of quiting, why is everyone leaving your campaign in droves?
8. Full disclosure on your health.
9. Skirting the CFR rules you helped make law.

Explain all that.

Posted by Evets | September 5, 2007 12:10 PM

I have only ONE issue left to clarify in order to offer my absolute support of your candidacy. I have already donated a pittance to you, and would like to plan on donating more and working hard to help you get elected, as I have with many other conservatives (and been burned).

I am extremely concerned, and scared to be honest, of our Country being sold, given away, and diluted, resulting in our losing our sovereignty and culture.

I would like a follow up on a previous question,which was..."what is your position on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)"

Can you tell us about your knowledge of the so called North American Union, the Trans Texas Toll way aka NAFTA superhighway, and the rumored AMERO to replace the dollar as a Continent wide currency.

I know Duncan Hunter's position, I know Ron Paul's position, I know Tom Tancredo's position, I really NEED to know that FRed Thompson is intimately knowledgeable and has a favorable position on this subject.

Thank you so much, and the very best of good fortune to you and your beautiful family.

Posted by Carolina | September 5, 2007 12:12 PM

Fred, is is true that you are currently undergoing rigerous cancer treatments that has led to your rapid weight loss, and the story about you being "svelt" and "superfit" was just more spin and damage control from your campaign?

Posted by Dan J | September 5, 2007 12:14 PM

+1 to the immigration questions but, sadly, I'm expecting boilerplate responses to any question on that topic.

My question would be:

Our tax code is overly complex and it seems people spend more time and money finding loopholes or for compliance than anything else. Several options have been floated for reform. Two that interest me are the Flat Tax and The FairTax Act (HR 25, S 1025).

Between the Flat and Fair tax, which do you feel would have a better chance or being enacted and would a Thompson administration make reforming--not applying Band-Aids or allowing more bad re-writes of the same terrible rules--the tax code a priority?

- dhj

Posted by StargazerA5 | September 5, 2007 12:15 PM

Senator Thompson,

As we all know, Social Security is at risk in the future and it will need to be fixed. While it is unrealizstic to expect a solid solution from you at this time, would you please outline your process for developing a solution once elected and give a rough timeframe by which we could expect to see something submitted to Congress?


Posted by John Manning Moore | September 5, 2007 12:15 PM

Fred Thompson, both "political correctness" and "the dumbing down of people" continue to get much worse everyday for everyone all over the world. Is there truly any way to successfully and finally reverse both "political correctness" and "the dumbing down of people" until both are successfully and finally eliminated for everyone for always all over the world? Also, is there any way to successfully and finally stop the discrimination of people based upon their "political ideology" which has been ongoing for several decades now and counting with the mainstream media's ongoing political bias against conservatism as one such example of this political discrimination?

Posted by Mr. Zug | September 5, 2007 12:17 PM

Dear Mr. Fred,

The "world" is apparently ready to stand by and allow the Iranians to obtain nukes - that is - the power to rain down utter destruction on the only friend of democracy we in the USA have in the Middle East. My current CinC has said this will not happen on his watch. BTW, if you have not noticed, the Iranians are killing American service personnel in Iraq on a weekly if not daily basis. We have yet to respond. I find this unacceptable.

My question is two-fold: What, if anything, will you do to stop Iran from obtaining nukes? What, if anything, will you do to stop Iranians from killing American service personnel stationed in Iraq?

Posted by JimK | September 5, 2007 12:21 PM

Mr. Thompson,
A number of us amongst the anti-Jihad, anti-Islamic leaning neo-cons are concerned about the appointment of Spencer Abraham to your campaign. This person is regarded as a known apologist for Islamic and Arabist forces in the Mid-East. What do you have to say regarding these charges, what role does Mr.Abraham play in your campaign and does this mean you are going to play footsie with the Islamists rather than hanging tough?

Thank you for your consideration.

Posted by AnotherOpinion | September 5, 2007 12:33 PM

Senator, as a federalist, what top 3 (or more) federal programs will you eliminate, thus returning control to the states and reducing imbalanced out of control federal spending?

Thank you.

Posted by Charles Slaybaugh | September 5, 2007 12:35 PM

Mr. Thompson

Should you be elected President, please give me a compelling reason why the United States should maintain membership in the United Nations. From my perspective, this organization deviated so dramatically from it's original intent, ie; Oil for Food scandel, troops sent, at the UN's behest, involved in mass rapes and pillage of those they were sent to protect, the leadership of humanitarian committees being held by such countries as Cuba, Libya, etc., the abandonment of Darfur, that it has lost all authority it once possessed and for the United States to maintain membership and significant financial support, makes mockery of any ideals we espouse.

Posted by Mr. Zug | September 5, 2007 12:35 PM

Dear Mr. Fred,

During the course of your campaign could you please bring yourself to drop the phrase "war on terror" and substitute the far more accurate term: "War on Jihad" - or - "War Aginst Jihad"?

The enemy started the war and they call it jihad.

Accuracy in communication is important. In short, should we not call a spade a spade?

Posted by Mr. Zug | September 5, 2007 12:49 PM

Dear Mr. Fred,

While on the campaign trail ARE you willing to point out to the American people - that is to say, to educate the American people - that every hot war on-going on the face of this earth has one common element: WAR is being waged by muslims on the unbeliever - if not on muslims of a differing sect? Think about it. It's true.

Posted by Jeremy Bledsoe | September 5, 2007 12:50 PM

Senator Thompson, it was a pleasure meeting you in 2003 at The Rendezvous in Memphis when you were considering your senatorial run.

My questions are these:

While I appreciate your style so far in campaigning- it is, in my eyes, pathetic to see people out so early trying to "shmooze" votes- will you maintain the same cavalier attitude on the campaign trail, when/if you get the nomination, and as President ?

Second, as you are mostly known as an actor lately, do you consider yourself "the next Reagan" as so many pundits try to paint you ? If so, why, and if not, why not ?

And finally, you are aware of the judgeships that are pending, and may be more knowledgeable about their abilities than most. Will you make a concerted effort to turn the political "debate" away from cliched platitudes and into a discussion of specifics ? Not "I will appoint conservative judges" but into "this man is a good man, he has been nominated, he supports the overturning of RvW, he is against Kelo, he thinks like I do, and it's time for the Senate to get off their butts and do their job !"

This country needs a leader, sir, and sometimes being a leader means resolving to a one-term presidency. President Bush is leading on Iraq and the war, but is not communicating that very well.

Will you do the same ?

Posted by KJBtruth | September 5, 2007 12:54 PM

Captain Ed, try this one if it hasn't been suggested:

Mr. Thompson, will you end the current policy of extending federal funding to "sanctuary cities?"

It is insane to me that this situation is allowed to continue.

I believe this could be done through an Executive Order rather than through Congress.


Posted by KJBtruth | September 5, 2007 12:56 PM

This is to Nate..

Nate, all that information is public information.

Secondly, Thompson has nothing to report since he has not been a candidate. He isn't allowed to raise money until he officially declares.

Posted by CArolina | September 5, 2007 12:59 PM

"He isn't allowed to raise money until he officially declares."

And yet he has had to return contributions for doing exactly that. Stopy lying and covering the man, as that too is public information.

Posted by john mahler | September 5, 2007 1:01 PM

Thank you for this opportunity.

Barring a miracle, and it is a land of miracles, the next four years look to be more of the same for Israeli/PLO/Fatah/Hamas relations.

What do you think is the United States role in this situation?

Posted by Mr. Zug | September 5, 2007 1:03 PM

Dear Mr. Fred,

Our mainstream media, high schools, and colleges
constantly teach the American public that our Judeo-Christian based civilization has the exact same potential and/or propensity for violence as does Islam. Do you agree? If so, why? If you disagree, why?

Name the books and authors you've read to acquaint yourself with the so-called relgion of peace since 9-11?

Posted by Jack C | September 5, 2007 1:07 PM


Is it your intent during your presidency as well as your campaign, to address the critics of your policies/positions (in not only the media, but in the Congress/Senate as well.) as publicly and efficiently as you dealt with Michael Moore? It's my belief that we need someone who would!

Posted by Fritz McGee | September 5, 2007 1:07 PM

Mr. Thompson,

Do you believe that Sen. Ted Stevens, who sponsored the infamous Bridge to Nowhere and whose home was recently raided by FBI investigators as part of an ongoing investigation into his activities as a Senator, should resign for the good of the country? And what will you do, as president, to prevent corruption like this in the future?

Posted by nate | September 5, 2007 1:11 PM

"He isn't allowed to raise money until he officially declares."
Really? So he has hired a campaign staff and purchased an add on national TV without money. Amazing.

Posted by newton | September 5, 2007 1:25 PM

Sen. Thompson,

Will you propose to modify or completely repeal the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Act? If modifying it only, how?

Also, will you try to make sure that the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" never becomes the law of the land, per the First Amendment?

Posted by B. Parsons | September 5, 2007 1:39 PM


You are a strong supporter of federalism, as am I. But you also don't seem to support the Federal Marriage Amendment. Why? Doesn't the constitutionally outlined amendment process itself give states the chance to chime in on the debate, thereby adhearing to the principles of federalism? And if you don't think it does, do you also think the 27 amendments to our Constitution were explicitly anti-federalist in their process?

Posted by BoWowBoy | September 5, 2007 1:43 PM

Mr. Thompson,

Will you relinquish your membership in The Council On Foreign Relations and pledge loyalty to a Sovereign United States of America .......???

Posted by RD | September 5, 2007 1:48 PM

How, Mr. Thompson, are you going to be different from the usual politician who promises much and never delivers and how are you going to unite America into a cohesive whole? Did you not think your statement to "let them watch my ad" did not sound a little like "let them eat cake" or "kiss my assets"?

Posted by Elaine | September 5, 2007 1:59 PM

It seems like the government just keeps growing and growing, sometimes for good reasons like national security and sometimes for not so good reasons.

What can you and what can we do to reverse this, to limit the size of government?

How will that help us in the future as a nation?

Posted by Carol Herman | September 5, 2007 2:09 PM

WOW. His tone, his delivery, all remind me of Reagan. Will it compute?

Well, t'marra, I'll be using my bookmarked link to see Fred's full 15 minute speech. I doubt, however, that I'll send money.

The purpose, t'marra, is to gauge this approach, through the Internet. Joe Trippe got the Internet to work for Howie Dean; but it had awful ramifications for the Bonkeys. So, of course, you know they went out and started to eat each other. Wesley Clark was dressed up in new suits. Which he carries as well as the uniform. But his reputation sucked and smelled worse than a person's ass. Even on the left, his meager military skills got him "demoted." And, he was tossed off the nomination stage.

To leave rooom for the gigolo. Who promised his wife was rich enough, to fund his run.

Boy, did The-Razor get angry when he didn't. She then went to the DNC and asked for a refund.


My biggest curiosity is how this Internet will work. And, then? How will it keep us busy for the long, long races, ahead?

While Larry Craig threatens to come back to DC, and un-resign. Because you can't "prove" his selected hand signals; and his spread eagled legs, have any homosexual connotations to them.

Well? You think I'm off-subject?

I know Larry Craig's behaviors made a lot of folk upset at the hypocricy of claiming "I'm not gay. But I use Ben Gay."

In other words? The marketeers are out in full force, just waiting to confuse everyone.

Is Thompson playing Reagan? Ya know what? I think he needs a better director. I think "playing Reagan" can actuall lose him votes. People are gonna want to see "their own man."

I also think Thompson will be judged on his capacity to run in the #2 slot. Which is where Huckabee also stands a chance to get chosen. (Boy, was Reagan's "choice of veep" a stinker!)

Well, the most important part of a show is that it attracts an audience.

On that score Fred's ahead. Let's hope the Internet also wins the contest over the limosine liberal punditry. Be about time to see a few more (after Dan Rather), high-priests fail.

Posted by V Lee Turner | September 5, 2007 2:19 PM

Do you judge McCain/Feingold to be constitutional or unconstitutional? If constitutional, do you judge it to be good law or bad law? If bad law, what recommendations would you propose to change it into good law?

Posted by Chris | September 5, 2007 2:25 PM

Senator Thompson,

You've spoken at length about Federalism and the role of the Federal government today. Are there any Federal programs you would consider un-Constitutional, meaning that the Federal government has taken power unto themselves that is not expressly authorized by the Constitution?

Thank you.

Posted by Robert Heiler | September 5, 2007 2:58 PM

Senator Thompson:

I have heard that you are favorably disposed to the FAIRTAX concept of replacing personal and corporate income taxes with a federal sales tax. How do you respond to the following criticisms I have heard of that idea:

1} The Fair Tax would add 30 percent to the cost of buying a newly constructed home;

2) The Fair Tax should be rejected because it is not a "progressive" tax.

I am unsure of the veracity of these objections, but they are out there.

Finally, are there any industries or types of products that you think should be excluded from a federal sales tax?

Thanks, and best of luck in your campaign.

Posted by Dan Scrabeck | September 5, 2007 3:04 PM

Mr. Thompson,

I'm less interested in the small details of your political plans as I am for your Ideological foundation. By that I mean, what do you consider to be your basic beliefs and unchangable principles. That is what I liked about Reagan. You intuitively knew where he would stand on issues. He didn't change with the winds of politics. He couldn't change because it would violate his basic beliefs. What are yours?

Posted by JAF | September 5, 2007 3:18 PM


Why when you have Zero executive experience, do you then sit on the sidelines for six months, and hire and then fire at least EIGHT senior staffers?

Why are all the original members of your team from six months ago leaving your campaign- and not saying positive things about you?

Posted by Burford Holly | September 5, 2007 3:25 PM

Senator Thompson,

Please comment on possibly becoming the first registered lobbyist elected President.


Posted by Gale_H | September 5, 2007 3:58 PM

Dear Fred:

Every candidate since Carter has make U.S. energy independent.

All have failed after being elected.

