September 6, 2007

Thompson Has Your Questions

Yesterday, the campaign team for Fred Thompson asked the Captain's Quarters community to participate in a new kind of interactive forum. They gave us the opportunity to ask specific, substantive questions of Senator Thompson and submit a few representative entries to the campaign. Next week, Thompson will answer these questions as well as some from a few other blogs in videotaped messages through his campaign website.

Earlier today, they asked me to select the questions for the candidate. In order to allow reader participation for the selection as well as the generation of questions, I asked longtime faithful readers Peyton and Deb to form a committee with me. Together we came up with six -- we pushed the limit a little on that -- and sent them to the campaign late this afternoon. They've indicated their delight with the process, and we should start seeing the answers soon.

Most of the questions seriously posed in the comments were excellent, and I tried to make sure the most popular topics got covered. I know his campaign watched the thread, so perhaps as the season wears on, we'll get to some of the other great questions that we couldn't include this time. As soon as the video answers get published, I will be sure to link to them.

If other Republican candidates want to try this process, I know the Captains' Quarters community will be ready to participate.


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Posted by Paul Ramsey | September 6, 2007 9:03 PM


I am greatly concerned of the corrosive effect of overregulation of our economy and our everyday lives. As a practicing Architect in Southern California, almost on a daily basis while confronting that bureaucratic monster known as our cities, I have to overcome some constitutional overreach or regulation poison pill or my client's project will be doomed.

This enforced no growth scarcity has created a housing crisis in LA where likely more than a million illegals live in tenement like conditons. The costs of housing, schooling, health care, insurance, and of course government fees have skyrocketed.
My healthcare insureance has doubled and my daughter's tuition has tripled since kindergarten. Building costs have likewise tripled in the last 8 years

Tax cuts are essential to our economic growth, but tax cuts alone can't deal with all of our economic problems. It seems in deep blue cities like LA, whatever economic benefits are generated by tax cuts on the Federal level, they are more than wiped out by local over-regulation.
Senator, what do you propose to do to remedy this over- regulation.

Paul Ramsey

Posted by RKV | September 6, 2007 9:14 PM

Paul, Huge fractions of the over-regulation you refer to are a result of state laws. Until you fix your state's problem, don't bother Fred with the issue. That's called Federalism.


Posted by Carol Herman | September 6, 2007 9:20 PM

Ya know what? Fred Thompson is an expert on computer technology. (Just like Glenn Reynolds link today, shows.)

In 2000 Thompson helped draft the legislation that would better serve government agencies; when buying and configuring their computers. I believe, he put into place, yearly reporting. (where a C- is an improvement for an agency's review of its computers.)

And, now, we have a presidential candidate RUNNING with that full knowledge of how computers work. How people interact with them. And, how important FUNCTION is to our security.

I'd ask Fred: How can we stay ahead?

We saw Detroit lose its market share. Wrong focus. But what about how we started this ball rolling. Where once stood Xerox and IBM, unaware of the new technology. And, it's potential.

Here, we can now talk to people around the world. We're crashing through language barriers. We're adding reading skills to the daily lives of people, outside of classrooms.

How do we maintain our advantage?

Yes, I do believe running for the Presidency, and using the media in ways people understand it can be used; is one way to show the delight in this efficiency.

And, if you're elected President, what will you do from the Oval Office, that would keep the ignorant clowns in congress away from setting up their pork projects just to waste money?

How can we become more efficient?

Also, you've been in the senate. You've seen these prima-donna's backstage. How will you get them to behave? I can't stand it that both parties look so alike, the leadership can borrow each other's costumes.

Posted by flenser | September 6, 2007 9:36 PM

Very cool. Can you tell us which questions were asked?

Posted by KJBtruth | September 6, 2007 9:45 PM

Yet one more reason to love Fred Thompson.

Other candidates, Democrats and weak kneed Rinos are scared to death of tough questions, and would never agree to be questioned by the masses.

