September 16, 2007

Hsustock: What Did Hsu Want?

The Washington Post asks the question at the base of the Hsustock scandal, but comes up with few answers. What did Norman Hsu hope to gain by flooding the zone with millions in contributions to Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton? Where did he get the money at the beginning, before apparently fleecing Woodstock founder Joel Rosenman of $40 million? His investors would like the answers to all of the above:

To raise $850,000 for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign in just eight months, Norman Hsu tapped an eclectic group of donors that included wealthy investors in his apparel ventures, hotel shopkeepers, a 96-year-old in a Florida retirement home and an auto-body worker who mistakenly thought he would get a tax break for his political generosity.

The Clinton campaign has not yet released any information about the 260 donors whose contributions it is now refunding because they were credited to the prodigious fundraising of the former fugitive, but a detailed analysis of donors Hsu brought to Clinton shows that he tapped many Asian American donors in California and New York, including complete strangers as well as his relatives. He also raised political funds from people who had already invested large sums in his private business ventures.

Some donors among the nearly 100 identified this week said they never met Hsu and did not know that their donations had been credited to his fundraising. Others had trouble explaining why they gave the funds to Clinton or could not recall the circumstances in which they met Hsu.

"He called me and asked me if I'd give $1,000. . . . I don't know how you'd say we struck up a relationship. I just knew him," said Henry Rosenberg, a New York City lawyer. Asked if he wanted Clinton, New York's junior senator, to be the next president, Rosenberg said: "I don't know. He just asked me to do it, and I did."

Nay Oo, another Clinton donor for whom Hsu claimed credit, was listed in the candidate's fundraising reports with an address in Daly City, Calif. The home's owner, Ellen Yee, said Oo used to rent a room in the house but hadn't lived there for years. A man who returned a call to Oo's phone and identified himself as Oo said he works in an auto-body shop and does not know Hsu. He said he donated $250 to Clinton at the request of a landlord. "I thought it was going to be a tax write-off," he said.

Most of this article rehashes what we already know about Hsu. He charmed people into both political donations and investments, and in the case of the latter, promised large returns for their money. The profile of the donors that arises doesn't come as much of a surprise -- mostly Asian-Americans with social and business ties to Hsu. He also squeezed $4600 out of Rosenman's 96-year-old father from that Florida retirement home, a transaction that might bear a little more investigation as a potential front for Rosenman's money. It seems a little unusual to have a person that age suddenly send thousands for a presidential candidate shortly after his son goes into business with the bundler.

The Los Angeles Times doesn't do much better at unraveling the enigma. However, the Times does a good job of determining how Hsu ingratiated himself with the Democrats -- lots and lots of gifts:

Last year, to celebrate New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's reelection victory, Norman Hsu capped an amazingly successful year as a Democratic fundraiser by treating members of her campaign staff to several days at the glitzy Mandalay Bay hotel and casino in Las Vegas, complete with free show tickets and dinners at posh restaurants.

Among Hsu's guests was Patti Solis Doyle, who now heads Clinton's presidential campaign and has long been one of Clinton's most trusted advisors....

By living on a lavish scale, he convinced associates that he was backed by great personal wealth. He also made a point of doing favors. He would provide hard-to-get dinner reservations at exclusive restaurants, or bestow elegant gifts on associates. Clinton confidant Solis Doyle got a coveted, and pricey, designer handbag -- a gift that made her so uncomfortable she returned it. ...

As they look back, Clinton staffers say Hsu's efforts to ingratiate himself seem painfully, embarrassingly obvious. In addition to the post-victory trip to Las Vegas in November 2006 for Solis Doyle, two junior staffers and a New York-based fundraiser, Hsu provided a hotel stay in Las Vegas for two other campaign workers in April 2006.

While at the Mandalay Bay, Hsu took at least some of his guests to a favorite bar, Red Square. It features a huge statue of a decapitated Lenin at the entrance, and the top of the bar is sheathed in ice to maintain the chill of the caviar and exclusive vodkas.

It's a strategy that allowed Hsu to hoodwink Hillary and worm his way into the inner circles of the Democratic Party. Rather than ask themselves what Hsu wanted with the freebies, the Clinton camp and other Hsu clients just kept reveling in his largesse. That certainly has some bearing on the ethics of a potential Hillary Clinton administration, as well as its sophistication and judgment. Hillary has talked about how George Bush fooled her into voting for the Iraq war, and it looks like Hillary, Barack Obama, Eliot Spitzer, Andrew Cuomo, and a host of other Democrats either consistently act as saps, or other explanations apply for their greed.