What is your plan?

Why should we believe you are the one who will get the job done?

Best wishes.

Posted by abw | September 5, 2007 4:39 PM

How about something on alternative energy / nuclear power / ethanol / drilling?

Posted by dpw | September 5, 2007 4:41 PM

There is a feeling that the Federal Government has been assuming authority for things that the Founding Fathers never intended and has been removing control from local oversight. Nanny government and Big Brotherism abound.

Would you define your feelings on Federalism and detail some of the now Federalized laws and control that you would like to see returned to the citizens at the County and State levels?

Posted by gankomon | September 5, 2007 4:56 PM

Mr. Thompson,

I have been impressed so far by your presentation. However, if you are truly throwing your name into the ring, I would now like to hear some specifics. I have four basic topics about which I am concerned:

1. How do you intend to stop illegal immigration, while making the process for LEGAL immigrants more user-friendly. This includes refroming the arragant incompetents who populate the agency formerly known as the INS. It also includes any steps you take to help the Mexicans understand that the United States is not an extension of Mexico and their citizens have no right to live here.

2. The government spews massive illegal leaks when a (usually) Republican Administration is in office. These leaks are aided and abetted by reporters, and our current administration has been extremely lax in prosecuting said leaks. How will you plug these leaks, and will you be more proactive in taking reporters to prison when they publish these illegal leaks?

3. We are engaged in yet another edition of Islam's imperialist war against the West, a war that has been going on intermittently for over a thousand years (long before the Crusades, Muslims were conducting brutal invasions of Europe, North Africa and so on). An example is the unprovoked Muslim invasion of Spain in 715. What steps will you take to bring the current edition of the war, including the campaign in Iraq to a victorious and successful conclusion? As a corollary, how will you deal with the regimes such as Iran which are doing their best to undermine our efforts in Iraq and are actually engaging in open combat against us?

4. Domestically, we have one of the most complex tax codes in the world, and we are still enslaved to an energy source controlled largely by our enemies. What will you specifically do as President to both end our dependence on foreign oil and make the tax code simpler and less burdensome? Others have asked about your positions on both a flat tax and the so-called Fair Tax. What are your opinions?

In conclusion, Mr. Thompson, you are asking your electorate to look past the peccadillos of many politicians on both sides of the aisle and put their faith in you to turn things around, much as Ronald Reagan did in 1980. Why should we trust you? You have made a positive first impression, but more specifics are essential.

Posted by Duster | September 5, 2007 5:50 PM

Senator Thompson,

If elected President of the United States, what would be the top three priorities of your first term, and how would you plan to accomplish them.

Posted by S. ROACH | September 5, 2007 6:42 PM

Which laws and regulations would you like to see repealed?

Also, what are your views on the Fair Tax and Flat Tax?

Posted by Terry | September 5, 2007 7:21 PM


I understand your belief in federalism as it applies to marriage. I'm assuming that given that legal view, that it would necessarily follow that you believe states have the right to legalize polygamy or even marriage between family members if they so choose. Is that correct?

Posted by Loren C. Divers | September 5, 2007 7:46 PM

Sen. Thompson:

What's your take on port acquisitions by such countries as the UAE and China (Long Beach) that could/would be future potent adversaries?

There were additional consequences surrounding the portions of the UAE acquisition, some in Corpus Christie, TX (I think). These in my opinion pose a national seciurity breach inasmuch as the UAE and its sponsored organizations now have real time information about military eqpt being shipped from such port operations as they were actually allowed to administer. If this is true, how can we fix the problem?

Posted by FRNM | September 5, 2007 7:52 PM

Senator Thompson,

One day the news finally is confirmed, Fidel is dead. What do you do? What steps do you take? Why?

Posted by freethinker | September 5, 2007 8:11 PM

Mr. Thompson, I'm glad you're jumping in the race. I have two questions for you.

First, I've lost all hope that the current Congress will act responsibly to deal with the difficult problems immediately facing us. Is there anything that you would do as President to hold them accountable--i.e., veto everything until an immigration bill is passed (it wouldn't take many vetoes), then on to health care, social security, tax reform, etc? Perhaps you could take a more delicate approach?

Second, according to the Office of Management and Budget, the government will run a $200 billion deficit in FY 2007. Our revenue as a share of GDP was 18.4%, while expenditure was 20.3%. Since WWII, only in the year 2000 has the government collected that much on a %GDP basis. This is clearly unsustainable if we are to have a balanced budget. How important to you is balancing the budget, and what cuts can be made to reduce spending, considering the coming boom in entitlement spending via Social Security and Medicare?

Posted by amr | September 5, 2007 8:40 PM

Mr. Thompson,

AZ has passed a law that removes a business's license for 15 days from a company that can be shown to have hired an illegal alien worker without attempting to verify their status. A second offense causes the license to be permanently revoked. Do you support the US government doing the same thing where a federal certification/license is required for the business to operate or when a company does business with the federal government?

Posted by Humblelawstudent | September 5, 2007 9:10 PM

Mr. Thompson,

Thank you for your time. If the Supreme Court overturns the D.C. Circuit Boumediene decision (as it is likely to do) and extends habeas protection to the Guantanamo detainees, what action would you take to safeguard our ability to hold and interrogate detainees in the War on Terror?

Thank You

Posted by Paul Ramsey | September 5, 2007 9:27 PM

Senator Thompson,

First of all, good luck with your campaign!

One of my burning issues is the horrendous increase government regulation and disastrous effect on our standard of living.

For all the good things that tax cuts have done, (and they are very, very good and necessary) often in the deep blue metropolitan areas like Los Angeles where I live, new local and state regulations have so stymied the economy that many peoples' living standards have fallen drastically .

The cost of many basic necessities for families are way up!
The cost of housing, health care, schooling, utilities, insurance and if course local taxes and fees are all way, way up over the last two decades. My private health care plan more than doubled in the last two years. My daughters private school tuition( safe public schools are rare where I live) has tripled since she started school.

I am an architect. I have a fair idea of construction costs. Eight years ago I have a design of mind that bid for $117 a square foot. Today, that same design would be over $300 a square foot.

Basic construction materials are all way up. Concrete, steel, wood, plywood, drywall, pvc piping, etc.

Construction cost increases like that have to eventually increase the cost of many things that we use, work and live in because sooner or later they dramatically affect the cost of rents.

But beyond the simple cost of living issues, there are deeper issues lurking.

I fear, because of a lot experience with bureaucrats, that the construction price increases are a simple supply and demand issue. Our basic industries in many places can no longer realistically add capacity in an economic way. Supply cannot come close to meeting demand so prices must rise.

Our regulations prevent economic expansion of industry.
I am finding more and more that local agencies have created laws and regulations with little poison pills buried deep within them that cannot be complied with. The pressure to stop growth on local politicians is oppressive. Stopping projects, no matter how beneficial to the community has become the primary goal for many politicians.

My clients are being chewed up and spit out by local government. I can't cite case law, but it used to be that governments would clearly refrain from creating laws and regulations that would amount to a taking. No more! Local governments at least in California can't be sued on planning matters for damages, so local government has determined there is no down side to violating Constitutional rights, particularly property rights.

I know many of these issues are too technical for many political discussions. But I believe, left unchecked these trends could fundamentally change our American way of life and not for the better.

No Republican politician or commentator that I know of is seriously talking about these issues. Too many Republican politicians don't support tax cuts, let along deregulation or smaller government. And then too many commentators, like Rush, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Larry Kudlow and Sean Hannity want to imply that tax cuts alone will give us prosperity.
Tax cuts are good, but they can't do it all!

What all those Republicans are missing is that the Average Joe, who has worked hard, and has a good job, doesn't understand why his standard of living is falling, but he KNOWS IT IS!

The Average Joe tunes out too many Republicans because tax cuts alone won't affect his future very much.

Republicans need to explain to those Average Joe Americans who are feeling they are falling behind, despite working hard and having a good job, why they are falling behind and what REPUBLICANS WILL DO ABOUT IT. REPUBLICANS NEED TO EXPLAIN WHY OVER-REGULATION CORRODES OUR ECONOMY AND AMERICA.

Fred, I am really hoping you're the man who will do this.

Good Luck!

Posted by Paul Ramsey | September 5, 2007 9:28 PM

Senator Thompson,

First of all, good luck with your campaign!

One of my burning issues is the horrendous increase government regulation and disastrous effect on our standard of living.

For all the good things that tax cuts have done, (and they are very, very good and necessary) often in the deep blue metropolitan areas like Los Angeles where I live, new local and state regulations have so stymied the economy that many peoples' living standards have fallen drastically .

The cost of many basic necessities for families are way up!
The cost of housing, health care, schooling, utilities, insurance and if course local taxes and fees are all way, way up over the last two decades. My private health care plan more than doubled in the last two years. My daughters private school tuition( safe public schools are rare where I live) has tripled since she started school.

I am an architect. I have a fair idea of construction costs. Eight years ago I have a design of mind that bid for $117 a square foot. Today, that same design would be over $300 a square foot.

Basic construction materials are all way up. Concrete, steel, wood, plywood, drywall, pvc piping, etc.

Construction cost increases like that have to eventually increase the cost of many things that we use, work and live in because sooner or later they dramatically affect the cost of rents.

But beyond the simple cost of living issues, there are deeper issues lurking.

I fear, because of a lot experience with bureaucrats, that the construction price increases are a simple supply and demand issue. Our basic industries in many places can no longer realistically add capacity in an economic way. Supply cannot come close to meeting demand so prices must rise.

Our regulations prevent economic expansion of industry.
I am finding more and more that local agencies have created laws and regulations with little poison pills buried deep within them that cannot be complied with. The pressure to stop growth on local politicians is oppressive. Stopping projects, no matter how beneficial to the community has become the primary goal for many politicians.

My clients are being chewed up and spit out by local government. I can't cite case law, but it used to be that governments would clearly refrain from creating laws and regulations that would amount to a taking. No more! Local governments at least in California can't be sued on planning matters for damages, so local government has determined there is no down side to violating Constitutional rights, particularly property rights.

I know many of these issues are too technical for many political discussions. But I believe, left unchecked these trends could fundamentally change our American way of life and not for the better.

No Republican politician or commentator that I know of is seriously talking about these issues. Too many Republican politicians don't support tax cuts, let along deregulation or smaller government. And then too many commentators, like Rush, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Larry Kudlow and Sean Hannity want to imply that tax cuts alone will give us prosperity.
Tax cuts are good, but they can't do it all!

What all those Republicans are missing is that the Average Joe, who has worked hard, and has a good job, doesn't understand why his standard of living is falling, but he KNOWS IT IS!

The Average Joe tunes out too many Republicans because tax cuts alone won't affect his future very much.

Republicans need to explain to those Average Joe Americans who are feeling they are falling behind, despite working hard and having a good job, why they are falling behind and what REPUBLICANS WILL DO ABOUT IT. REPUBLICANS NEED TO EXPLAIN WHY OVER-REGULATION CORRODES OUR ECONOMY AND AMERICA.

Fred, I am really hoping you're the man who will do this.

Good Luck!

Posted by William Monroe | September 5, 2007 9:50 PM

Hi Fred,

1. If elected, what will you do about the problem of the Saudis/Wahabis wide support of Islamist groups and the madrassas already preaching Islamism here in the US?

2. Will you reverse the closure of our only Maritime Patrol base
in the Northeast, NAS Brunswick, ME, closest to the Russians boomers off our coasts, scheduled for commencing closure in two years?
In my 43 years of working ASW and for the Joint Chiefs, this is the most egregious idea I have seen. It may be the result of payback of Senators Snowe and Collins for their opposition to Bush/Rumsfeld issues, but is strategic madness.

Bill Monroe

Posted by E D Maner | September 5, 2007 10:09 PM

Is there any decision you might feel obliged to make
during your first Term, that would guarantee your
not serving a second Term ?

Posted by Rich Gannon | September 5, 2007 10:19 PM

The overwheliming issue that most of my Republican friends and I have been steamed about for years is the Bush administration's unbelievable refusal to aggressively enforce current immigration law. Given that GW was willing to invade two other countries (and spend a trillion dollars) to try to deal with international terrorism and WMDs, why in the world has he not translated his zeal into action to stop illegals at the border and take action against the tens of millions of illegal aliens in this country?

Do those big business contributors who hire many of those illegals mean more to Bush than the Republican faithful? That's the conclusion that my friends and I have reached. We feel totally betrayed and none of us will vote for a Republican who is not highly aggressive on the illegal alien problem.

So, what is Fred Thompson planning to do about all the illegal aliens in this country? Will he enforce current law and use every arm of the federal government to aggressively round them up? How about just posting agents outside Wal-mart and Target? Will he deport the ones he catches? And if he catches them illegally in the country a second time, will he seek to impose the 5-year prison term called for in existing law? What about simultaneously instituting another bracero program to supply our needed low-cost labor . . . and apply harsh penalties for anybody that overstays their allowed time in the United States?

Posted by WalterR | September 5, 2007 11:27 PM

Dear Senator,

I know that you have taken a strong pro-border enforcement position on illegal immigration.

I would like to know what your policies are on some aspects of legal immigration.

I would like to know:

1) The US population by mid century will be pushed up to 500 million people due mostly due to legal immigration. Do you, Senator, think that this is too much population growth?

2) Do you favor ending chain migration except for minor children and/or spouses, if any?

3) Do you favor an Australian style points system that would favor the well educated as opposed to the current US immigration system that favors extended families who often do not have strong job skills?

4) Do you favor increasing or decreasing the annual levels of legal immigration into the United States?

Thank you very much,


Posted by Paul Ramsey | September 5, 2007 11:39 PM

Senator Thompson,

First of all, good luck with your campaign!

One of my burning issues is the horrendous increase government regulation and disastrous effect on our standard of living.

