September 7, 2007

The Wolves At London's Door

The Times of London has done some digging into the lines of control for the city’s mosques and finds a disturbing development. Almost half of them have come under the leadership of the same radical sect that spawned the Taliban, and the new leader has called for the shedding of blood in a jihad against the West. Ironically, Britain has subsidized the indoctrination of these jihadists that produce 80% of their homegrown Islamic clerics.

At Heading Right, I ask how bad the situation has to get when even Pakistanis complain about British Muslim extremism. Will Western nations surrender to the extremists by refusing to defend themselves, or will they act to curtail the influence and spread of deadly and seditious organizations? Britain appears to be the test case.


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Posted by J | September 7, 2007 8:58 AM

One ought to check stateside. I just learned that many of the Somali mosques, including the one in Bloomington, get their imams from all over the world. Turns out they don't have an "assigned" imam as most western churches and synagogues do. The imams float among many mosques. Think about this - they become the human mail service to plan and teach multiple mosque attendees in any way they choose. This could be a way to avoid detection and coordinate strikes in the future. Not nice.

Posted by Lightwave | September 7, 2007 9:19 AM

Along with the recent story about microtransfers from the UK being used to fund terror by going under the cash transfer radar, I think if Britain is the test case, then the case is largely lost.

At this point the UK is facing one of two choices: either a massive, but neccesary crackdown on British Muslims (leading to worldwide condemnation in the MSM, natch) or doing nothing and facing another 7/7 (which hopefully would be broken up by UK anti-terrorism units). One of the two will have to happen in the next year, is my guess. I'm betting before next summer we'll hear of yet another major plot busted, or there will be a major raid in UK mosques.

The lesson to be drawn here is that accommodating Islam cannot work. It's fundamentally (if you'll excuse the pun) incompatible with democracy and Western values.

And yet here in the US, we're largely on the road towards making the same mistake. Certainly the Dems want us to go down this touchy-feely path.

Posted by rbj | September 7, 2007 9:50 AM

The British have already surrendered their guns, now are looking at surrendering their knives, and will prosecute you if you defend yourself from an attacker. Now they're trying to appease those filled with hate for all things western.

What has happened to Great Britain? Is there any Winston Churchill left over there?

Posted by always right | September 7, 2007 12:28 PM

Waiting for the famous British bulldog spirit and stiff upperlips to show up.

Anytime now....

Posted by Carol Herman | September 7, 2007 2:46 PM

Okay. But the muzzies have a problem.

They don't go into bars. They won't be caught dead where beer, or pork, is served. Seems to me, the world is just full of meeting places, where these beasts wouldn't find out what blowback smells like. While, yes. Blowback, for discarding this rubbish, gets discussed.

The other problem that could loom?

Since they control the mosques. Big buildings without chairs. Just rugs. And, "fountains" where men can wash their tootsies before performing their prayers five times a day.

WHen you go out looking for them; the freaks won't be all that hard to find.

SO, they're controlling a bunch of buildings, at some point, which can empty out. Because even with freaks, there comes a time there's "yootful" rebellions. And, the parents can't seem to keep the kids in the pews.

You think the muzzies will never have a problem?

How come?

All the most beautiful music in the world; and it seems religions have a tendency to lose chaps over time.

Of course, the muzzies inter-marry with first cousins. So, they're oblivious to what genetics holds in store.

As to their "taking over the world," how's that gonna happen. For a "good war" you need plenty of whores. And, plenty of booze. And, a very good system designed to train boys into being men. And, having courage.

I know. I know. Blowback's not here.

But to paraphrase Winston Churchill; when he said it about America, the same will probably hold true for the English speakers across our pond: "Eventually" they'll do the right thing. When they run out of everything else.

Giving up, however, and turning themselves voluntarily in to head bangers? Nah. Though I do believe elephant ears, himself; the stupidest bonnie prince Charlie, is already converted. But then, folks, when he was given a lovely virginal bride, did he know what to do with her?

You think he can wear his mother's crown on his head? His head's narrow. The ceremony would be odd because all he has is his ears, to hold the crown up on his head.

Who knows? Maybe, it's the monarchy that falls, instead?

Posted by Bikerken | September 7, 2007 3:05 PM

When will the rest of the world get it figured out? Islam is not a legitimate religion. It is much more of a cult, and a death related cult at that. It has all of the earmarks such as repetitive affirmation, (prayers over and over and over), mandated absolute submission, extreme punishment for any consideration or thoughts that don't agree with it's tenets, a messiah like leader, violence toward non cult members, hiding it's real self from the outside world, and the two faced trait of preaching one thing while doing another. Cultists tend to not believe their own lying eyes, instead they swallow the tenets of the cult so intensly that thy often will follow it to their own death, and do it willingly. It is an agressive cult that is at war with all of the non-islamic world. It is time we started treating them the same as Nazis. You may not agree with me now, but you will later. Question is, will it be too late?

Posted by patrick neid | September 7, 2007 8:11 PM

with all the attention focused on iraq and afghanistan the mosques are the most dangerous front lines in the war on terror and they are not even being discussed. even today these western madrasses are incubating, unhindered, the human bombs that will someday explode in our midst. then we all shriek, how could this happen. well duh. the saudis' bank roll, here in this country, the whabbist strain of sunni islam--some say the tap root of the moslem brotherhood and the inspiration for al qaeda.

while we run here and there chasing al qaeda operatives they nurse them right here under our noses. sooner or later all that preached hate, abetted by the womb, will lead a critical mass just as it has in the UK.

it's going to get very ugly going forward.

personally i think we should spend billions and billions on clean smoke stack technology so that we can use coal with no ill effects. we have enough for about 300 years. long before it runs out we'll have discovered a new fuel source. with clean coal we can cut the saudis' off. one way or another before this conflict is over we are cutting them off or vice versa. i just don't think there needs to be a economic depression coinciding with event.

Posted by Carol Herman | September 7, 2007 9:20 PM

Bikerken; are you assuming that islam wins? Or, just that it's very noisy?

Since the world keeps turning, after we're gone; and, it's possible we're not really given the plans by the Man Upstairs ...

What if, after all the carnage against Jews by the Europeans, last Century ... that islam could plotz, just by having Israel staying alive.

At some point, if you were fighting a war that you thought God gave you the advantage ... Um. What happens if that advantage goes missing?

I heard an interesting argument about this, pertaining to the Civil War. Where the "grey" (that's the South)absolutely thought they had biblical protections. And, they prayed harder than the north. (That's just the south. Abraham Lincoln didn't even go and join a church). The carnage was enormous. But when it was over? Jefferson Davis tried to run out of Richmond (Virginia), wearing a dress.

Again, I don't know the courses religious institutes will take in the decades to centuries, ahead. But given the spewing hatreds taught with all that Saudi money, running into the madrass pits; is there a day that their "faithful" might rebel? Might think something stinks if all they do is commit suicide; and win no territory?

We're watching "something." Whether we're at "End Game" or not; I do not know.

But from a business perspective, what the House of Saud went and did was gamble. Instead of build. And, gambling for outcomes rarely produces anticipated results. It's a "hope over experience" sort of thing.

Even over in England; where the BBC was doing some interviewing. And, I was watching the newscasts following Glasgow, right here on my computer. There was this parade. Going down some British neighborhood. And, at one doorway, an old woman stood. So the reporter asked her. "What did she think." "RUBBISH." That was her reply.

Ya know, here, in America, the American Indians also thought for quite some time "they had the edge." And, then? They found,for the most part, extinction.

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