We still don't know much about Hsu's motives, but we certainly know enough about those of his Democratic Party partners. Hopefully, we'll start learning more about the sourcing of Hsu's money -- a matter on which the Democratic Party showed no concern whatsoever until their con man got exposed.


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Comments (41)

Posted by docjim505 | September 16, 2007 9:16 AM

"He called me and asked me if I'd give $1,000. . . . I don't know how you'd say we struck up a relationship. I just knew him," said Henry Rosenberg, a New York City lawyer. Asked if he wanted Clinton, New York's junior senator, to be the next president, Rosenberg said: "I don't know. He just asked me to do it, and I did."

Hey, does anybody know Rosenberg's number or e-mail address? Because if he's giving away cash just because people ask him, I wouldn't mind a check to my favorite charity (i.e. me).

Are we really to believe that Hsu just walks up to people - in some case, people with obviously limited means - and convinces them after a few moments' conversation to fork over fat loads of cash to the Hilldabeast? Does he have some kind of hypnotic superpowers?

As for why the dems didn't ask many (if any) questions about what he wanted, it's obvious: they wanted the money. As I've written before, absent further evidence that the Hilldabeast or other dems were involved in or even knew about some sort of scheme to get around the campaign finance laws or knowingly involved themselves in a nefarious quid pro quo, I'm really not that upset with them. Expecting a politician to ask a lot of questions about the origins of a big check, much less refuse it, is unreasonable.

It will be interesting to see what (if anything) results from the investigations into Hsu and his money. I must say that I'm shocked that the LAT is still looking into it.

Posted by daytrader | September 16, 2007 9:17 AM

And all this was going on in the campaign that tells us Hillary was determined to say she wanted to make sure this campaign was not touched by funding scandals.

Posted by Bennett | September 16, 2007 9:42 AM

"As they look back, Clinton staffers say Hsu's efforts to ingratiate himself seem painfully, embarrassingly obvious."

As they look back? I guess that means at the time it all seemed perfectly normal and proper.

It's really just the sense of entitlement though isn't it? Nobody asked any questions because of course it was completely understandable that this man would want to pay for junkets to Vegas and buy pricey gifts for a bunch of staffers. Who wouldn't? They're the special people.

Posted by bert | September 16, 2007 9:56 AM

Does the Wash Compost think we are stupid enough to believe Rosenburg was scammed?This is an obvious standard DNC / Chinese military contribution scam that went wrong. Rosenburg wanted his tourist attraction and wanted the govt to pay for it and found a bunch of fellow Lear jet socialist to contribute to there fellow Socialist / Queen of the radical left, comrade Hillary. Does anyone think the media would be so uninterested in digging at the truth and trusting of this phony story if it involved the RNC and a Rudy or Fred ?

Posted by RBMN | September 16, 2007 9:58 AM

It could just be an exceptionally exotic money-laundering scheme. Embezzle funds, spend the money on political contributions, and then when your victims discover you pocketed their money, and panic, the hidden campaign donor steps in and pays the embezzlement victims off. The real donor has no connection to the political contributions, and the embezzlement victims probably just want to forget the whole mess, put it behind them, once they get their money back.

Posted by patrick neid | September 16, 2007 10:23 AM

Unless this gets investigated by the Justice department, FBI, etc this story will go nowhere. Instead we will continue to get these fluff pieces written by the Post, the Times etc that will later be used as evidence that everything was looked into.

What is interesting is the possible appointment of the next Attorney General, Michael Mukasey. He's a long term friend Of Rudy's.

I'm surprised the dems, especially Schumer, like this guy. He could cause serious problems for the Hillary campaign as Hsu gets looked into.

Posted by Tom Shipley | September 16, 2007 10:36 AM


media bias is just the gift that keeps on giving for you guys. it's like duct tape.

After all the speculation about some larger crime committed by the Clinton campaign on here (why else would Hsu try to kill himself???? being exhibit A), unsuprisingly, there has been one shred of evidence to come forth on this.

So now, naturually, it's because the media won't look hard enough. Oh whoa is me.

By the way, the NYTimes has one of its top reporters looking into Hillary's ties to Hsu, so maybe you'll all get your wish and have Hilary exposed as the Manchurian Candidate that she is (oh wait, if she in fact is, you best bet that the NYTimes is in on it too, so maybe not).