For all the good things that tax cuts have done, (and they are very, very good and necessary) often in the deep blue metropolitan areas like Los Angeles where I live, new local and state regulations have so stymied the economy that many peoples' living standards have fallen drastically .

The cost of many basic necessities for families are way up!
The cost of housing, health care, schooling, utilities, insurance and if course local taxes and fees are all way, way up over the last two decades. My private health care plan more than doubled in the last two years. My daughters private school tuition( safe public schools are rare where I live) has tripled since she started school.

I am an architect. I have a fair idea of construction costs. Eight years ago I have a design of mind that bid for $117 a square foot. Today, that same design would be over $300 a square foot.

Basic construction materials are all way up. Concrete, steel, wood, plywood, drywall, pvc piping, etc.

Construction cost increases like that have to eventually increase the cost of many things that we use, work and live in because sooner or later they dramatically affect the cost of rents.

But beyond the simple cost of living issues, there are deeper issues lurking.

I fear, because of a lot experience with bureaucrats, that the construction price increases are a simple supply and demand issue. Our basic industries in many places can no longer realistically add capacity in an economic way. Supply cannot come close to meeting demand so prices must rise.

Our regulations prevent economic expansion of industry.
I am finding more and more that local agencies have created laws and regulations with little poison pills buried deep within them that cannot be complied with. The pressure to stop growth on local politicians is oppressive. Stopping projects, no matter how beneficial to the community has become the primary goal for many politicians.

My clients are being chewed up and spit out by local government. I can't cite case law, but it used to be that governments would clearly refrain from creating laws and regulations that would amount to a taking. No more! Local governments at least in California can't be sued on planning matters for damages, so local government has determined there is no down side to violating Constitutional rights, particularly property rights.

I know many of these issues are too technical for many political discussions. But I believe, left unchecked these trends could fundamentally change our American way of life and not for the better.

No Republican politician or commentator that I know of is seriously talking about these issues. Too many Republican politicians don't support tax cuts, let along deregulation or smaller government. And then too many commentators, like Rush, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Larry Kudlow and Sean Hannity want to imply that tax cuts alone will give us prosperity.
Tax cuts are good, but they can't do it all!

What all those Republicans are missing is that the Average Joe, who has worked hard, and has a good job, doesn't understand why his standard of living is falling, but he KNOWS IT IS!

The Average Joe tunes out too many Republicans because tax cuts alone won't affect his future very much.

Republicans need to explain to those Average Joe Americans who are feeling they are falling behind, despite working hard and having a good job, why they are falling behind and what REPUBLICANS WILL DO ABOUT IT. REPUBLICANS NEED TO EXPLAIN WHY OVER-REGULATION CORRODES OUR ECONOMY AND AMERICA.

Fred, I am really hoping you're the man who will do this.

Good Luck!

Posted by Bill Conner | September 5, 2007 11:39 PM

Fred, God be with you and the USA...whatz your stand on a flat tax or USA sales tax to get rid of the IRS, but keep our country financially strong?

Posted by Tommy Lambert | September 5, 2007 11:47 PM

It's gotten to where everyone expects a handout from the government, even citizens who are able to work, they're just too lazy to work.
Yet older, retired citizens who are on fixed incomes, can't get assistance such as food stamps, because they own a house, regardless of how small or run down it is.
What do you propose to do to solve this problem of only the people who deserve assistance get it?
That would help our budget deficit to some extent, eliminating those that are able to work.

Posted by Tommy Lambert | September 5, 2007 11:49 PM

And. . . . Good Luck, America needs you.

Posted by Yvonne Dillaha | September 5, 2007 11:58 PM

Right now, I'm glad you're in the running. If you get elected, is there any way you can bring the parties together to work on the day to day running of the country and the problems we are facing? It seems that for years, all they do is try to tear each other down, allow themselves their automatic raises, and seem totally oblivious to what they were elected to do. Can you get both parties to do their jobs, stop blaming and finger-pointing, and going after each other's throats? We have enough around the world itching to wipe us off the face of the earth without our helping them to do so by not taking care of business and being such sore losers or arrogant winners. Let's make our country the winner instead. Thanks.

Posted by Paul Ramsey | September 6, 2007 12:04 AM


I am greatly concerned of the corrosive effect of overregulation of our economy and our everyday lives. As a practicing Architect in Southern California, almost on a daily basis while confronting that bureaucratic monster known as our cities, I have to overcome some constitutional overreach or regulation poison pill or my client's project will be doomed.

This enforced no growth scarcity has created a housing crisis in LA where likely more than a million illegals live in tenement like conditons. The costs of housing, schooling, health care, insurance, and of course government fees have skyrocketed. My health insurance has doubled in two years. My daughters school tuition has tripled since Kindergarten. Construction costs have tripled in the last 8 years.

Tax cuts are essential to our economic growth, but tax cuts alone can't deal with all of our economic problems. It seems in deep blue cities like LA, whatever economic benefits are generated by tax cuts on the Federal level, they are more than wiped out by local over-regulation. Our standard of living is falling drastically.

Senator, what do you propose to do to remedy this over- regulation.

Paul Ramsey

Posted by Tug McGraw | September 6, 2007 12:08 AM

Not so much a question but a possible idea to fix the border problem. Make it desirable for companies to transfer all production of goods from China to Mexico. This would provide jobs to Mexicans and would get rid for the most part the need for them to come to the United States... unless they are spending their new found tourist dollars. China is not to be trusted... By americans buying all of the MADE IN CHINA products we are pumping billions of dollars into their economy every year and they are just building their military up against US.

Posted by Paul Ramsey | September 6, 2007 12:09 AM


I am greatly concerned of the corrosive effect of overregulation of our economy and our everyday lives. As a practicing Architect in Southern California, almost on a daily basis while confronting that bureaucratic monster known as our cities, I have to overcome some constitutional overreach or regulation poison pill or my client's project will be doomed.

This enforced no growth scarcity has created a housing crisis in LA where likely more than a million illegals live in tenement like conditons. The costs of housing, schooling, health care, insurance, and of course government fees have skyrocketed.
My healthcare insureance has doubled and my daughter's tuition has tripled since kindergarten. Building costs have likewise tripled in the last 8 years

Tax cuts are essential to our economic growth, but tax cuts alone can't deal with all of our economic problems. It seems in deep blue cities like LA, whatever economic benefits are generated by tax cuts on the Federal level, they are more than wiped out by local over-regulation.
Senator, what do you propose to do to remedy this over- regulation.

Paul Ramsey

Posted by Denise Turner | September 6, 2007 12:12 AM

I live in Michigan right now and find the attitude of 'the government owes me a living' shockingly prevalent in this area. My grandparents said many years ago that we could have a real welfare reform if people had to work for their funds. Something as simple as keeping the street in front of their houses clean, volunteering to clean up a park. Why has no one implemented a simple plan of making an individual work for their government welfare funds??? It seems like it would be a win-win solution to a lot of problems.

Posted by John McGough | September 6, 2007 12:13 AM

As head of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee you investigated and have detailed knowledge about China's continued political and military espionage campaigns against the United States and the Clintons' participation in these schemes. Given that your investigations were stymied at the time and the fresh suspicious activities by Hillary fundraiser Norman Hsu, do you plan to reopen these investigations and do you feel this issue is a major national security threat?

Posted by scott donohue | September 6, 2007 12:33 AM

Fred, I am a police officer in South Florida. What will you do as far as protecting the nations police officers and strengthening laws aimed at dealing with those who harm us as well as laws that prevent us from doing our jobs the proper way which are actually benefiting the criminals

Posted by Michael Thomas | September 6, 2007 12:54 AM

A very simple question. What is Fred's interpretaion of the 2nd Amendmant?

Posted by freewolf46 | September 6, 2007 3:35 AM

While concerns over things like globalism and sovereignty are not at the top of our attention right now, these things will get much more focus in the years that you will be the leader of our country. With that in mind, I would like to know your thoughts on the SPP and other agreements that could have an effect on our ability to control our own laws and regulations when they may conflict with global and trade agreements. Thank You.

Posted by Darwin | September 6, 2007 4:46 AM

My question had been asked by nationally known author, radio and televesion host Tom Gresham.

We know you support the second amendment. Since is has been shown that gun laws do not diminish crime, what are the first three gun laws that you would repeal?

Posted by tomder55 | September 6, 2007 5:31 AM

Mr.Thompson ,

I thought the President was onto something with his proposed reforms of the Social Security system. Would a Thompson plan include moving the system towards privatization ?

How would you have handled the politics differently ?

Posted by Ron C | September 6, 2007 5:48 AM

The value of one US Dollar is now below that of one Euro and sliding lower, and there is danger that the Euro could soon replace the Dollar as the worlds Reserve Currency. The US imports more products than in produces and the quality of those products are lower than what was once manufactured here in the United States.

What will you do to restore a US manufacturing base that places less reliance on cheap imported goods from the Orient, strengthen the value of the American Dollar and employ more Americans in vital manufacturing industries?

Posted by mark vander sande | September 6, 2007 5:51 AM


Is Jesus Christ the Lord of your life?
Are you pro-life?
Are you pro-marriage...the way God intended it to be?
Will you declare in your campaign that you are a Christian and abide by the values of God in the midst of this campaign?


Posted by Ron C | September 6, 2007 6:03 AM

Democrats and Republican Congress-critters are totally addicted to 'ear-marks' - once called 'pork.' They 'buy' re-election through this form of legalized theft of everyone's taxes.

Will you work to create legislation that will completely outlaw any form or 'ear-mark' - and work to stop this flow of our tax dollars to projects that none of us would want our dollars going to?

Posted by Ted In Bed | September 6, 2007 6:13 AM

The operating units of the Federal government operate on their own agendas; almost always counter to the President and desires of the People. Examples are the CIA with the leaks of secrets to embarrass Pres. Bush, the state department ignoring the democracy agenda of the President, How will you defeat and reign in the bureaucracy.

Would you support a law that ends awarding American citizenship to the children of Illegals? The 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to Illegals since they are not “under the jurisdiction of our law”, they are foreign invaders.

What percentage of foreign born persons in America is the maximum level that you'd support. George Washington thought 10%. As of 2003, we are at 11.7% according to the Census department.

Posted by Chief Joe | September 6, 2007 6:33 AM

Mr Thompson. I am a retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer. My question is this. Why is it that illegal imigrants, welfare "leaches" and drug abusers can get free mediacl and dental treatment, yet I, having served my country honorably for 20+ years cannot get the same treatment?

Posted by fthrmchnt | September 6, 2007 7:28 AM

I am tired of the whole illegal immigration situation. I would love to see English as our official language, and only English when you go to a bank. I do not want to press 2 to listen in Spanish. My grandparents and my husband's grand parents came across the Atlantic and all proudly taught themselves to read and write English. You did not speak Polish when someone that couldn't understand or speak the language was there. That was rude. Put the borders up, throw out the illegals that are criminals. Just do it!

Posted by Kim | September 6, 2007 8:16 AM

Mr. Thompson,

The FairTax plan is a comprehensive proposal that replaces all federal income and payroll based taxes with an integrated approach including a progressive national retail sales tax, a prebate to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level, dollar-for-dollar federal revenue neutrality, and, through companion legislation, the repeal of the 16th Amendment.

The FairTax Act (HR 25, S 1025) is nonpartisan legislation. It abolishes all federal personal and corporate income taxes, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, and self-employment taxes and replaces them with one simple, visible, federal retail sales tax administered primarily by existing state sales tax authorities.

The FairTax taxes us only on what we choose to spend on new goods or services, not on what we earn. The FairTax is a fair, efficient, transparent, and intelligent solution to the frustration and inequity of our current tax system.

The FairTax:

Abolishes the IRS
Closes all loopholes and brings fairness to taxation
Ensures Social Security and Medicare funding

Brings transparency and accountability to tax policy
Allows American products to compete fairly
Reimburses the tax on purchases of basic necessities
Enables retirees to keep their entire pension
Enables workers to keep their entire paycheck

As a leading candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination, Please tell us your stance on the Fair Tax? If the FairTax were passed by Congress and you were President, would you sign the bill into law? Would you openly campaign for the bill?

Posted by Roger Botting | September 6, 2007 8:29 AM

Fred, Thank you for stepping forward in a time of great need in this country before if falls into the hands of the Clintons again. But my question is, Who is going to take reponsiblity or be blaimed for the next 9-11 attack when it happens, if we give up in Iraq?

Posted by Bill | September 6, 2007 8:31 AM

Mr. Thompson,

We were very excited that you announced your intention to run and are looking forward to possibly supporting you.

I watched your entire announcement video on and there was something that seemed to be completely overlooked. It may not be as important to some and we have heard a lot about it of late, but it is very important to me and my family for our future. You talk of security and safety and finances for our children and grandchildren, yet none of these things will matter if we are living on a planet where we cannot breathe or even function. Tell me what are your plans for alternative energy sources and how do you plan to help deal with the issue of global warming and the environment?

Posted by Roger Botting | September 6, 2007 9:41 AM

Fred, Thank you for stepping forward in a time of great need in this country before if falls into the hands of the Clintons again. But my question is, Who is going to take responsibility or be blamed for the next 9-11 attack when it happens, if we give up in Iraq?

Posted by Jennifer Wykoff | September 6, 2007 9:55 AM

Hello Senator - I'm not a very political person and I usually don't understand or get involved in a lot of political issues, but I have basically floated through my adult work life as many of us do working for a paycheck with a typical 40 hour a week schedule, running kids to daycare and so on....I recently took the leap from working for someone else and now have my own Graphic Design/Printing Company out of my home office. I know your goal is to give the American people back their rights for choices and State Governments back their powers (from what I understand). Small businesses in the US is encouraged but recently working for myself and now having to handle Business Tax, State Tax on top of Personal taxes I barley make ends meet. Now I am working harder and putting in more hours so I can make a profit after paying all of my Business Taxes on all levels. I live in Michigan and so far my State Government takes advantage of their powers already, what's going to happen if they get more? Our economy in my state is drastically diminishing mainly because people can't afford to make a living here. Major Companies are leaving or closing their doors, college students are relocating out of state for a job once they graduate and so on. It's getting scary. Please let me know what you plan to do to help or at least understand your stand on these kinds of issues?

