September 25, 2007

Promoting BTR At PJM

Roger Simon took a few minutes last week to interview me at Pajamas Media headquarters, and we talked about how easily people can become their own hosts at BlogTalkRadio. We also talked about PJM's new gig at XM Radio, in which we will participate, indirectly at first. The PJM media department did a nice job with this video -- and it was a pleasure meeting the PJM staff on my West Coast tour.


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Posted by pettyfog | September 25, 2007 2:06 PM

Promoting BTR At PJM

Excuse me but I am one reader who prefers reading the written word and I'm getting REAL tired of seeing BTR promoted, no matter who does it.

Not saying I'm going to avoid any site that audio/video blogs but I've noticed my michelle malkin visits become ever more rare... I just dont have the time, I have more than one site I read and more than one interest.

I dont seem to have a problem 'capturing nuance' in writing and I'm NOT going to listen to an hour of conversation in order to get that nuance.

You want to capture my long term attention? Post transcripts... otherwise put the points in writing, THEN I might click on the audio.

Otherwise it's all 'static' to me. And yes I have Broadband.

Posted by pettyfog | September 25, 2007 2:15 PM

PS... Since CQ is #2 on my blog-click list this isnt from some straggler who just happened on here. I look for constant updates and I find Mr Morrissey VERY insightful. He can verify this through use of whatever background cookies or IP tracing he wishes.

But, like I said, If Michelle was tracking me and she had a crush on this old geezer she might wonder where I've gone.

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