Sorry guys. guess you're helpless.

Posted by capitano | September 16, 2007 10:52 AM

"He called me and asked me if I'd give $1,000. . . . "

Left unreported: "....and that if I did, I'd receive an envelope with $1000 plus in cash, small bills. Such a deal."

Posted by Bennett | September 16, 2007 10:57 AM

"After all the speculation about some larger crime committed by the Clinton campaign on here (why else would Hsu try to kill himself???? being exhibit A), unsuprisingly, there has been one shred of evidence to come forth on this."

I suppose you mean "there HASN'T been one shred of evidence". I don't find any grassy knoll conspiracies in this thread. Except from you. But even if there were, they would be as meaningful as your speculation that there is no undiscovered intrigue here.

The crimes for which there is a "shred of evidence" seem rather large enough by themselves, don't you think?

Posted by Hugh Beaumont | September 16, 2007 11:09 AM

Tom Shipley:

Hsu's activity doesn't bother you? The Democrtic Party's willing ignorance is no concern?

I guess the Clintonian "even the appearence of impropriety" standard is suddenly meaningless. lol.


Posted by Aldo | September 16, 2007 11:16 AM

This quote in the Los Angeles Times says it all:

One investor said she made donations solely to stay in Hsu's good graces and knew others who did so as well.

"They knew they had to do it or they were out," said the investor, who asked to remain anonymous. "There were people who maxed out every credit card they had to give the maximum $4,600 in donations."

She said she opposed Clinton's presidential bid but gave money to her campaign anyway. "I can't stand the woman," the investor said.

Posted by Peter | September 16, 2007 11:20 AM

Good job fighting that "culture of corruption" Hil.

Posted by Tom Shipley | September 16, 2007 11:28 AM


Yes, I meant "hasn't."

This is an obvious standard DNC / Chinese military contribution scam that went wrong.

Here's your conspiracy theory in this thread. But not as many in the one from a couple days ago.

And yes it does bother me that Hillary and other top Dems got money through this guy. When the amount of money raised is so crucial to winning a campaign, there's going to be shady stuff going on. This is shady, but I don't see anything beyond a campaign who didn't look a gift horse in the mouth when they should have.

Posted by arch | September 16, 2007 11:57 AM

I do not understand the bundling process. Several years ago I contributed $1250 to a friend who was running for Congress. My name, address and occupation went on a published donor list, making me the target of scores of other candidates. If the bundler takes me off that list, how does the FEC know I didn't exceed the maximum? If not, why would I use a bundler?

There are a lot of other questions about this guy. Was there a quid pro quo like a pardon for his previous felony conviction? Did he have links to the Chinese government? What kind of a fool would hand him $40M without investigating the investment? (Tell him I have this bridge in Brooklyn.)

Posted by Bennett | September 16, 2007 12:09 PM

"This is shady, but I don't see anything beyond a campaign who didn't look a gift horse in the mouth when they should have."

Willful ignorance is not much of a defense though. So the story's a little bigger than simply a failure to make proper inquiry as to the source of the funds. The "gifts" seems to have come from people who were coerced into giving or, as with the Rosenman part of the story, from investors in a phony business scheme.

I think it's fair to ask: what did the Senator know and when did she know it? It's also fair to ask, I think, what should she have known? As to the rest, I have no idea about some shady international dealings in this story. Hsu doesn't seem like an Adnan Khashoggi or Manucher Ghorbanifar type to me but maybe there is something like that here. There's just as much reason to speculate that there is as that there isn't.

Posted by Sashland | September 16, 2007 1:00 PM

Actually, now there is one bit of evidence that matters - Clinton staffers admitting to taking Las Vegas gift trips with the convict.

Airfare $400, hotel and meals $1000, a weekend in LV with Hsu? Priceless!

Wrong at how many levels?
Campaign money from a convited felon.
Coercing bundled donors.
96 yr old father.
Taking personal gifts from campaign donors.
Party in Las Vegas? Nice campaign message...
Imagine compromising situations as future Blackmail?

Any campaign managers ever hear of taking a junket like this with a donor? Any campaign finance issue? Disclosure requrements?

Next level deeper - Did Hsu use his Clinton connection in the $40 million fraud? Donations from Rosenman family are a direct tie.

IF there is no collusion involved, they sure did let their greed help the scam.

This story is not going away - you will likely get a reference in the Presidential Debate, if Hillary doesn't self-destruct first.