Posted by Tim Gosselin | September 6, 2007 10:09 AM

I'm hoping Fred understands what true conservatives are looking for in America today. Continuation of prosperity based on the Bush tax plan, operation of the war in Iraq in whatever way makes sense depending on goals and achievements. Continuing appointment of conservative judges at all levels, the end of abortion as a convenient method of birth control, and resistance of pressure to approve same sex marriages and unions as credible relationships. If Fred can go here - he's my man! Anything short of this is unacceptable in a true conservative candidate.

Posted by Butterfly72 | September 6, 2007 10:12 AM

Do tou know what the Fair Tax is? If so, are you for it or against it?

Posted by Jeff Ingram | September 6, 2007 10:31 AM

One of my main concerns, which I would also guess is a concern to many other Americans these days, is the high cost of gasoline. I remember a time when gas used to be less than $1 per gallon. In a small southern Virginia town I used to live in, gas stations used to compete to see who could sell the most gas by having "price wars", so when one gas station would lower their price, the others would have to lower their prices to keep up. This in turn created a lot of business for these stores. My question is what will you do to help lower the gas prices, and more importantly, what will you do to help our nation's economy? Lower taxes are also important to all of us. It seems like ever since we went to war, and of course the onset of Hurricane Katrina just a couple of years ago, our gas prices have only soared. Will we ever see gas go lower than $2 per gallon?

Posted by Lauren | September 6, 2007 11:16 AM

I just turned 18, and I'm so excited about finally getting the chance to vote. I'm thrilled about Fred Thompson running! However, I'm extremely concerned because I'm still not sure where he stands on the issue of abortion. I believe this to be the singular most important issue in our country today, and I could never help elect someone who doesn't firmly oppose this atrocity. Abortion is the silent holocaust of our day. Millions of babies murdered, ripped from what should be the safest place they could possibly be. Would you, Mr. Thompson, overturn Roe v. Wade, one of the worst court decisions in the history of mankind, if given the chance?

Posted by Richard Reynolds | September 6, 2007 11:22 AM

Senator Fred,
Sir, Numerous state and local entities have attempted to pass ordinances to join 287(g) only to get blocked by corrupt immoral organizations such as the ACLU, CARE, MALDF, etc. They sue on the basis that “ONLY the FEDERAL government” can enforce immigration and every time their hand picked judge issue an injunction. For some reason these individual Judges think they know what is right for the people EVEN though the PEOPLE VOTE, in local elections such as Farmers Branch, TX., Overwhelming passing these measures .

Now that the Legislative and Executive branches finally got the message that we want ENFORCEMENT ONLY they are too being sued by these immoral organizations and getting injunctions.

My questions are:
1) Please respond as to your direction with interior enforcement of illegal aliens.
2) Please respond as to how you, as Commander and Chief, will handle these organizations so we can enforce our laws.
3) This one is touchy and you don’t have to answer, “We the People” would like to know if you can take these organizations out of existence because every step they are successful at is a step toward the ending of America as we once knew it.

Richard Reynolds

Posted by Kipp Gill | September 6, 2007 11:28 AM

Our dependence on foreign oil is reprehensible. We should have been weaning our selves off of it since the embargo of the early seventies. We need the tax incentives to business and private sector to get off of the black juice. Electric cars have been developed and squashed by big oil, we need this industry developed . What about bio fuel, hey this will put the farmers to work, we need to get this on a serious roll .
I think that the development of these alternate industries is a way to create a new industry that can help our economy. We have the technology we need to pursue and get big oil out of the decision making, HELP..

Posted by Marlana Brannan | September 6, 2007 11:51 AM

As a military member I have several concerns, first and foremost is the Iraq war. I also believe we should continue to "stay the course" but how can that be when we are constantly hearing from Congress and the Senate that Iraq is a "debacle" and "failure"? How do you plan on bringing all parties together to support us? I don't like to hear out of one side of the mouth "I don't support the war" and then the other side says "But I support the troops". How can people support the troops and not the war seeing as they are one in the same? We are trying to do good things for the Iraqi people and that is inclusive of the war. Also, like most people, my faith in the politians is greatly hurt and I desperately want someone to turn to and to be able to depend to make decisions on my behalf not only as a military member, but also as an American. I want to be able to know my leaders don't have the "white tower" or "in a perfect world" syndrome and will be able to lead us and our country in a better direction. I want to know that if my husband or I are hurt by serving in Iraq that we will be taken care of as well as our children. So what is your longterm plan for Iraq and the military? Where do you stand on support for the military?
I also know you feel that abortion is not a choice and even though I disagree with you on this subject I would like to know why you feel this way. Is it religion, medical, or just a personal opinion?
And finally about the price of gas...I currently commute 80 miles a day to and from work and as you can imagine, the price of gas is a huge portion of our budget, what is your plan to lower the price of gas? Are we going to open up our reserves to help offset the price per gallon or offer some kind of tax break to gas companies if they lower their prices?
Thank you for your time.

Posted by David | September 6, 2007 12:01 PM

Dear Mr. Thompson,

We all know you have been considering running for President for a while now so when are you going to announce the platform that you base you candicacy and presidency on?

Such well known issues as immigration, securing the border with mexico, national defense, the economy, tax reform and the Fair Tax, and the war on terror need to be addressed and you should have established positions on these issues. Thank you for your time.


To the screeners: Please email with his response since I am in the military and I do not always have the ability search for a response should he make one. Thank you.

Posted by Hugh Garrison | September 6, 2007 12:07 PM

Fred, would you be willing to participate in the debates if the other candidates were willing to allow you to bring notecards, a script, a teleprompter, and for you to receive 3 free "redos" or "edits" during the telecast?

We understand that you're a scripted, chickensh!t phony and would like to make whatever accommodations necessary in order for you to have the smoothest, work-free campaign possible. Get back to us.

The American Public.

Posted by Lynne | September 6, 2007 12:25 PM

Are you supporting the FairTax system?

Posted by lynne | September 6, 2007 12:27 PM

Do you support the FairTax system?

Posted by Jim Burrill | September 6, 2007 12:27 PM

Mr. Thompson,
I am an "issue voter" - I shifted from the Democrats to the Republicans over the gun control issue.

Gun ownership (and which types of guns you own/want to own) touches a wide range of deeper issues - Self protection, national defense, domestic violence, sport, collecting, historical reenacting, drug and gang violence.

No pun intended, but quite a minefield to go through.

What is you position on gun control? Please separate your answer to address: 2nd Admendment "right of the individual to own firearms" issues; reducing gang/drug/crime violence; What type of weapons a citizen can own - blackpowder, .50 cal, military-based, pistol or longarms, bolt action, semi-automatic and full automatic.

Please state your definition as to what constitutes "sporting use";

One last comment - don't under-estimate the influnce your position on firearms will have on voters in general. A fellow military firearms collector told me he, and most of his Union brothers at his manufacturing plant, ignored the Union's support of a Democratic candidate over thisvery issue. In fact, they would take down posters, throw away adds and ignore meeting announcements sent by their Union.

Posted by John Manning Moore | September 6, 2007 12:31 PM

Fred Thompson, what will you do to truly create some very decent "political coattails" that also help other conservatives who are also running for various political offices at every level to also win their races? Also, how about successfully creating a "Contract with America 2.0" that has a very decent list of things to do on a variety of issues that not only helps conservatives at the federal level, but it also helps all conservative candidates for political office at each and every level from the most local levels all the way up to the President of the U.S.? The first Contract with America worked very well at the federal level only, and now we need to have a very decent visual aid that truly helps conservatives at each and every level of political office throughout the U.S.! Let's truly get conservatives and conservatism at every level back into the majority again all over the U.S. and make sure this time that they truly stay conservative for always and stay a political majority for always throughout the U.S.!

Posted by Greg | September 6, 2007 12:34 PM

Congratulations Fred!:

There are five non-negotiable issues that I would like for you to address. These five issues are non-negotiable and concern actions that are intrinsically evil and must never be promoted by the law. If life isn’t defended first and foremost, no other issue is relevant. An aborted child can never take advantage of “free markets, rights of property and the rule of law”; or a “flat-tax”; or a “Federalist” form of government or anything else in life for that matter.

On most issues that come before voters or legislators, the task is selecting the most effective policy to implement or apply a moral principle. Democracy must be based on the true and solid foundation on non-negotiable ethical principles, which are the underpinning of life in society. A well-formed Christian conscience does not permit one to vote for a political program or individual law that contradicts the fundamental contents of faith and morals. Here are the issues:

1. Abortion
2. Euthanasia
3. Embryonic Stem-Cell Research
4. Human Cloning
5. Gay Marriage

The right to life is the most fundamental of all human rights. Without a right to life, all other rights are valueless. What good does freedom of speech do a dead man? How can a corpse exercise the right to trial by jury?

The right to life accrues to each of us as a part of our basic humanity. It is as much a part of us as our minds, our personalities, or our arms and legs. It is given to us by no one. It is ours merely because we are living human beings.

There are those who say that “society” or the government decides when we get the right to life. If that is so, then it is no right at all, but merely a privilege, for if the government can grant the right to life, it can surely withhold it. Once you accept that the government has this power, you must accept, willy-nilly that the government can decree some people — perhaps Jews, or Blacks or Catholics — never get the right to life.

If, therefore there is such a thing as a right to life, it must accrue to every living human being. This sets up a simple, three-part test.

Is the unborn child living?• If it were not, we would not be having this debate!

Is it human?• Check the DNA. If it has rabbit or squirrel DNA, then it is not human. But if it has human DNA, it is human.

But is it a being? Check the DNA again. If it has the mother’s DNA,• then it is a part of her body. But if it has its own DNA, then it is a being — a separate and distinct human life.

Very clearly, the unborn has the same right to live as any other living human being. Who denies that, denies the whole concept of human rights.

Thank you for your desire to lead our country in the right moral direction.

-Greg Haley

Posted by Paul Macchia | September 6, 2007 1:23 PM

Senator Thompson,

I read your article about the decline of federalism in America and I agree with your conclusions -- the federal governments has grown too large and its tentacles reach much too far. However, as a resident of the State of New Jersey, your suggestion that local politicians are better suited to solving local problems gives me some pause. In general, I agree with that statement. However, in practice, particularly in New Jersey, I cannot disagree more. New Jersey, unfortunately, has become entirely dysfunctional due to one-party rule and widespread corruption. I have lived here most of my life and, unlike in my optimistic youth, I no longer expect it to get any better. The majority of citizens here apparently are content to continue electing corrupt politician after corrupt politician. Thus, I cannot embrace a states' rights argument as it pertains to New Jersey.

Here's an example of "necessary" anti-federalism in the Garden State: the Democratic Party dominates this state, thus unions dominate this state. The education policy of New Jersey has stagnated for decades, with all of the concern focused on members of the education establishment, not on the students. While No Child Left Behind is far from perfect, it's far better than anything that NJ's education bureaucracy, including the unions, has been willing to enact. At least now there is some kind of accountability, even if it's imperfect.

My question is: if a Thompson administration successfully pursues a federalist agenda (which, again, I generally applaud), what would be your administration's approach to a state which refuses to engage in any meaningful experimentation aimed at improving the lives of citizens, or whose legislative experiments repeatedly end in failure?

Posted by Alicia Payne | September 6, 2007 1:29 PM

Many Americans live with disabilities and there are so many soldiers who have been disabled since the war has begun. Traumatic Brain Injury, my disability, affects 1.4 million Americans every year. This is more than what Breast Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Spinal Cord Injuries, and Multiple Sclerosis will affect COMBINED. So many soldiers have sustained it as well.

Back when I represented Oklahoma college students for the Oklahoma Association of Higher Education And Disabilities, I spoke with many students with disabilities who were scared to work because of fear they would be kicked off of Social Security and not be able to receive help for their disability. Then I've spoken, whether it was online or in person, with Traumatic Brain Injury survivors who faced hardships where they worked. They could do work some days like everyone else but there were days they weren't able to and had trouble from their employers. Then there is the fact that illegal aliens apparently have a much easier access to getting the funding that those of us with disabilities should be getting!

If you are elected into office, what are you going to do to ensure that those of living with disabilities get more equal opportunities and will be able strive for their dreams in life like Americans without disabilities are able to do?

Posted by Judy in Kentucky | September 6, 2007 1:32 PM

I have some comments pertaining to Fred's Video's on "", How can I get these comments to Fred's press person, or director of his campaign ? They are meant to be constructive comments to help in electing Fred, but not for publication on the web. Please contact me and let me know to whom I should address these concerns.
Thank you in advance, Judy :)

Posted by Angie Womack Jones | September 6, 2007 1:34 PM

Fred, How do you plan to eliminate the nation's debt? I believe if government will learn that no is not a four letter word and that it is okay to say no to certain programs, we could begin to decrease the federal debt level. We might even create a nation of individuals who take personal responsiblity for their well-being. Imagine that... In the end, govenment would be applauded for saying no and our nation would be stronger.

Posted by Paul B. Macchia | September 6, 2007 1:38 PM

On issues that are fundamentally religious in nature, such as abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning, gay marriage, and others, will you honor the founding fathers' commitment to freedom of religion -- thus not imposing any particular religious viewpoint upon any of those issues -- or will you honor your personal religious convictions and use legislation to enforce that one particular viewpoint?

Posted by Russell | September 6, 2007 1:45 PM

Dear Mr. Thompson,

You speak of an opportunity for affordable healthcare to cover all Americans. You state this can be accomplished without the government or insurance companies deciding on what treatment might be right for each of us.