I for one am tired of softballs being lobbed at politicians. I would love to see much more contact through mechanisms like the questions forum. It allows ordinary folks a chance to pose a thoughtful question, and the candidates a chance to see a snapshot of voter concerns.

Kudos to Fred for running a different kind of campaign and not bowing to the alter of the MSM.


Posted by M. Simon | September 6, 2007 9:52 PM

Fred has a question page/blog on his www site.

If your questions didn't get answered from here you can leave them there.

Posted by mrlynn | September 6, 2007 10:18 PM

I want to know why he bobs like a sock puppet on his announcement video; it's disconcerting, and amateurish.

Then, I'd like to know if a Fred-burger would be better than a Rudy-burger; see here:

Oh, I know—there's Iran, and China, and the global-warming hoax, and how to fight off Hillary-care, and so on, and so forth.

But first things first!

/Mr Lynn

PS One more question: How about Condoleezza Rice for VP? Would that be a killer ticket, or what?

Posted by Carol Herman | September 6, 2007 10:27 PM

Very cool to point out Fred Thompson's staff "watches the threads."

Reminds me how Drudge talks about this. How he came to realize people were reading his site; who used to read fish wraps.

Now, when's somebody gonna publish the daily Crossword Puzzle?

Posted by alphie | September 6, 2007 10:36 PM


How do you know Fred himself actually answered the questioned?

Posted by sarah webster | September 6, 2007 10:38 PM

Dear Senator Thompson:
Thank you for heeding the call from your grassroots constituents...we really need you.
I am 57 years old, divorced and living on 30,000 dollars a year...I think I am pretty average. In my opinion, the real issues facing the United States are not being addressed by the media. I am one who has suffered higher rents, higher crime and more limited job choices, etc etc, due to unchecked illegal immigration. I am also concerned about other, more subtle changes in our daily lives. I am 57 years old, and have lived through the years when we were a great country, but life has changed for me. For example:changes such as threats to our national sovreignty and safety through the policies of the past and current administrations regarding NAFTA and Mr Clinton and Bush's New World Order, and the disturbing rumblings of further insults and pollution from foreign countries and domestic pirates who wish to rape and plunder our country. Our children are being poisoned by lead paint from China, our industries have moved offshore, and H1B Visas are extended beyond their legal restrictions. Corporations have taken over the Republican party, and as a result, we see obnoxious profits for the CEOs of these corporations, AND we are still paying top dollar for the products that are poisoning us, even though we were told that NAFTA would bring lower consumer prices HA HA (look at the average home price, and keep in mind that low paid illegals have been heavily involved in the construction of these homes). I struggle to buy groceries on the crumbs left after taxes, insurance and student loans. I will never be able to afford an "average" home.
Voting for Mr Banking and Insurance Romney, Mr Casino Guiliani or Mrs Corporation Clinton or Mr Teachers Union Obama is something I will not do. Are you opposed to this global takeover by the elites? The people have no voice,unless there is BIG MONEY involved.

Other issues that concern me:
Taxation of illegals, seems they are all self employed,
Renewable energy (heating bills are enormous)
Social Security crisis
Real Education reform
and finally, being too nice, showing any weakness or paying off nations(N. Korea) is a poor way to gain respect in the world..

No one will address these issues: trade imbalances,corporate greed, globalism and the effects on the middle class. Will you?

Posted by Steffan | September 6, 2007 11:54 PM

Carol H:

Actually, you can go online to any of the MSM websites and do the crossword puzzles, and other games, online. The jigsaw puzzle is about the only reason I visit the MSNBC website any more. And the NY Post has a great word-search game, as well as all the Sudoku you could ever want. :)

As far as government use of computers goes, you gotta be kidding. The most powerful computer on the Shuttle is the laptop that one of the astronauts might have brought along for the ride -- most of the computer tech on the thing dates from 1975, and has never been replaced "because it works." SSA has some of the newest computer equipment in the government, running Windows XP, but which pretends to be IBM 3270s because that's the format all of the files are in.

We are also facing increased hacker activity from countries that have no real reason to wish us well. I'd ask Fred for some general ideas on what he would do about that....

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