Most likely the staffers get cut soon.

Posted by RD | September 16, 2007 1:03 PM

By my count Hsu has had at least four lawyers in the last couple of weeks...Brosnahan, Barcella, Chatterjie and Elliff...who engaged them and who is paying their bills? He also has a publicist(Emmers)...get this, a publicist when he has publicity coming out his ah, ah, ears. I suppose the job is to properly frame all publicity and get it to a sympathetic media. And then he has a spokesman (Booth). I assume he speaks English so this must be so he says the right things or keeps his mouth shut. (Only in California does a defendant need a spokesman and a publicist) For all I know he also has a masseuse and manicurist and a food taster. I have read that he paid his bail in cash (in which case someone would have needed to fetch it for him) and also in another press release it was by certified check and since he was in jail someone had to get that for him. Who lined up the particular lawyers that he has? Who hired the private charter plane and why did it go to Oakland? Who bought his train ticket? When did he see a doctor to get the prescriptions that he had on him on the train? Was he going to Denver or Chicago? What waited him at either of those destinations? His spokesman needs to speak up.

Posted by filistro | September 16, 2007 1:49 PM

Still stalking Hsu? The Captain's tongue may be arch, but he has no sole!

Posted by viking01 | September 16, 2007 2:15 PM

The Washington Post is merely continuing their and Slick's Don't Ask (anybody), Don't tell (anybody) policy. Strange how the Leftist hacks can always find a Bagdad Beauchamp or a Jayson Blair or a Lanny Davis yapping incessantly yet instant their beloved Clintoons get found pocketing the ChiCom funny money again it's See no evil, hear no evil etc. just as a faithful Pravda or Isvestia lapdog would.

It's nearly as embarrassing as seedy Mr. Andrea Mitchell hawking gossip books like wristwatches hanging from the inside of a shopworn trenchcoat lapel.

Posted by unclesmrgol | September 16, 2007 3:23 PM

Tom Shipley said

After all the speculation about some larger crime committed by the Clinton campaign on here (why else would Hsu try to kill himself???? being exhibit A), unsuprisingly, there has been one shred of evidence to come forth on this.

Has anyone here claimed that Hillary tried to kill Hsu, or that Hsu attempted suicide because of Hillary?

Nope. That's your gig.

Yes, the media is on this. Why not? And we'll take the gift; most times it's to our opponents.

The big question is where the money came from; the rule in politics is "follow the money" to find out who is seeking (or potentially giving) influence.

So far we have Hsu the bundler seeking influence. We have a whole wagonload of Democrates potentially giving influence. Why and for whom?

I think that, in the end, we won't find a Chinese government connection to the money. Hsu is too much of a grifter for them to have trusted; I'm sure they knew about his warrant as well, and probably was wondering when the US Government was going to yank Hsu's chain.

As I've previously posted, we are going to find a lot of people who were scammed by Hsu, and an inner cadre of launderers who could take the cash from Hsu and convert it into legitimate donations.

Hsu lived high on the hog, and I think we'll find that a fair amount of the money was skimmed by him to support his lavish lifestyle.

In the end, I think Hsu was angling for these Democratic politicians to be indebted to him. In the Asian American community, that kind of debt is bankable -- my father in law gave nearly half of his assets to a distant "relative" (actually a descendant of someone from the same village) to start a restaurant that even my father in law know would fail. Why give? Because this "relative"s grandfather had given my father in law's family the grubstake they needed to start their lives in America.

I'm throwing that out as a possibility -- that Hsu had his own internal (and quite selfish) referential standpoint for his behavior. It would even explain the suicide attempt -- he has been caught out in a great lie, and there are probably hundreds of Chinese ethnics who trusted Hsu as a fellow ethnic to do right by them, and whom he has failed, and to whom he is now indebted. His reputation in the community is now zero, and there is no easy way for him to repay these people for the harm he has done them.

Actually, I'm surprised Hsu attempted suicide, and we may find out that this act too was just an act. After all, making restitution in any manner doesn't appear to have been a penitential rite Hsu has considered valid at any point to date.

Posted by Silvio Canto, Jr. | September 16, 2007 3:32 PM

Again, I have voted against Democrats like Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, etc. I voted against them because of political disagreements. I never had any questions about their personal integrity. I can not say the same thing about Bill and Hillary Clinton!

Posted by whippoorwill | September 16, 2007 4:14 PM

Scandal Score For Week

Ed Schultz - 0

Better luck next week guys.