Will you be willing to "take on" the insurance companies and their powerful lobby to make this happen and, if so, what plans do you have to place healthcare back into the hands of the patient and their medical providers?

Dr. Russell Kirk
Lebanon, Tennessee

Posted by DOUGLAS JONES | September 6, 2007 1:49 PM

Dear Senator Thompson,

I sincerely admire your gravitas and I'm considering voting for you, but there's a sticky little matter that needs to be cleared up before I can support you.

There's a little document called "Building a North American Community" sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations.

This of course is the famous Security & Prosperity Partnership that has resulted in, among other things, Mexican trucks barreling into our country starting today, if I'm not mistaken.

The CFR sponsorship of this document amounts to an undermining of our sovereignty and Constitution, I believe. While this might be OK for a think tank, I'm sure you will agree with me that it's not OK for our future President, who is sworn to uphold and protect our Constitution, as you know very well.

After you've had a chance to look into this, and if you agree with me, will you publicly renounce your membership in the CFR?

A short YouTube video will suffice. There are hundreds of thousands of voters who will be more than willing to support you, but they, like me, need to hear from you on this first.

Douglas Jones

p.s., I plan to read this on YouTube as soon I get my camera working. If I receive your email reply or see your response on YouTube, there might be no need for me to read my question on YouTube.

Posted by Ben Frazer | September 6, 2007 2:04 PM

Dear Mr. Thompson,
I am a handicapped working American. This means that I am disabled, with Spinal Stenosis, but still continue to work each and every day, I refuse to go on Government subsidy as long as I have hands that work and can crawl to a job.
My wife is totally disabled, we spend over half of our income on co-pays for medicine. I have two questions:
1) What are you going to do once you are in the White House, to help people like us, who are trying to make a living, whose health care costs make it nearly impossible to enjoy life. We live check to check, and we cant save, becuase the drug and insurance companies are "taxing" us to death. What are you going to do to lower heath care costs, and keep big name insurance from raping the pocket books of citizens.
2) I have no money to spare, and I have tried every way I know to get your people to allow me to work on your campaign. I was a grass roots leader in both the Bush campiagns. I have time, sweat and heart to donate Mr. Thompson, but all I get from your people are send a donation. I was able to get two bumper stickers, sevearl months ago. What about those of us who want to donate our sweat and heart Mr. Thompson, do you have room for grass roots people like us?

Ben Frazer
Knoxville, TN

Posted by Pam Howell | September 6, 2007 2:15 PM

China - This once sleeping communist giant is becoming the world economic superpower; funding our U.S. debt, producing, it seems, the majority of the goods Americans buy, and supplying a growing amount of food to our tables. This used to be OUR role in the world! I'm fearful about what the future holds for the U.S. when our communist banker, goods producer, and food supplier isn't happy with us or vice versa. There is no doubt a military superpower isn't far behind. Will a Thompson presidency lead the nation in trying to reverse this dangerous trend of our total dependency on China (if it isn't already too late!)?

Posted by Ethan | September 6, 2007 2:32 PM

Senator Thompson, How would you reconcile your conservative values with a "Federalist" approach to national government that can lead to greater liberalism amongst local and state governments? How would you react if one of the "lab settings" of a state/local government proves that a liberal approach to forumlating a specific solution is more effective than a conservative one?

Posted by Shelley Carpenter | September 6, 2007 2:37 PM

Concurrent Receipt.

As a retired Navy Senior Chief, I would like to know if you would approve an appropriations bill that included Concurrent Receipt of military retired pay and VA disability pay.

The term, "concurrent receipt" is a factor in the law which states that a retired military member's retired pay must be reduced by the amount of any disability compensation that the retire receives from the Veterans Administration. In other words, if a retiree was entitled to $2,000 per month in retired pay, but received $1,000 per month from the VA for disability compensation, the law required that his/her retired pay be reduced by $1,000 per month.

As I am sure you are aware, as it stands now, if a retired military member is rated at less than 50% disabled by the Veteran's Administration, or unless the disability is combat related, then the amount of the retiree's retired pay is reduced by the amount that the VA pays them. The limited concurrent receipt that is now in effect is being phased in very slowly over many years. Retired military members are the only people that have to pay for their own disability pay.

All military retirees that have served their country honorably for 20 years or more, and who are determined to be disabled deserve better than this.

Shelley Carpenter
Crawfordville, FL

Posted by styx36 | September 6, 2007 2:57 PM

Please support the FAIR TAX!!! I hope that of all the posts on all these different blogs about the FAIR TAX that at least one of you will decide to ask Fred the most popular question. Do you support the FAIR TAX!!

Posted by Donald McIntyre | September 6, 2007 3:21 PM

Mr. Thompson:
I am a 64 year old retired police officer in Greenville, South Carolina. I was so pleased when you told Jay and America that you were running for President of the United States. I understand you are comimg to my hometown Greenville, SC and I would love to attend your visit. I'll do anything it takes to help get you elected. Signs, posters, whatever. I don't have a lot of money to donate, but I am as rich with FREE TIME as one could get.

I am with you all the way. Just you or someone let me know when,where, and what I can do HELP.

Posted by Jack Shick | September 6, 2007 3:28 PM

Mr Thompson,

The current escalation of the federal deficit is out of control and has been out of control for decades. Despite an extrodinary amount of warnings from leading economists (such as Allen Greenspan) that a large national debt will have extremely negative impacts on the national economy, the status quo has remained in place for decades. How do you propose to eleminate the deficit and actually decrease the size of the federal debt so that our children and grandchildren are not left holding the bill and are taxed into a near state of slavery.

Also, my brother was injured in IRAQ on August 1st in a roadside bombing. The most alarming thing is that the bomb was buried into a curb right in front of (within 10 feet) an Iraqi Police checkpoint, which leads me to believe that the supposed Iraqi security forces have been infiltrated by insurgents. If the people who we are training to maintain the peace when we leave are terrorists, how will we ever be able to leave? Why are we asking american boys to give their lives for the peace and stability in IRAQ? Should not their citizens be doing more to ensure their own peace and security? What course of action to you propose in IRAQ? Forgive my ignorance, but I do not see how anything would change in IRAQ if we stay another 20 years, so why should we stay any longer. Do you propose a pullout of IRAQ and if so what type (gradual or immediate)?

More alarming to me than IRAQ, is the imperial adventures this country has been participating in since the end of World War II. Iraq is just the latest in a series of undeclared, half-fought wars. My brother has also told me that our soldiers are not allowed to return fire when mortars are lobbed into their Forward Operating Bases in IRAQ for fear of collateral damage. My thought is that if we feared collateral damage then we should have not gone in in the first place. We are fighting with one hand tied behind our backs and our soldiers are paying the price.

Posted by Judy | September 6, 2007 4:10 PM

Fred, I believe all Americans can agree on at least this: Our country was founded on timeless principals that are scientifically unmeasurable. The long term vision simply stated "United we stand." Ironically it's our short term vision that divides us. Conservative views vs Liberal views. In fact, by definition, (conservative, liberal) our ultimate extinction, patriotically speaking, is inevitable. " order to form a more perfect Union....' Heck, do we even strive for perfection anymore? Isn't the pursuit of perfection idealistic at best? Hasn't it become practically impractical? Please tell us, how can we, the American people, overcome our own demise? What leadership components are most necessary to sustain and revitalize and protect our beloved, Perfect Union?

Posted by Christopher Behling` | September 6, 2007 4:58 PM

Good Afternoon Mr. Thompson,

I have two questions; My first question is how you plan on overcoming the politics of the two political parties in order to get anything done in Washington. I and literally everyone I know, are sick and tired of responsible actions being thwarted for political leverage.

The second question is somewhat related to the first. Will you commit to ending the ethanol mandate? This mandate is literally putting working families and especially poor people into a huge financial dilemna. The use of food for fuel??? Nobody on a limited budget would ever make such an uniformed and reckless decision. Not only has fuel prices risen as the result of the high corn prices, but milk, beef, poultry, pork, bread, soda, and countless other essential and non-essential staples of a families diet has risen dramitically. This is likely one of the most irresponsible decisions ever made by our elected officials. Will you committ to ending this assault on a families cost of living?

Thank you in advance for your consideration of these issues.

Chris Behling
Hartford, WI

Posted by Andrew | September 6, 2007 5:22 PM


How would you address the real source of our energy crisis: automobile-dependence.

We need a comprehensive transportation system that allows Americans the freedom not to own a car if they do not want to.

The key to that is to repeal the communist-style command economy that cities place upon the real estate community through land use controls.

Through performance standards or form-based zoning we can protect health and welfare, promote walkable design, deliver effective multi-modal transportation, and end our dependence on automobiles, thus eliminating the main source of our foreign oil dependence.

How would you help America to get back on-track with alternative transportation?

Posted by JHunsberger | September 6, 2007 5:49 PM

Mr. Thompson,

Thank you for allowing this opportunity. I would like to say that I am encouraged by your record and current stance on issues but I would like a little more clariy if possible.

My main question deals with education reform. I am a high school teacher and while I believe that President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" was a genuine attempt to help out American school children, it is completely worthless as a policy. Teachers are no longer "just" teachers. Many of us are mentors, coaches, advisors, and sometimes "parents" to our students. What key policies would you enforce or enact in order to change the education system to have competition between schools so that the quality of education increases?

Posted by John Manning Moore | September 6, 2007 6:05 PM

Fred Thompson, would you seriously consider having Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Michael Steele, J.C. Watts, Newt Gingrich, and Herman Cain among many other decent people become part of a Fred Thompson administration if you truly do become the next President of the United States?

Posted by Tony | September 6, 2007 6:10 PM

Fred, what is your position on the FairTax plan?

Posted by John Manning Moore | September 6, 2007 6:27 PM

Fred Thompson, what are your views of the political platforms of the Constitution Party, The America First Party, The Libertarian Party, The Unity '08 Party, The Reform Party, and any other U.S. political party that may be of serious interest to both moderate voters and conservative voters all over the U.S.? Should the Presidential debates and the Vice Presidential debates for the general election from now on also include all of the serious candidates from other third political parties as well as serious Independent candidates? Is there a way to successfully change the debates so that instead of just the mainstream media always being both the moderators and those who end up asking most to all of the questions of the candidates at each and every debate, conservatives, moderates, libertarians, socialists, greens, truly apolitical individuals, and many other people truly outside of the mainstream media could also be the moderators and those who ask the questions at each and every debate along with the mainstream media from now on?

Posted by Patricia Weatherwax | September 6, 2007 6:46 PM

Am I a citizen of a country or a subject of a state? I don't need, or want, the state to "rescue" me, yet it feels it must, seizing my child support and holding it until I divulge enough of my personal, private, confidential, and priviledged financial information for anyone to open a charge account in my name and go on a shopping spree. It is manditory. If you become President, will you restore back to me my freedom to choose whether or not to have the state dole out to me my own money? Will you allow me once again to be a citizen rather than a subject of the state?

Posted by Earl Quinn | September 6, 2007 6:49 PM

Fred, Will you work to re-instate the Bill-of-Rights, particularly: the 1st Amendment, often limited and not applied to all media outlets; the 2nd Amendment, the strongest defense against monolithic government (not simply protecting sporting purposes); the 9th Amendment, Rights of the People; and the 10th Amendment, the Powers Reserved for the States (weakened after the Civil War and totally ignored after the 17th Amendment). Thank you

Posted by Kris Wharton | September 6, 2007 6:58 PM

Mr. Thompson,

Thank you for making the decision to run in the independent fashion that you have chosen.

Some of my points will be redundant, but I will try to be succinct.

1. Security: The American People (and the whole world) need to be told plainly that we are engaged in a hundred year war. Saying things like its a generational or multi-generational battle go over a lot of heads. AQ makes no bones about it, and calls it what it is. This is a clash of civilizations and untimately decide whether we move forward into a future of prosperity and freedom (I left peace out of this purposely) or backwards 1,500 years to fundamental Islamic worldwide rule.

2. Russia: Since the demise of the USSR I have always felt that the world was to quick to judge that the Soviet threat was gone forever. The news today proves that the Bear is on the prowl again with the resumption of Internation Long Range Patrols. The Bear is now well fed and is letting the world know he is awake and active.

3. China: It's been said by other ppl, we need a thorough and honest appraisal of the impact of this powerhouse. Once countries get enough economic power they always use it to further their own strategic interests. One eye should stay focused on their military growth at all times.

4. India: We had better watch them too.

5. Pakistan: They need to get off the fence and realize that any and all support of Radical Islam has to end.

6. Iran/North Korea: We must take definitive, sustained and consistent actions against these rogue states. We may not be able to afford the pound of cure it will take in the future to offset the ounce of prevention that is needed NOW.

In short, foreign policy is the place to start and end most substantive discussions. Domestically the illegal immigrant issue is basically an issue of foreign policy. We are a sovereign nation and our immediate neighbors both North and South are no less foreign countries than Uzbekistan, Tibet or Zimbabwe.

7. Tax Reform: Fair Tax, Flat Tax or more of the same old IRS.

8. Legislation: Do we really need over 500 ppl at the federal level sitting around making up new laws year after year? How about solving problems, loosening federal activism, restoring states rights, one term limits for all candidates or even should I say letting elected reps serve for free. Then we would get ppl that wanted to make progress, instead of talk about it.

9. Another writer mentioned it, but it bears repeating. Our country (and again, the whole world) has known since the 1973 Oil Embargo that from a security and economic standpoint that we are vulnerable by means of our reliance of foreign sources of oil and are wedded to oil itself. We should have been working non stop to fix this problem for the past 34 years, but despite both political parties being in power at various times we are now more dependent than ever.

I want to know if you will support a crash program to reduce our reliance on foreign oil while simultaneously making every human effort possible to put into widespread practice the use of every kind of alternative energy on a compressed timeline.

I failed at being brief, sorry.