Posted by RBMN | September 16, 2007 5:34 PM

Re: whippoorwill - September 16, 2007 4:14 PM

Technically, no scandal yet, but "technically" Britney Spears is a professional singer. For Clinton and Hsu, you can say, "there's nothing there," but it doesn't make people believe there's nothing there.

Posted by quickjustice | September 16, 2007 5:53 PM

Was that Hillary Clinton I spotted the other night having dinner in a Manchurian restaurant in Manhattan?

Does anyone here remember that other con man in Hillary's fund-raising life, Peter Paul?

It's just one "coincidence" after another with these people.

Posted by Anthony (Los Angeles) | September 16, 2007 6:12 PM

I've been to Red Square at Mandalay Bay. Great food, though we didn't have any trouble getting reservations. That last was probably another of Hsu's "little fibs" to his "clients."

Posted by whippoorwill | September 16, 2007 8:58 PM


Please re-read your post then give yourself a score of 1 to 10 on the silly scale.
Yes quickjustice, that was Hillary at the Manchurian
restaurant getting her brain implants adjusted. Just so you know.

Posted by Moneyrunner | September 16, 2007 9:04 PM

Thanks Captain. Those are really the questions aren't they: where did the money come from and why did he give it to the Democrats?

The types really don't care. As Jane Hamsher said: "I don’t care if John Kerry was eating live babies on TV" she will not denounce him. That's the case with many of those for whom politics has nothing to do with right or wrong, but everything to do with winning.

Several movement in the 20th centure were filled with people like this. One day they may win and the results will not be pleasant.

Posted by brooklyn - hnav | September 17, 2007 12:10 AM

Strongly feel your making a mistake by approaching this as if the Democrats and Clintons allowed HSU to...


The reality is, they know all too well, all too often, how corrupt someone is, and foster the malfeasant relationship anyhow.

The pattern is simply too big in the Clinton history to be any other way.

Marc Rich is a primary example.

Being naive only makes the matter worse.

It should not surprise anyone, that this Con Artist gave only to Democrats.

Posted by quickjustice | September 17, 2007 7:31 AM

So Norman Hsu was flying Clinton staffers to Vegas for an expensive hotel and meals, some fun at the crap tables, and some private photography back in the hotel room at the end of the evening?

Classic ChiCom "honeypot" sting?-- the sex tapes of prominent Clinton staffers in flagrente delicto? With a hidden camera, they wouldn't even know they had been photographed until they became senior White House staffers. Then they get stung, when they're in a position to hand over sensitive secrets.

This is the kind of Clinton sex scandal, with national security implications, that could really grow "legs". High level blackmail plot? Total conjecture for now.

Posted by 97Bravo | September 17, 2007 8:42 AM

What did Hsu want? Access.
Why did he want it? Influence
Why did he want influence? To untimately benefit the PLA of the PRC, the source for his non-traceable funding.
Where did he go wrong? He comingled his operational status representing the PLA with his tendency to be a scam artist--a DNA trait.
What's the mainstream and blogger media missing? His original connection with Kwok Chung Chow and the murder of pro-Taiwan SF business leader Allen Leung.
Why are they missing that? They can't see the forest for the trees, and they're focusing on the scam artist and not the PLA operative side of Hsu.
Why did Hsu try to commit suicide? He felt himself headed in Leung's direction.
What did the Clinton Campaign know about all this? It's a case of "Don't ask, don't tell"--he's bring in Asian money. Who cares where it comes from right now.
How will we ever know who Hsu is? The FBI, IRS and SEC probably have a strike force established to pool what they know. The Chinese gang experts in the SFPD are probably involved, as well as Hong Kong sources. That doesn't mean we'll ever know. The PLA is very good at funneling money and establishing channel of influence in the US.
Why does all this matter? Because when senior officials of a country's government are beholden to operatives of a foreign government (friendly or otherwise), freedom is threatened.

Posted by quickjustice | September 17, 2007 8:53 AM

Hsu's Chinese organized crime connection is intriguing. Could it be that they're the mysterious missing link to the Red Chinese military? Or are THEY Hsu's true masters? Are they the ones who have the tapes of whatever happened in Vegas with Clinton's staffers?

They had their hooks into Hsu once-- why should anyone assume that they ever let him go?

Posted by quickjustice | September 17, 2007 9:26 AM

I hadn't realized the extent of the Chinese Communist Party infiltration of San Francisco's ethnic Chinese community until I read this:

Hsu's time in San Francisco should be investigated carefully.