Kris Wharton
Retired Navy
Hillsdale, IN

Posted by Denise | September 6, 2007 8:26 PM

Mr Thompson,

Thank you for providing the opportunity to address specific and potentially challenging direct questions.

I have a few questions regarding how you would want to address certain issues to return this country to more of a Federalist condition.

You noted that Social Security will not have solvency in the future. How would you address the issue differently then Bush attempted? Would you still consider partial privatization for citizens under certain age limits?

You noted parents need more control over their decisions for failing education. Does that include the concept of school vouchers and charter schools?

You mentioned the desire to reform taxes. Would that include possibilities like Flat Tax, Fair Tax, or simplification of current tax codes?

Is border security an issue of national defense and soveriegnty or is free and unrestricted movement of foreign peoples a higher priority?

What is your approach to Iran? Is there rheotoric literal and is the military option on the table in dealing with them? Should the US interveign at all costs to prevent the completion of a nuclear weapon if we had intelligence it was imminent?

What is the UN role in US foreign policy and how much deference should we give to that body?

You mentioned the need to innovate and develop from our own resources in energy. What specific steps do you have in mind to attain that end? Does this include Anwar, R&D in slate oil, biodiesel production, wind plants, nuclear power development, reduction of boutique gas grades and the like?

Thank you

Posted by Vicki K. Davis | September 6, 2007 9:03 PM

Because I am a "Friend of Fred" I know where you stand on most of the important issues. My question can be answered with a simple 'Yes' or 'No': if elected President will you PROMISE to fully pardon/obtain the release of the wrongfully imprisoned border patrol agents currently in prison, namely Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean?

Posted by Bud Cochran | September 6, 2007 9:07 PM

I want to know your view on the procedure for dealing with the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens?

Thanks Bud Cochran

Posted by Alan Hitt | September 6, 2007 10:05 PM

Mr. Thompson, what I hear from you is just what I would want to hear from a candidate I support. So I am greatly encouraged by your entrance into the race. But I also want to give my support to the right kind of person. With that in mind, what I would like to hear from you is how you came to believe what you believe about government and its role in American life. Within that context, what did you once believe that you no longer do and why? And what do you believe more deeply today than you ever have? And why should I vote for you, not simply as a political conservative, but as Fred Thompson? Grace and peace to you.

Posted by Cheryl | September 6, 2007 10:32 PM

First and what I consider most important is this...

What are your ideas as regards national medical for the US population? As a 40 something single woman I would be more than happy to pay a regular portion of my wages towards medical such as something like they have in places like the UK. i worked at walmart for several years. That was a farse as far as medical was concerned. For the first three years I had great medical paid a monthly decent amount, then paid copays for visits and medications. Now their medical coverage is rediculous unless you are in upper management. The medical coverage is very expensive and only beneficial to someone with a catastrophic medical condition. The deductables are high. For a family with young kids, or for a single person, its impossible anymore for someone in a lower income bracket to pay. I recently had medical problems that made it impossible to work for a while. The state didn't consider me sick enough to warrant medical help. Or any other help. The medical situation for the average american person/family is completely out of hand. Something has to be done. There are millions of americans that feel the same way. What are you willing to support to change this situation?

I'd also like to know what your immigration policies are. But first maybe you should walk into any state dept of social and health services office before you answer that. View all the Africans, Russians, Ukrainians, East indians, Mexicans, and other immigrants that seem to automatically qualify for benefits. People who can't even speak english but can walk in get food stamps, money, housing, medical, and other benefits, yet the average american can't do that when they are in need. Now we have all these immigration groups crying about illegals being deported. screaming for their rights. and i ask you this... What rights? Are they American citizens? No. Are we welcome to go to their countries of origin and apply for such benefits and receive them free? No. I have family from other nationalities. I'm not prejudiced against any other nationality. What I am prejudiced against is people that are not even legal american citizens screaming to have the same rights that we often don't have the luxury of taking advantage of . If they want the same rights, or to have the rights of american citizens then i believe they need to become american citizens in a legal way. go home. apply for immigration. do it the way we would have to do it should we decided to move out of the country. Why should they receive any sort of special compensation or treatment for being illegal. That word means just what it says. *Illegal*! They broke the laws. We had a pardon for illegals several years back. Now what has this led to? More opportunists coming in. Millions upon millions now. I don't begrudge them the right to be here. I do begrudge them being here illegally.

Lastly I have this to say. What does it matter how much money you are raising for your campaign? So what if Obama and Clinton have raised untold millions. Why is that much money necessary to travel across the US and make yourself and your policies known to the people of the United States? Sure, a certain amount of money is required to cover the costs of travel such as this. But why should people pay all this money to candidates so that they can stay in the best hotels, and have the best meals in the best restaurants, wear the best clothes, entertain the richest citizens, and all the other expensive and unnecessary expenditures? I commend you for delaying your decision to run. I also appreciate the lack of expenses that your campaign is generating.

Now please let us hear about your policies on these issues that are important to a very large part of the citizens of the United States.

Thank You

Cheryl From Washinton State

Posted by William Dawson | September 6, 2007 10:57 PM

I am in favor of a federalist approach to many of the issues that are being brought up in this election but there are national issues that cannot escape federal involvement. If you hold the highest federal office in the land....

How will you enhance our energy and defense industries (ie, through tax incentives and contract awards, etc) so they can meet the obvious and enormous challenges they will face?

Specifically :

1) How will you encourage our DOE (or other) research teams to succeed in creating the first sustainable controlled hydrogen fusion power reactor, which will do more to increase our ability to meet increasing electrical demands than any other achievement?

2) How will you encourage public/industrial, as well as private, construction and use of solar power generators? Solar energy is more widely availible, less costly in maintanence and less disruptive than wind or hydro and can also reduce heat island effects in urban areas.

3)Will you encourage bio-tech engineering to be guided by testable and observable scientific and economic motives, as a free markets would naturally allow, or let special religious interests put us behind other countries' future achievements in these fields?

4)How will you ensure the water storage and distribution complex, much of which is inter-state and so neccessitates federal involvement, is adequate to keep pace with the demands that are being plaved on it? This is particularly important with the exploding poplutaions in the desert areas and even in histroically wetter regions due to the erratic weather patterns we are increasingly facing, along with increasing demand. More than the other two it is an issue that will require state and regional (and hopefully less national) cooperation and coordination.

Posted by Jeff Metzler | September 7, 2007 12:56 AM

Sen. Thompson, sorry sir but I can’t keep it to only 5 questions so I “bundled” them under an umbrella question.

The pressures you would face as president from the Washington elites, the Democrat lapdog press, the Hollywood establishment and all the other libs to betray your stated conservative principles will be enormous and seductive:

·Will you be able to take the heat and stick to advancing conservative policies?
·How long can you resist the temptation to mandate new entitlements, regulations and bureaucracy?
·Do you recognize that it is vital to include competition and accountability in our failing government run school system and will you support school vouchers?
·Our success as a nation in the global marketplace depends on our competitiveness in science and innovation can you steer a free-market oriented policy that positively addresses this issue?
·Is it in you to weather the storm of hate and vitriol heaped upon you and any conservative originalist nominee for the bench?
·Can you be steadfast in recognizing and vigorously committed to defeating not only Islamofacism, but the slow creep and rot of Socialism in our own country?
·Will you continue to support and push for passage of the Fair Tax Bill? Will you remain resolved to lower taxes?
·Would you support a national service draft of two years that included both sexes and permitted citizens to choose between military and civilian service with “GI bill benefits for both?
·Can you end earmarks abuse and pork barrel spending committed by both parties?
·Will you champion a sane and reasonable Social Security policy, which includes at least some measure of private ownership and control?
·With a stroke we can gut the ability of Islamic radicals to fund and prosecute their war on the west by ending our reliance on fossil fuels, can we count on you to support an energy policy that emphasizes both alternative energy sources and drilling for oil in our own territories?
·Will you resist the temptation to nationalize healthcare and support free-market solutions and competition in health care insurance like private combines for the purposes of purchasing reduced cost healthcare and the ability to shop around the country across state lines for the best health care coverage.
·Can we expect an immigration policy that secures our borders, excludes amnesty and ends the anchor baby policy?
·Will you be able to take on the status quo and pass substantive tort reform and release the stranglehold that trial lawyers have on our nation?

Good luck sir, God bless.

Posted by Ed McGarvey | September 7, 2007 1:18 AM

Illegal Immigration is most likely the hottest topic this campaign Year, not much higher then Iraq War, so my question is.

Will you seal the borders, both, we Americans feel the billions of dollars spent will be savings.

Will you enforce the now already existing immigration laws, and if modification is needed, will you push to strengthen the existing laws?
Will you give it the good old American try and deport all the illegal aliens and prove it can be done.

Will you fight to demolish the ACLU as UN-American. Within the ACLU are card carrying Communists who are bent on attacking America from our own laws.

Finally, will you ask for a Constitutional amendment to change the way we appoint lifetime Judges to the bench, and make it mandatory that the People must vote to reconfirm them every 4 years???????

Posted by MIchael Cokerham | September 7, 2007 1:33 AM

What would you do to
Ask Fred,

1. secure the border, what kind of fence, wall,or force would you use.

2. What effort would be had to remove illegal aliens, and would it be a larger border patrol force, or would you impower local government to handle this problem themselves?

Michael Cokerham

San Antonio Texas.

Posted by Ed McGarvey | September 7, 2007 1:35 AM

Will you stand up to Democrats (LOUDLY)and frequently when needed who by their rhetoric lend support to our enemy, and demand they stop this UN-American attempt to belittle a President?

Part 2 of the question is, will you use your acting experience to go before the people on TV and demand that Congress stop spending, or creating foolish laws which only end up costing and hurting Americans???

Posted by Ed McGarvey | September 7, 2007 1:44 AM

Will you go before the American people and demonstrate just how Democrats have stopped any attemps to drill for oil in America, Build any new refineries and tell the American people that it will take 40% of all the lands in America to plant alternative fuel stock just to reduce our intake of foreign oil by 10%, and that it takes 1.5 gallons of Gasoline to make 1 gallon of bio fuel, and put the blame of the high cost of Gasoline directly on the backs of the Democrats, demand of the people to contact their Representatives and demand we do something to make America more energy efficient, not more as we await technology that may come in the next 50 years that will release us from oil dependency???????

Posted by Sue | September 7, 2007 3:17 AM

Mr. Thompson,
My husband and I are behind you 100%. You are just what this country needs in the face of all the global difficulties. We are Christians and I would like to know if you are a Christian. We are not in a financial position to donate large sums of money to your campaign but what we do promise is that we will pray daily for the safety of you and your family and for your wisdom. Please hire good bodyguards. We need you to lead us in '08. I have placed a your widget on my blog.

Posted by John Manning Moore | September 7, 2007 5:21 AM

Fred Thompson, what will you truly do to get a majority of U.S. voters to really get excited about voting for not only yourself but also excited for other Republicans at every level and excited for other conservatives at every level in '07, in '08, and beyond?

Posted by John Manning Moore | September 7, 2007 5:55 AM

Fred Thompson, what's truly the best way to put an end to the national debt, and how can both the government at every level and people in general truly and successfully be encouraged to finally stop wasteful spending habits for always?

Posted by John Manning Moore | September 7, 2007 6:17 AM

Fred Thompson, what's truly the best way to finally practice deregulation reforms to the best of human abilities throughout each and every level of government, and how can the U.S. successfully and finally open up the North American continent to much needed oil drilling, both on land oil drilling and off shore oil drilling, as well as being able to finally build many more oil refineries throughout the North American continent? While many new resources of energy consumption should also always be fully encouraged and fully pursued to the best of human abilities, gas prices would truly be reduced by a lot if U.S. domestic oil drilling and the building of newer oil refineries throughout North America are also fully pursued and fully accomplished to the best of human abilities.

Posted by Patrick Jones | September 7, 2007 7:35 AM

Dear Mr. Thompson,

First, I am excited about the possibility that for the first time since I began voting (I'm currently 36) I might be able to vote for a president rather than simply voting against one.

Your track record as I know it shows your strength of principles and character. I also appreciate and admire your pause prior to seeking to reenter public life. Reluctant leaders who step up to fill a void are oft the best and truest leaders.

However, I (and others I know) find it challenging to assess your leadership ability -- the elusive capacity to both have a vision and implement it through the banding together of disparate camps despite inevitable obstacles and surprises, and to make wise and prudent decisions and bear the weight of those decisions.

Talk is cheap, and yet you bear many of the essential qualities of a person who has the capacity to be a great leader. Help me assess your leadership history, not as a member of Congress, but with executive examples. Short any (President Lincoln arguably had none prior to taking office), help me assess your potential -- though I admit I'm not sure how that might be done beyond words. (Wow. A question with no question marks. Grin.)

Posted by Darin | September 7, 2007 8:03 AM


What will you do to stop the free ride Illegals are getting. Now I know they work very hard, but using an emergency room for a doctor is not benneficial to America as a whole. Lets do this... Since we Americans have a big heart, when they go to the emergency room/doctor if they do not have medical insurance, go ahead and treat them. Then if they cannot produce a tamper-proof SS# then they can be reported to the authorities for deporting. When illigals find that they can no longer benefit off the system, it wont make sense for them to remain in America. Furthermore, put some teeth into a bill that HEAVILY fines companies for hiring illegals. No job, no medical benefits and no welfare leaves them truely helpless for not trying to enter the country the right way. There should be NO TOLLERANCE for not learning the language. We should not be printing everything public in several different languages. Please address these issues.

Thank you, and good luck. You have my vote.
Darin in New Albany, IN

Posted by Darin | September 7, 2007 8:33 AM

Senator Thompson,

One more thing. Everyone knows that we are totally dependent on terrorists for our oil. What will you do to capitalize on our resources that are in the ground, on our own soil! I dont have exact numbers, but last I heard we have enough oil discovered and yet to be discovered to last us indefinitely. We can continue to find alternate resources in combination with using oil. The whole thing about global warming is a bunch of garbage and it inhibits our growth as a country. Cutting down on polution only works IF all other countries follow suit.