Posted by Papa Ray | September 17, 2007 1:33 PM

Well if I was a betting man, (used to be, not now) I would bet that if the authorities dig hard enough, the will find:


Papa Ray
West Texas

Posted by 97Bravo | September 17, 2007 1:52 PM

Look for a firm connection between Raymong "Shrimpboy" Chow (Hsu's alleged "kidnapper" in 1990), the Paws, two of the three people from little Mt. Carmel, PA who all work for Newspring Packaging and who collectively donated $270,000 (see Mario Cattabiani piece in, the on-line Philadelphia Inquirer), and an CA Assemblywoman named Fiona Ma. Chow donated to her campaign directly and through others. (Sound familar?)

The nexus of this story is in San Mateo County, CA.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post and New York Times are lost in space. The NYT referred the Hsu as an "apparel exective." Compare the Washington Post's story entitled "Hsu Cast Wide Net For Clinton Donors" with the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The dots are connecting.

Posted by 97Bravo | September 17, 2007 1:55 PM

And Li Tu has yet to be quoted by the MSM.

Posted by whippoorwill | September 17, 2007 3:01 PM

"The dots are connecting"

Somebody out to throw a net over the bunch of ya!

Posted by 97Bravo | September 17, 2007 3:21 PM

To: whippoorwill
Clever comeback. Read the SFChronicle piece from April 8, 06 at and pick up some background on Chow, the Chinatown gang leader who "kidnapped" Hsu in 1990. Chow's political benefactor is CA Assemblywoman Fiona Ma. Ms. Ma has received contributions from Chow, several people he gave money to contribute to her (that sound familar?), the Paws (made famous by the WSJ story that began this saga), Hsu, and Danny Lee and Yu-Fen Huang (see Mario Cattabiani's piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer)who along with their co-worker, Soe Win Lee, at the Newspring Packaging in Mt. Carmel, PA, donated $270,000 to Democrat pols. Just an assortment of Chinese folks helping out an emerging Chinese politician cause they're proud of her, right?

A whippoorwill is a bird, isn't it?
A 97Bravo was the MOS for a military counterintelligence agent during the Vietnam War.

Posted by whippoorwill | September 17, 2007 3:55 PM

I'm sure Bravo97, that Mr. Hsu has been hanging out with all sorts of shady people looking for acceptance from each. My problem with your chatter is what does it have to H.Clinton. Do you really think she or George Soros or any other liberal boogey men are somehow connected to the Chinese communists or Chinese underworld. Hillary Clinton or any politician should take a hit for not checking out Mr. Hsu or any other big money donor. But that is not evidence of a conspiracy. On the other hand I guess we all need a hobby, so speculate away.

Yes, Whippoorwill is a bird and a damn fine one at that. And, as if it matters I was a paratrooper with the 82nd airborne during the Vietnam War, and I assure you it takes no intelligence, military of otherwise, to jump out of perfectly good airplane.

Posted by 97Bravo | September 17, 2007 4:20 PM

What does it have to do with Hillary Clinton?

Did you miss Bill's Chinese experience?

A conspiracy? Naw. A case of "Don't ask, don't tell?" I'm thinking that. Brazen carelessness, at least. If Hillary is the smartest woman on the planet, how does she let Hsu get as deep into her campaign as he did?

If you don't think the PLA looks for ways to use money to influence US politicians, there's nothing I can say to convince you otherwise. (I'm not morally indignant about that, by the way, since we've done more than our share of spreading money around a foreign country to our benefit.)

5thSFG and the Phoenix program.

Posted by whippoorwill | September 17, 2007 4:32 PM

Re; Bravo97

When Hillary is arrested, or Bill for that matter, as a Chinese spy/mole, or Chinese crime lord, or whatever else your fevered mind can conger, then get back to me. Until then, you remain a conspiracy theorist, nothing more.

Phoenix Program. Now theres something to brag about. Does the blood ever wash off?

Posted by 97Bravo | September 17, 2007 5:40 PM

If you think the Phoenix Program shed much blood, you smoked too much Cambodian Red over there. It was, in short, a complete, Colby farce. More VC died from snake bites.

Hillary will, of course, not be arrested for anything since avarice is not a crime.

Conspiracy theory? Not at all. Hsu was clearly just a quiet, well-intended guy who people liked so much (like Rosenman who gave him $40 mil)that they turned their money over to him to "invest."

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