Thank you,

New Albany, IN

Posted by PH | September 7, 2007 9:32 AM

Please describe the differences between you and Mrs. Clinton in running our country.

Posted by John Manning Moore | September 7, 2007 10:42 AM

Fred Thompson, how about making videos of what your responses would of been had you been asked all of the questions at all of the past GOP Presidential debates? Also, how about Fred Thompson, himself, asking video questions to all of the video sharing sites for anyone interested in responding to them on a variety of issues including but not limited to: "What's truly the best solution to resolving Campaign Finance Reform problems and Lobbying problems throughout all of U.S. politics?"; "What's the best kind of overall Tax Reform? Flat Tax? Fair Tax? Is there truly something out there that's much better than either The Flat Tax or the Fair Tax?"; "Should all of Congress be Term Limited? If yes, by how many Terms? What are all of the pluses and all of the minuses to Term Limits for all politicians at every political level?"; "What's the best way of dealing with Judicial Activism at Every Judicial Level?"; "What are the best solutions in dealing with the ongoing War On Terror? What should be done with Terrorist Activities Within: Iran? Syria? Somalia? Saudi Arabia? Mexico? Canada? Palestine? Russia? China? Iraq? North Korea? Iraq? Zimbabwe? Cuba? Pakistan? Belorussia? Afghanistan? Sudan? Anywhere else? Even with Terrorist Activities here in the U.S.?"; "What are truly the best ways of Eliminating all Waste, Fraud, Abuse, and Pork-Barrel Spending from All of Government at every level for always?"; "What are truly the best ways of Eliminating the National Debt and Always Balancing The Federal Budget Every Year?"; "What are the best ways of Fully Privatizing Government at every level and Fully Deregulating Government at every level?"

Posted by William M. Wilson | September 7, 2007 11:12 AM

What is your stand on Gun Control?

Posted by Chris | September 7, 2007 1:19 PM

There has been a growing contingent of younger, politically-active evangelicals who are intensely concerned with issues beyond the pro-life discussion, issues like poverty, Africa (specifically Sudan and AIDS), the slave trade, and environmental stewardship. Bush ran on platform of compassionate conservatism, offering ideas and solutions to these problems. So I have two main questions:

- Is compassionate conservatism a platform you would consider running on? Why/why not?
- How would you articulate a conservative response to these moral issues?

Posted by A Cop From Seattle, Washington | September 7, 2007 1:29 PM

Law Enforcement in the United States of America

Senator Thompson, There is a critical melt down occurring as we speak in the Law Enforcement community across the United States. I would like to share my observations and hopefully get some input from you about what we can do as a Nation to correct this.

First off, I am a former U.S. Marine, and have been a Sheriff’s Deputy in the Seattle area for almost 20 years. My Father was Vietnam Vet and flew over 109 bombing missions over Laos and lived to tell the tale. I strongly support your beliefs and am very pleased you are running for president.

1) Staffing levels: Almost all Departments across this Nation are at critically low staffing levels. I work in a City with approx. 70,000 residents. My minimums are only 4 Officers on swing shift the busiest time of the day. I argue and complain about the safety of my Officers and the Citizens and I’m told “Too bad, we have to carry the vacancies we don’t have any money” don’t forget about the overcrowded jails.

2) Equipment: Most Agencies if not all constantly suffer from lack of equipment and proper gear to get the job done. We are given a Pistol a Remington 870 shotgun, and a 800 mhz radio that doesn’t work and told to survive on the streets of America. If you want the proper gear like an AR-15 Rifle you have to buy it yourself. We are given cheap body armor even when there is far superior armor out there. It’s all about money and nothing about Life.

3) Recruitment: We cannot entice enough people into the law Enforcement field right now. When I started 18 years ago I tested with over 2,000 candidates for 80 openings. Now we are lucky to have maybe 5 a month express an interest. And we now make the candidates pay to have to take the test! How stupid is that. Agencies Nationwide cannot keep up with attrition rates. No one want’s this job anymore because it’s too dangerous and violent out there. Officers are being killed in the Line of Duty at an overwhelming rate. A Cops Life does not mean anything anymore. The Pride and Respect fades as we just try and keep a lid on things and try and get home alive.

I understand that Law Enforcement is handled at the local level. However the reality is if we as a Nation do not look at this problem and take it seriously we are in for a “World of Hurt” we are headed that way now and being a Line officer the writing is on the wall plain as day. I hope you have some input into this matter and look forward to your response to the people of the United States of America.

Semper Fi and God Bless you Sir.

Anonymously signed for fear of retaliation for telling the Truth.

Posted by 4Fred | September 7, 2007 4:26 PM

I am interested in your opinion of the Fair Tax Initiative. If you don't support it, I would like to know why.


Posted by Lorene | September 7, 2007 4:44 PM

Mr. Thompson, Now that you are a delcared candidate, (Thank God) I have two questions. (1) When you receive the party nomination, who are you considering and your VP candidate? Why?

(2) What plans do you have to clean up the social program called Welfare that to way to many are know as a confortable way of life at the expense of others. Why do I have to pass a drug screen (not a problem for me)to get and maintain a job, to pay into the system for welfare recipients who don't have to pass a drug screen to get the benefits and can easily continue receiving the benefits all of their lives, their childrens, lives, etc. by manipulating the system. We make it so easy for them to do. This is a problem that spans decades of families that feel "why should they get a job when the government pays them more than they could get at a real job."

Now we are not only going to be paying them, but also all the illegals that are in this country??? What is wrong with this picture. What are your plans to correct this?

And while on the subjct of illegals, I live an hour from the Mexican border and have lived here since 1995. In that time I have (with an associates degree, 7 years civil service time-in-service, active duty with an honorable discharge, and a spouse who is retired navy and is now working on a government contract and ready to retire again (if we can afford it)) been unable to get a full time position because I am not bilingual. They don't come right out and tell you that, but it is very obvious in this area. When did these United States become a Spanish speaking country. We don't go to Mexico or any other country for that matter and demand that they speak English to get a job or that they teach in English in there schools and print there tests, applications, forms, etc., in English like they do here. What do you think about that?

Respectfully submitted
Your response to thse issues would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Janice Burkholder | September 7, 2007 6:09 PM

Is the Logan Act a tool you could use or would use as President to keep individuals who are not appointed by the President from running a "shadow presidency" and meeting with foreign leaders, giving at the least appearance of officially representing the United States. Specific examples are Speaker Nancy Pelosi's trips to Israel, Syria, and Iran shortly after she assumed the title of Speaker of the House and Representative Jim McDermott's trip to Baghdad to meet with Saddam Hussein shortly before the war started in Iraq in 2003.

If the Logan Act is not useful, what can be done so that political opponents do no usurp the constitutional role of the president and go off on their own, free-lancing as the Secretary of State?

Posted by Sherry | September 7, 2007 10:21 PM

Mr. Thompson,
I recently read that 8% of nursing positions are vacant and that by 2020, that number could rise to 29%. Do you have any thoughts on how this crisis could be averted? Would you be willing to recognize and bring attention to this particular danger in the future of our healthcare?

Thank you.

Posted by Rick T. | September 7, 2007 10:50 PM


I think it's obvious at this point that we must have the support of the general Iraqi population to win the fight against the insurgents. There is no way any size army can police every mile of every road. What will you do to bring to bear the expertise of our society at shaping public opinion in Iraq so that the average Iraqi will want to help us bring the stablity that they need to get what they want, security and economic prosperity.

Posted by R. Metclaf | September 8, 2007 10:27 PM

Hi, Fred.

As a teacher, I am very concerned with what is happening in our schools. NCLB was designed to insure that all teachers are highly qualified. You can have the most highly qualified person in the world teaching, but if the standards are not being taught it does no good for anyone. Do you think we should go to a set of national standards or continue to allow each state to develop their own standards of what should be taught?

I have taught in two different states and the standards are different, especially regarding what is taught when. With this being the case and considering the mobility of Americans now, a person who begins their education in one state may totally miss something required to pass graduation exams if they move to another state.

Also, do you think a national pay scale should be devised for teachers? There is a HUGE discrepancy in pay. I currently work in the lowest paying district in the state I live and moved from the highest paying district in the previous state I taught. I began at slightly less than $1000 per year difference where I am now than I was making in the other state. This is a true example of the differences in pay for teachers according to what state they are in.

I would appreciate your opinions on these matters.

Posted by Fred Kamps | September 9, 2007 11:42 AM


What would be your plan to take back control of the White House from the Big Business Money Markets?

Fred K.

Posted by Leland Hubbard | September 9, 2007 3:13 PM

You've spoken on several occasion of the entitlement crisis that faces the next generation if it is not addressed. Our current president failed in convincing the populace that privitizing Social Security was a preferable solution to it. Obviously the Congress was opposed, because with the american's money controlled by the americans, Congress can not continue it's history of raiding the fund.
Are you in favor of privatizing Social Security, and if so, do you think that you can be more sucessful in convincing the american people and defeating the AARP and Congress in getting it to fruition?

Posted by Sherry Alongi | September 10, 2007 7:00 AM

Mr. Thompson:

As a few have commented already, this border issue has more to do with a lot of things besides illegals entering this country.

It has to do with NAFTA as being more or less a smokescreen to benefit China's trade more than the lop-sided, double standard "free trade" pundits of the WTO are trying to pass off as something it is not.

I am getting sick and tired of MSM pundits laughing at reasonable, law-abiding citizens as some kind of whacko xenophobes, if they dare question the inherent flaws in a program being run by a bunch of transnationals who can over ride a country's sovereign right to govern itself.

I am somewhat concerned about the political manipulators who are now running your campaign.

Abrahms has an agenda. It is spelled NUCLEAR and the French company he is now with that would like to build some nuclear plants over here. Not that is bad, in and of itself, I am just sick of games politicians play and the pawns they use to get that agenda on the table. Even the GOP is using the Global Warming religion to accomplish that agenda, even though they know it is no more a fact than reading my horoscope.

Mary Madeline, as politically gifted she is, I don't think gives a flying flip about conservative values, except to get their vote.

We children of a lesser god have tired of all the theatrics. Somebody better get in the game that really cares about this country and can also handle their handlers.

Most of us are sick to death of the political theatre, while in the mean time transnationals of the criminal kind are pulling all of their strings.

Let's shoot for free trade, not give away trade to the highest foreign political contributor.

Posted by John Manning Moore | September 11, 2007 2:58 PM

Fred Thompson, how can conservatives truly succeed in defeating not only Democrats at each and every political level, but also truly succeed in defeating "elitist" Republicans at each and every political level and succeed in defeating "RINO" Republicans at each and every political level for the long-term?

Posted by Mike Masters | September 12, 2007 6:11 PM

Hi Fred,

I know your Background pretty well. I am from Tennessee myself– born on an Air Force base that doesn’t exist anymore… I grew up at the Foothills of the Smoky Mountains… I left Town to Find a Career Elsewhere… where I Succeeded and Failed from the Heights of Empire State building of Success

Now, I am an Private Investor in my own Ventures– maybe working for Less, but it is Mine! My Ventures range for millions to trillions– I used to be the Answer Guy back in the Corporate World I left

Today, I give you a Gift… a Gift to Serve to the Commonwealth of the United States– The Debt Reduction Act. I hope You review it well and see the Light that it Offers to our Immediate Concerns. This Gift is of One… I have many more to Give during our Relationship.

Political Economic Development & Innovation Advisor

The Debt Reduction Act
by Masters

This Act provides the means necessary to eliminate future National Economic Recessions. The End Results of this Act will be derived by a Controlled Reduction in Personal Income. The Methods Employed by this Act will dramatically Soften the Blow between Economic Expansion & Contraction (Recession).

The Benefits of this Act will be a Measured Improvement in GDP, Quality of Life, & Private Debt Reduction.


What if most of your Sins were Forgiven for the Good of All? Wouldn’t that be Nice?

Say you are in Debt up to your Eye Balls like ah…. $80k– now, that’s a nice round figure, yes?

How nice would it be if you could shrink that $80k tumor to the size of a Pimple? … And do everybody else in the process a Favor???

See Folks, We need Consumers– We like to Consume… We like Things & more Stuff that Goes Wow! But there comes a Time when all the Plastic in your little World will Run Dry… and that’s a Sad, Sad Day when that happens

When you Quit buying Things– Somebody Loses… and it is just a matter of How many Quit buying & How many Losers there are– that’s what causes Recessions!

What if we could break the Cycle? Can’t do that, right? Right.

But what we can do is Lesson the Impact and Spread the Misery Out over Time so it just makes a tiny Ripple in the Economic Lake. Are you with me so far?

Capital is the Key to Capitalism… may it be backed up by Gold or Value. That Pot at the End of the Rainbow grows annually by 0-10% depending upon the fermentation within. If there is not enough Yeast & Sugar, the growth is Flat or Lame. On the other hand, if the right combination is in the Mix, the Pot swells with Delight. That Pot contains Shares of the Wealth within. Wealthbuilding represents the Fermentation Process. If the Pot goes Flat or Lame, you have a Wealthbuilding Issue.

Wealthbuilding is diminished by Cost of doing Business. The End Figure represents the Net of Value to Cost– Growth. Wealthbuilding is Infinite and ever Expanding beyond even the control of the Fed Chairman. But one thing we can control is the Cost in many cases.

This Act is intended to Diminish the Impact of Cost in a Proactive manner. The Act provides Flexible Tax benefits to the Taxpayer of Payroll Taxes. Both the Employer or Source of Income and Employee or Recipient benefit from this Act, and those benefits can only be used for Debt Reduction purposes for both entities.

Back in 2001 I did a Profitability analysis on our Business that included about 2,500 truck drivers. The Good News was all operations were averaging 50% profit margin, but we were still losing our Butts with overhead expenses… Oh, well.

The most amazing thing I found was that our Payroll Tax portion of a monthly driver payroll was $500,000– Wow! So, every quarter the company doles out $1.5M in payroll taxes on top of everything else… I thought that that was just off the wall– Imagine a company like GE with 10s of thousands employees– could you imagine how much payroll tax that is? No wonder The Congress always taps into Social Security

Anyway, my company was tubing and looking for anyway to dog peddle water… so, I came up with this idea:

Ask Folks to cut their Salaries in Half to reduce the Payroll Taxes and in Return the Company would pay off their Debts equal to the other Half of their Salary. They thought that was Interesting, but were not sure about the legal side of things— but yes, we could have used an extra $250,000 a month… $750,000 a quarter to pay down our Credit Revolver with CIT– that would have been Peachy

So, we dropped it… but later I learned that Snr Executives were being Lured to Jobs by Loaning them $$ to relocate and buy a Nice, big house and after a year or so– they would forgive the Loan Folks, we are talking $100s of thousands here.

If it is Good enough for the Execs, it should be Good enough for the Working man in my Book, yes?

So, what are the Lessons learned from this?

Well, the Company could have survived longer and the 3,000 employees that eventually lost their jobs could have landed softer on unemployment if a good chunk of their debts were paid off. In my mine’s eye– EVERYBODY WINS!

Which is Worse: A Stroke or a Heart Attack? Put that in Financial terms, which would you rather have: a financial Stroke or a financial heart attack?

Which is Worse: A Stroke or a Heart Attack? Put that in Financial terms, which would you rather have: a financial Stroke or a financial heart attack?

The basic fundamentals of this Act is to Rehabilitate debtors and allow these entities to contribute to the further expansion of the economy in less time than bankruptcy and/or foreclosure, plus this Act promotes more Return on Risk in the Market for Investment since the debtor is more likely to Pay Back the Debt in a very short period of time under this Act; therefore, bankruptcies & foreclosures would decrease over time.

The Act can be Engaged anytime by the request of the Debtor as long as the Act has not been engaged for 1 year prior. The Debtor can dis-engage the Act anytime as well, but cannot engage until after 1 year.

There are some 300 million Americans that can take advantage of this Act at any given time; therefore, this Act would be engaged in staggered time periods over a period of Recovery. At first most Americans would engage the Act to Catch Up. Once they are caught up, the desire or need to engage the Act would diminish over time. You could expect younger generations to engage the Act to help them overcome college loans and the like when they do land a career. Starting families would be good candidates for this Act to help them Recover from the Healthcare Costs.

Healthcare is a big issue that this Act addresses. Most people have access to capital to pay for Emergency Healthcare, but some don’t and at any age they might be forced into bankruptcy and/or foreclosure because of one incident– by engaging the Act ( as long as they have a healthy income) they can stretch the repayment of a few years.

The normal time span of engagement for this Act is between 0-3 years with minor exceptions for special cases. The Tax Free portion the Act provides cannot be more than Half of the Debtor’s income. These Tax Free dollars can only be used for Debt Reduction reasons for all Entities. If you desire to Attain more Equity in your home, you will have the right to engage the Act for the maximum period you desire (3 years) to do so.

When the Act is engaged Debt instruments are Identified and are chosen for a Debt Relief period. During the engagement, those debt instruments are suspended and therefore are of no value– you cannot borrow or charge on these suspended instruments. When the engagement period expires or is canceled, the debtor’s income returns to the 100% level and all holds on the debtor’s Debt instruments are Lifted.


Our Country is based on the Capitalism System. This system is has served us well beyond the lands we came from. This system is primary based on Chance: Sink or Swim. For those that swim to the shore are rewarded… the others perish under the waves of Debt, but they cannot be jailed for their mistakes– instead our system provides them recourse through bankruptcy laws to be reborn, not imprisoned.

This Act takes that Promise Up one more level to avoid bankruptcy and the write offs that occur during that process.

Like a Farmer that sows a field, he hopes it will grow a bounty. But he also expects some spoilage as well. The Profit of the Harvest determines the sacrifices made before it. Sacrifices are the Key. One must Sacrifice many things to achieve Greatness, but what those things are, are not defined… but they exist.

Anybody with Half a Brain knows when they are in Financial trouble and they try to act accordingly within Reason. The Lone Ranger scenario projects the Man of the house to get a Raise… source new ways of funding a mistake and make the Pain go away. This Act behaves in the same manner… mistakes or Acts of God may lay a person or family low. Resolve with Dignity is the Answer– the head of the household can Fix his own misgivings if given a Chance… and that is Exactly what the Act Serves– Dignity and the End of Recessions as we know them to be too often.

Are there any Questions or Comments I can address?


Posted by Thomas P. Beaverton, OR | September 13, 2007 1:48 PM

Fred. Thank you for throwing your hat into the ring. Your straightforwardness is refreshing in a time when candidates are allowed to drone on general terms and throw cliches around at will.

I recently attended a gun show. A table was set up with political material and the individuals were asking people to fill out surveys asking which conservative candidate they endorse. I was asked as well but said it was too early for me. I simply asked the gentleman who he likes so far. He replied with Mitt or Rudy. I asked him directly "What about Fred?". He explained to me that your cancer is a serious issue with him and he doesn't want to waste his vote on a candidate that may not be able to 'tow the rope' for all 4 years.
This is alarming to me because he did not bring up a single one of your policies or ideas as something he disagreed with (as he did with Rudy/Mitt). He simply wrote you off because of a health concern.
This brings me to my question: How do you plan on putting at ease, the public regarding any health concerns?
Please nip this in the butt early. The mud slinging has already begun and it would be a shame to lose the confidence of possible voters due to incorrect speculation regarding your health by your opposition.
Repeat it often, take the issue off the table. Bring a renowned doctor in and have him publicly clear your bill of health.
I look forward to watching your debates against the other candidates - watching them hit the canvas one by one.
Best of Luck.

Posted by Jay Johnson | September 16, 2007 12:02 PM

Dear Fred. (I'd better use this familiar greeting while I can because before long I'll have to refer to you as "Mr. President.")

As a believer in the disappearing and despised concept of Federalism, I wonder what approach you would take to restore this vital concept to our government? President Reagan tried mightily to accomplish this by eliminating numerous agencies and departments, such as the Department of Education, but was only able to decrease the flow of tax dollars to these entities. In the following years these once starved organizations have again become fat and are gobbling up more money than ever while requiring the states to dance to their tunes.

It seems to me that every time the government takes over something, that entity soon becomes a miniature of what we see in Washington. This is obvious when we take a close look at Medicare or the Department of Education. Both of these systems have become bloated, top heavy, bureaucraticlly driven juggernauts that are unable to produce results as good as the ones they gave us fifty years ago. How would you address this issue and return control and responsibility for these and other important duties over to the people who can direct them best: those at the state and local level?

Jay Johnson,
Arlington, Texas

Posted by Paul Brown | September 16, 2007 12:03 PM

National Identity Card?

The issues we face with regard to our nations security and the safety of our citizens is great. However, the need to protect the civil liberties of our citizens and to respect the issues of states rights and balances of power seem to place a tension between these in our nation.

One such issue that seems to be questioning both civil liberties and states rights in the interest of national security is the so called RealID, also known as the national identity card.

The crux of the issue -- as I understand it -- is that the federal government is in a position to tell states and citizens what a valid driver's license and identification card is considered acceptable for travel -- and presumably other reasons. No doubt, the RealID is said to impose costly technological burdens on individual states.

How do you see the issue of handling security concerns like the assuring of identification, while still protecting the rights of individuals and states.

Posted by Scott H | September 17, 2007 11:38 PM


Senator Thompson,

First let me say thank you for undertaking this monumental endeavor. Ever since my wife and I saw one of your Senate speeches in the mid-1990's, we have been hoping you would one day run for President. I understand the great sacrifice this is for you and your family, and I thank you for deciding to try and change the country for the better for our future generations.

My question is this : You are a great champion of Federalism in the United States, which is why you will get my vote and my wife's. Do you think federalism would be a viable solution in Iraq as well ? The country is practically divided into semi-autonomous regions already, so it would not take much to implement such a solution.

My father has been working as a civilian contractor in Iraq since last December as part of one of the teams trying to jump-start their economy. Based on conversations with him, this sounds to be the best path for success in Iraq.

Posted by rick morgan | September 18, 2007 12:04 PM

I want to vote for you but I want straight answers to the issues and not the Texas-two- step. Where can I find your straight answers?

Posted by John J. Babbitts, Jr. | September 18, 2007 12:16 PM

Fred in the Constitution the President of the United Sates takes an oath that he will to the best of his "ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."
What do you see as the greatest Constitutional crisis facing our country today and how do you plan to deal with that crisis? Thank you for the opportunity to ask you a question.

Posted by Linda Gibson | September 18, 2007 1:15 PM

I would like to know what the state education departments are supposed to do that are going broke funding foreign nationals, (legal and illegal)under a Federalist government? Today, many states have no idea how expensive it is to educate these students. The burden is on states like CA, TX. The expense needs federal attention.

Posted by Pioneer38401 | September 19, 2007 2:47 AM

Senator Thompson,

With being of the Thirty Something group, I understand some of the issues that you touched upon as far as the retirees now and what the effects will be to the grandchildren in upcoming years. But, for those of us in the in between generations what can we expect as far as Saving for that time to come and the results we will have once you take office? Not unlike most americans my age I am married with three children and with inflation and cost of living my wife was forced to stay out of the workforce and I have taken on two jobs and a third is in the works. What kind of answers to benefits can you for-see that will be available to someone like me that is actually trying to support my family and not soak up Governmental Aid which costs trillions of dollars to other tax paying citizens? I am honestly struggling to do what is right and just, but yet am concerned with all of this and where I will be tomorrow.....

Posted by Tom | September 19, 2007 12:06 PM


I support you because I believe that you are the candidate that can best get your message directly to the people, both as a candidate, and as a President.

My question is this. You talk a lot about Federalism, and empowering states instead of an all-inclusive Federal government. I think this is a problem that has been brewing since the founding of the country and since then the pendulum has been moving towards Federal power. What do you think you could do as President to start it swinging back the other way towards empowering states and limiting the Federal government? And do you think you could begin the education process that would need to happen to get people to start thinking more locally for solutions, even though that means the state next door might come up with different solutions to the same problems?

Thanks again for your candidacy. Good luck in the campaign!

Tom Bolick
Atlanta (Lilburn), GA

Posted by CT Rick | September 20, 2007 11:11 AM

Mr. Thompson,

While everyone is talking about the parties' choices for President, I'm more interested in the Republicans' choices for Vice President.

You have stated that you want to unite this country.
However I believe that the current set of Democrats in Congress and Their Leadership do not want to be united.
In my opinion they are more interested in amassing as much power as possible through Agit-Prop, Biased Media Reporting, Demonization, Hegelian Dialectic, and Divide and Conquer techiques than in actually working to unite this country with anyone who does not share their Marxist vision of a Socialist America.

I believe that the Democrats in Congress and Their Leadership have "gone over the cliff".
However I do not believe that same thing about all of their traditional supporters.
While a lot of those supporters have bought into the New Democrat Socialist Rage power base, some have not.

One notable exception in Congress is former Democrat now Independent Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman.
I believe he represents a huge demographic of disenchanted and disenfranchised Democrats who do not hate their country as it is currently structured.

In an effort to truly unite with these Democrats who are actually open to a message of "Unity" would you be open to consider Mr. Lieberman as your running mate?

Posted by Douglas Drinkall | September 21, 2007 3:01 AM

Senator Thompson,
I am looking for a very strong and very CONSERVITIVE candidate for '08. Sadly we have had no one like that since Ronald Regan. At times they may talk the talk, and promise the world, however when push comes to shove - they take the middle ground, and do not hold stead fast to their conservative ideals that got them elected to begin with.
As a Christian father of 6, that happens to live in a very liberal state (Washington), I have been finding more and more difficult to even find a person that understands what a Regan Conservative was and/or is.
Can you, or someone on your staff tell me, without blowing smoke anywhere, how conservative you really are? I have read almost everything on your website, blogs, etc... But as of yet seen and/or heard an answer to that question.
I honestly believe that what this Country wants, NEEDS, and especially Republicans, is a strong Conservative candidate that is NOT IN THE MIDDLE! And one that is not going to cave in!
Please respond.
Most Sincerely & God Bless!

Posted by Rob | September 21, 2007 1:21 PM

Senator Thompson:

The Public Education in the United States, primarily High School Education, is rapidly falling in quality to the rest of the world. The future will see a mass shortage of engineers, programers, and managers in the States, while those positions are quickly becoming the most important for success in a global economy. Everyone agrees that Math and Science, two subjects that are already not given enough attention, are necessities in almost any future successful career. As a Federalist, what do you believe is the best method to revamp America's public secondary education system to produce more college ready graduates that can be properly prepared for an almost certain nearly 100% white collar America?

Posted by Spencer53 | September 22, 2007 11:11 AM

Mr. Thompson: To be blunt, you remind me of something George F. Will said in 1986: "Ronald Reagan is not recognizably conservative." There was ample proof. Reagan increased federal spending especially in the first 6 years of his presidency when Republicans controlled the U. S. Senate and he raised taxes 3 times (1982, 1983 and 1986). He made no serious attempt to cut spending or eliminate any federal programs. That's why I'm skeptical of any Republican who calls himself a conservative.

Name 3 federal programs you will eliminate and explain how you will balance the budget through spending cuts without tax increases.

Posted by Jan Johnson | September 23, 2007 12:02 AM

I only have a few things of intrest...will you secure the nation's borders and oppose any move to establish a North American Union or to build NAFTA superhighways?

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